So meet the bane of my life.


Yep – this lovely photo is causing me more grief than all my children combined. I think I have spent a couple of hours now trying to remove the shadow from behind Madame. I’m happy with the vintage look I have given the photo – but I really want to remove the shadow. Sigh – I would have thought a reasonably intelligent woman (which hopefully I am though some days I’m not so sure) could manage to work out how to do it. But no – I cannot get Photoshop to do what I want OR it takes more time and patience then I obviously want to expend. I so wish there was a photoshop fairy who could wave a magic wand (tool) to fix all this up. Anyone want to make an offer??

It’s taking time from my scrapping that I don’t want. Hmmm – maybe I can just get her to pose for me again. She does so love the sailor hat – which is how I got her to take a photo in the first place. She will do anything for new clothes – so not her mother’s daughter!!!

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