More paper tearing and THAT photo

Yay – it’s finally done. What a never-ending saga this one was. I wanted to do some machine sewing – something I have never done, since I don’t own a sewing machine. But getting access to one was not a happening thing this past week.

So I gave up and hand sewed it. Yep! All the way around. That was okay, since it gave me a chance to try out my new Tim Holtz ruler. This cool little item has a row of spaced holes in it to allow you to evenly space out stitching holes. Waaay cool. Made the sewing so easy.

Bon Voyage

I really like the way this came out. I used a tearing/sewing technique I saw Kaz (from CIS) use months ago. Liked it then and like it now. Nice and “shabby” looking. The trick is in tearing the paper back to the stitching – I am wondering if dampening the paper down a little might not help in curling it over as well. Must try that next time.

Bon V - tearing frame

Had another go at using DM. Still VERY messy – but I am liking the way it looks at the moment as an alternative to Kindyglitz (ssh – it will be only temporary I am sure). Haven’t done paper covered alphas in ages either – but had to do them in a recent class at my lss (thanks Michelle) and was reminded of how good they can look. LOVE how the inking on the scalloped edges turned out – I will have to do this again sometime.
Bon V - title

And after all that – would you believe I don’t like the colour of the photo with the papers now. Sigh. Since I printed the original out on cheap paper as my “working” photo and my final layout photo is on “good” paper – there is a slight difference in the red colour. Now it does not match as well. Boo Hoo. Not changing it though.

So that is the end of Jan for 123. I have done the MM snowflake – but am not at all happy with it. I still so suck at OTP. The only bit I did like is the effect you can get from the MM specialty glaze – gold. I heaped it on the Kaiser holly shape and it gives it a glorious textured effect – see for yourself below. Just love it.


So it’s back to school for me tomorrow. Only 4 days – a gentle start. But much reduced scrapping time. I guess I need to make what I have count. At least I have my 2 Scoops to continue playing with. Still not happy with the layout – but it is getting there.


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