More paper tearing and THAT photo

Yay – it’s finally done. What a never-ending saga this one was. I wanted to do some machine sewing – something I have never done, since I don’t own a sewing machine. But getting access to one was not a happening thing this past week.

So I gave up and hand sewed it. Yep! All the way around. That was okay, since it gave me a chance to try out my new Tim Holtz ruler. This cool little item has a row of spaced holes in it to allow you to evenly space out stitching holes. Waaay cool. Made the sewing so easy.

Bon Voyage

I really like the way this came out. I used a tearing/sewing technique I saw Kaz (from CIS) use months ago. Liked it then and like it now. Nice and “shabby” looking. The trick is in tearing the paper back to the stitching – I am wondering if dampening the paper down a little might not help in curling it over as well. Must try that next time.

Bon V - tearing frame

Had another go at using DM. Still VERY messy – but I am liking the way it looks at the moment as an alternative to Kindyglitz (ssh – it will be only temporary I am sure). Haven’t done paper covered alphas in ages either – but had to do them in a recent class at my lss (thanks Michelle) and was reminded of how good they can look. LOVE how the inking on the scalloped edges turned out – I will have to do this again sometime.
Bon V - title

And after all that – would you believe I don’t like the colour of the photo with the papers now. Sigh. Since I printed the original out on cheap paper as my “working” photo and my final layout photo is on “good” paper – there is a slight difference in the red colour. Now it does not match as well. Boo Hoo. Not changing it though.

So that is the end of Jan for 123. I have done the MM snowflake – but am not at all happy with it. I still so suck at OTP. The only bit I did like is the effect you can get from the MM specialty glaze – gold. I heaped it on the Kaiser holly shape and it gives it a glorious textured effect – see for yourself below. Just love it.


So it’s back to school for me tomorrow. Only 4 days – a gentle start. But much reduced scrapping time. I guess I need to make what I have count. At least I have my 2 Scoops to continue playing with. Still not happy with the layout – but it is getting there.


Kaiser Class

I have a class on at Blumar’s this Sunday night.

The Kaiser b/w paper “Ebony and Ivory” – just love this range. It’s the matching layout to the Aqua layout I did the class for at TSE. Maria is selling kits for the class which include pretty much all you need – so if you are interested, hop over to the forum at Blumar’s. to order a pack. Even if you don’t come to the class itself, you can still pick up a kit and check out the instructions for the layout at your own leisure.

The title is by Julie at Scraplets. Awesome chippy from this company. This one was made to order for me and is perfect for what I wanted. You can order Scraplets through 123 Scrapbook.


K and Co and me

So this is about as Heritagy as I get.

No bling either – what a huge step to take.

Funny how sometimes the colours you see on the screen are not quite what they are in real life. This was soooo much more faded, old looking, than I thought it would be. Not me at all. (Sssh – my MIL would love it.)

But it was fun to play with them to see what I could do outside my comfort zone. Must admit though – got a bit sick of cutting out (over an hour’s worth) and VERY sick of DM. I remember why I have a bottle sitting there untouched since I first bought it. I’m STILL picking bits of it off my fingertips, the desk, my floor – you get the picture. I think I stuck to everything last night. But the DM does suit the style of the layout much more than anything else would have.

What I love most about K and Co are the embellishments – love, love, love the rubons and pretty alphas. So cheap too. Good thing they are, since I think I own most of them and I seem to spend more time looking at them in my stash admiring them than I do using them on layouts. Sigh – maybe I am not so much a scrapper as a scrap-shopper or scrap-stash-hoarder.

Still – I am really happy with the layout. An older photo obviously – taken a couple of years ago up at my mother’s place. It’s nice to be able to go back and do some older photos – I seem to like the latest and greatest for DT scrapping.

Sweet Memories

Have always wanted to do that ‘pop’ thing with the embellishments too – but could never see the point in wasting 2 copies of the same paper for it – but since I got to use 2 different ones with different sized, but the same image – this was so much easier.

Love how the technique gives it depth and dimension. The glossy look where the DM is, is nice too. This one will be going up at 123 at some stage – not sure whether it is right now or later in the month. Some of the papers are still available there, but not all of them now.



But another layout done – one less to go before school starts.

Now I can get back to the Red Hat layout and start on the 2 Scoops one I have been itching to play with.


