School – and BG Recess

Hmmmm – did not think much of this range when it first came out. Too different from my beloved Blush. But I have to admit I really like the way this one came out. Not at all lumpy bumpy like my usual stuff – but full of detail all the same. And DS1 loves it. So all good.

Lots of rubons and journalling and some BG Hip alphas. Had fun mixing my chalk inks to get the right match and the KI Memories lace cardstock was brilliant. Got a heap of this from TSE but this is the first time I have used it. Wrote about the things that will be important for DS1 this year – his first year in Senior school (Year 11), he can get a learner’s now; he wants a job; his subjects and the things he wanted to be in at school. He loves it – and that is the most important thing.

This should have gone up next week at 123 – but I needed to swap things over. The K and Co kits will be next week – I need more time to match cardstocks to them. The layouts for TSE for next week are coming along nicely. Although I have struggled with the felt – ye gods, what IS it with everyone and felt – now that I have inked, kindyglitzed and cut it up to within an inch of it’s life – it is starting to look okay. Have two nearly completed and I need to do another for a class. Maybe some cards too.

And I am taking the plunge and doing a mini album for a very special person. A friend of DS1’s was hit by a 4-wheel drive – the driver ran a red light to knock her off a pedestrian crossing. She is in hospital in a critical condition. With so many at school feeling helpless and miserable I thought I would do a mini album to give them something positive to focus on. And I want to show her parents how much she is loved and how many other people are suffering with them. Since I so suck at OTP any offers of advice from people who are good at them would be appreciated. I’ve picked one of the Scraplets books to provide the base of it. It takes something terrible like this to make us realise how fragile and precious life is.

So take the time to hug someone you love today – and tell them that you love them. You might not get the chance tomorrow.

Year 11


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