K and Co and me

So this is about as Heritagy as I get.

No bling either – what a huge step to take.

Funny how sometimes the colours you see on the screen are not quite what they are in real life. This was soooo much more faded, old looking, than I thought it would be. Not me at all. (Sssh – my MIL would love it.)

But it was fun to play with them to see what I could do outside my comfort zone. Must admit though – got a bit sick of cutting out (over an hour’s worth) and VERY sick of DM. I remember why I have a bottle sitting there untouched since I first bought it. I’m STILL picking bits of it off my fingertips, the desk, my floor – you get the picture. I think I stuck to everything last night. But the DM does suit the style of the layout much more than anything else would have.

What I love most about K and Co are the embellishments – love, love, love the rubons and pretty alphas. So cheap too. Good thing they are, since I think I own most of them and I seem to spend more time looking at them in my stash admiring them than I do using them on layouts. Sigh – maybe I am not so much a scrapper as a scrap-shopper or scrap-stash-hoarder.

Still – I am really happy with the layout. An older photo obviously – taken a couple of years ago up at my mother’s place. It’s nice to be able to go back and do some older photos – I seem to like the latest and greatest for DT scrapping.

Sweet Memories

Have always wanted to do that ‘pop’ thing with the embellishments too – but could never see the point in wasting 2 copies of the same paper for it – but since I got to use 2 different ones with different sized, but the same image – this was so much easier.

Love how the technique gives it depth and dimension. The glossy look where the DM is, is nice too. This one will be going up at 123 at some stage – not sure whether it is right now or later in the month. Some of the papers are still available there, but not all of them now.



But another layout done – one less to go before school starts.

Now I can get back to the Red Hat layout and start on the 2 Scoops one I have been itching to play with.

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