TSE cc on now

Yep – am a bit late posting this up. Problems with the computer. Expectng the whole thing to collapse any moment now, but posting away furiously until it does.

So the cc started on Friday night and a great time was had by all in the chat room. Except for poor Jane, who was flooded out. (Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Jane.) It continues until next Friday night. Would love for you to come and play with us – some great challenges and a fantastic bunch of ladies.

So my second dud layout in a week is my cc one for challenge 4. Not at all happy with it. Started off with a good idea I think – but something went wrong in the execution. It’s okay I guess – but not the best. Ahh well.

Have higher hopes for the one I am working on now. If I could only get the time at night to get it finished I would be right. But I am so stuffed with starting back at work, that I don’t have the energy to be creative at all. Simply getting too old to burn the candle at both ends with a blow torch!!

Used the K and Co “Smitten” range for it – just love this range, but no-one seems to have it at all. A shame, as it is just lovely. Pretty simple for me – only a little cutting out and some glitz – lots of white (or in this case chocolate) space. But DS2 is wrapped with it.

The Challenge criteria for it were all symbolic. A pictorical symbol of love (hearts); numeric symbol of love (the number 2) and a written symbol of love (heartfelt journalling).


I’d love for you to come visit and have a go at our little cc challenges.

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