So meet the bane of my life.


Yep – this lovely photo is causing me more grief than all my children combined. I think I have spent a couple of hours now trying to remove the shadow from behind Madame. I’m happy with the vintage look I have given the photo – but I really want to remove the shadow. Sigh – I would have thought a reasonably intelligent woman (which hopefully I am though some days I’m not so sure) could manage to work out how to do it. But no – I cannot get Photoshop to do what I want OR it takes more time and patience then I obviously want to expend. I so wish there was a photoshop fairy who could wave a magic wand (tool) to fix all this up. Anyone want to make an offer??

It’s taking time from my scrapping that I don’t want. Hmmm – maybe I can just get her to pose for me again. She does so love the sailor hat – which is how I got her to take a photo in the first place. She will do anything for new clothes – so not her mother’s daughter!!!

Back on the DT

Whoo Hoo – so excited. Made it back on the DT for TSE. And this time Jane and me got some friends to play with. A bunch of lovely ladies – TALENTED lovely ladies. The place is fairly jumping – well, at least my email inbox is. For the first time in a long time I had more real emails than ebay winner or spam emails. So nice to have someone to chat to.

Our first DT tasks have been decided and goodies posted out. Can’t wait to get mine – must be coming Monday. AND a cc on Feb 1st. How awesome – it’s so good to be back in the thick of scrappy things.

2 Scoops

Oh Wow – have to say this range is amazing. When Wilma at 123 put it on pre-order I was so excited by it all. Such a change from their disappointing last 3 ranges. Loved it all and bought one of everything. So when it came in the mail yesterday, it was like Christmas all over again only better. I’m itching to use it – the stamps, the rubons, the PAPER. Such gorgeous, yummy colours – and swirls – my favourites.

123 must be one of the first online stores to stock it – so run on over to the store and grab some for yourself – I’m sure they will sell fast. While you’re there, check out Lisa’s stunning layout using 2 Scoops – the soft, pastels work really well with the paper tearing she did.

So have to go play with mine. Hoping to take it with me to the CIS gathering on Sunday. Will have to make sure I have an armed body guard for it though, to make sure it all comes home with me again.

Paper Tearing and Daisy Bucket

So I finally get to do some scrapping – with only a couple of weeks (a week now) left of the Christmas Holidays. So much for my plans for a layout a day. But now that my mojo is back from holidays I can make up for lost time.

First cab off the rank were the Daisy Bucket layouts for 123 Scrapbook. Paper tearing is the technique theme for January. I’ve tried to use a different approach for each of the 2 layouts I have done so far and there is one more to do as soon as I finish working out how I am going to put it all together – and get hold of a sewing machine – since I don’t own one.

Love, love, love the ‘Wrapped Wishes” line – so soft and girly. Didn’t have any Christmas photos I could use with it, but last week I managed to get some lovely ones of Madame playing with her doll’s house. (Man that thing is HUGE) Since I took them in the lounge room in the morning with the blinds open – the light was streaming in behind her – and it gave her this lovely halo sort of effect. (Def false advertising that image!!) With her hair all up and messy – it was very pretty and feminine. Just perfect for the pp. Lots of glitter and some of those yummy ‘Brown Sugar’ chipboard snowflakes; used the cute little stamps from the same range – firstly to stamp the pattern on the snowflakes and then to use as the stitching pattern in the corners. So happy with the final result – even if I did have to spend ages with that horrid metallic DMC thread.


The second layout is the ‘Sweet Marabella’ range from the same company. Browns, greens and oranges. Not my first colour choices – but they actually really worked well together. I think I kind of went over the top for my first two layouts in ages – metallic stitching – now beads. Lots of them – several hundred in fact. Took AGES to glue them all down. Had to cut out some flowers – the paper just screamed “cut me’ at me. Some inking – which I haven’t done in a while and some ribbon. Must use more – I have so much in my stash and I haven’t been using it very much at all.


I have one more to do for the Garden Gate range – but like I said, desperately need a sewing machine. Will have to visit my MIL this weekend I guess. Need to finalise the design though.

So who is game to try paper tearing on a layout this week? Come grab some Daisy Bucket from the store and have a go – I’d love to see what you create, so don’t forget to post them to the gallery.