Felt Techniques Class at TSE

This month I am doing felt techniques for Annette at TSE. Most of the layouts are simply a here it is and chat about the techniques involved – but one layout is intended for a class, if anyone is interested.

So if you like the look of these sneak peeks – please join us there at TSE for a fun filled evening with the girls and me.

Baby Doll - closeup title

Baby Doll closeup felf

I used the gorgeous MM Love story range of papers for this one and another of the “Red Hat” photos of Madame. Lashings of red kindyglitz, some hidden journalling and some Queen & Co black scroll felt ribbon. Finally got to use one of the MM pins I have been hoarding for who knows how long. Yay!!

While you are there, check out the gorgeous new Kaiser stuff that was loaded tonight. Yummy pearls in all colours of the rainbow and then some. New paper ranges too. Better run and shop myself if I want to get some. There is only the quick and the dead at TSE when it comes to buying the latest and greatest.


School – and BG Recess

Hmmmm – did not think much of this range when it first came out. Too different from my beloved Blush. But I have to admit I really like the way this one came out. Not at all lumpy bumpy like my usual stuff – but full of detail all the same. And DS1 loves it. So all good.

Lots of rubons and journalling and some BG Hip alphas. Had fun mixing my chalk inks to get the right match and the KI Memories lace cardstock was brilliant. Got a heap of this from TSE but this is the first time I have used it. Wrote about the things that will be important for DS1 this year – his first year in Senior school (Year 11), he can get a learner’s now; he wants a job; his subjects and the things he wanted to be in at school. He loves it – and that is the most important thing.

This should have gone up next week at 123 – but I needed to swap things over. The K and Co kits will be next week – I need more time to match cardstocks to them. The layouts for TSE for next week are coming along nicely. Although I have struggled with the felt – ye gods, what IS it with everyone and felt – now that I have inked, kindyglitzed and cut it up to within an inch of it’s life – it is starting to look okay. Have two nearly completed and I need to do another for a class. Maybe some cards too.

And I am taking the plunge and doing a mini album for a very special person. A friend of DS1’s was hit by a 4-wheel drive – the driver ran a red light to knock her off a pedestrian crossing. She is in hospital in a critical condition. With so many at school feeling helpless and miserable I thought I would do a mini album to give them something positive to focus on. And I want to show her parents how much she is loved and how many other people are suffering with them. Since I so suck at OTP any offers of advice from people who are good at them would be appreciated. I’ve picked one of the Scraplets books to provide the base of it. It takes something terrible like this to make us realise how fragile and precious life is.

So take the time to hug someone you love today – and tell them that you love them. You might not get the chance tomorrow.

Year 11

Two Scoops – finally

So it seems like it has taken forever to get this layout done. 10 mins this night and 10 mins that night. But it is finally finished. I must admit that I am not totally happy with it – but some bits I am very pleased with the outcome.

Fly Baby Girl

I do like the way the kindyglitz matches in with the rubons. Not a good lot thanks BG – some quality control needed there. They did not want to rub-on at all and kept breaking up. But the glitz hides a lot of that thankfully. And I finally got to use some ot the yummy textured flowers from Prima – have been hoarding them for what seems like forever. And the ribbons – the gorgeous ribbons – this little lot come from the last purchase I made from Craft Queen. Just LOVE the ribbons there. So excited that 123 are going to start stocking their ribbons. Can’t wait to see what we get in.

The photo is thanks to Jolene at CIS again. Used her tips to soften the colours and make the whole photo look a little dreamy. Just wish my photoshop would hurry and turn up – rang the store today and there is a delay in shipping it to them. Grrrrrr – want it NOW!!!

Fly - rubons

Had to do some cutting out – these little cupids are so cute. Did not like the paper that much but loved the little ‘bits’. A little pink kindyglitz on the wings and they are perfect. Had to put a seond one on only cause I stuffed up and ripped the paper a little when moving the original one around to fit the journalling rubons. Sigh – hate that – get a layout all nearly done and then stuff up.

Fly - cupids

The title is my favourite BG chippie alphas at the moment – the Wilma ones. I stamped them with white ink using the 2 Scoops swirl stamps and then put pink kindyglitz over the stamping to mimic the rubons affect. It’s very light – you have to look close to see – but I like it. The rest of the title is the plastic HS pink letters. Have had them forever and never used them although I have loved them when others have. So nice to finally get some ‘old’ stash used.

Fly title

I uhmmed and ahhed about the journalling. I wanted something to express the sheer delight and joy Madame felt swinging on the swing. She would tip her head back and close her eyes and just squeal with joy. She is not one to be adventurous though – a bit of a scaredy-cat is our little poppet – so it was great to see her taking some risks, doing something ‘out there’.

But then with all the horrible accidents we have had here on the Coast this last week, and after seeing the pain her brother is going through, so worried about his friend – I wanted something that would reaffirm life, the joy in it and perhaps a little of how short it can be. So I stole little bits of the following quote for her layout. I plan on using it complete for a layout for DS1 later, one that will hopefully help him cope with what he is currently going through.

Live with intention. Walk to the edge.
Listen hard. Practice wellness.
Play with abandon. Laugh.
Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends.
Continue to learn. Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.

Mary Ann Radmacher

Since this is a personal layout it will go up in all the sites I visit.

TSE cc on now

Yep – am a bit late posting this up. Problems with the computer. Expectng the whole thing to collapse any moment now, but posting away furiously until it does.

So the cc started on Friday night and a great time was had by all in the chat room. Except for poor Jane, who was flooded out. (Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Jane.) It continues until next Friday night. Would love for you to come and play with us – some great challenges and a fantastic bunch of ladies.

So my second dud layout in a week is my cc one for challenge 4. Not at all happy with it. Started off with a good idea I think – but something went wrong in the execution. It’s okay I guess – but not the best. Ahh well.

Have higher hopes for the one I am working on now. If I could only get the time at night to get it finished I would be right. But I am so stuffed with starting back at work, that I don’t have the energy to be creative at all. Simply getting too old to burn the candle at both ends with a blow torch!!

Used the K and Co “Smitten” range for it – just love this range, but no-one seems to have it at all. A shame, as it is just lovely. Pretty simple for me – only a little cutting out and some glitz – lots of white (or in this case chocolate) space. But DS2 is wrapped with it.

The Challenge criteria for it were all symbolic. A pictorical symbol of love (hearts); numeric symbol of love (the number 2) and a written symbol of love (heartfelt journalling).


I’d love for you to come visit and have a go at our little cc challenges.

playing with K & Co

Oh I love K & Co – all their stuff is so perfectly matched. I am pretty sad about such things – poor Madame wears Gymboree clothes for that very reason. They have matching undies, shoes, hair pretties, socks, etc. Sheer bliss!! Plus the added bonus of them being just gorgeous clothes.

Anyway – this is a work in progress. Actually it is finished – as far as the class I did it in went – but I have been doing a heap more to it to personalise it. Great class thanks Michelle. (Addicted to Scrap) I am impatiently waiting for my Photo Shop to arrive in the store so I can do some prettying up of the photo.

Thanks to Jolene at CIS I got this dreamy antiqued look to the photo – Madame K and her cousin on their way to see the Wiggles in Brisbane. Love the soft, romantic look to it.

So at some stage I will get access to all the wonderful digi brushes I downloaded and finish it off.