Sneak Peeks – Jolie Chocolat

Oh yummo. Have lusted for this range ever since I saw the first sneak peeks at it. So I was thrilled when Annette at TSE said she was sending me some to play with. And play I have. Well – a little bit of a play. I have been so busy at work these past few weeks and then with me feeling yuckky the last with some sort of flu thing – a little play is all I have had time for. But I will have to come back to it during the school hols as it is just a gorgeous range and I still have lots of ideas for it.

So here are some sneak peeks of what will be in the TSE newsletter later in the week.

sneak 1

The flowers are Prima – some yummy ones that I got in from the States, since no-one over here seemed to get them in. The pearls are the delicious Kaiser ones that now come in all the colours of the rainbow.

sneak 2

This time the flowers are Heidi Swapp – those way-old ones from loooong ago. Just perfect for the butterflies and flowers. Glitter, pink and butterflies – this paper range was made in heaven just for me!!

sneak 3

My Lss got in this gorgeous ribbon – in heaps of colours. So I HAD to get a metre of each. Might have to go back for more of the pink – just love it. The reddish velvet ribbon is from the Jolie Chocolat range.


Felt the need for a little drawing – so I traced the flower pattern onto the cardstock and used my white and pink gel pens to repeat the flower pattern. The die cuts for this range are really cool – had fun playing with them too.

peek 5

More die cuts and HS blossoms. Added a little glitter to the petals this time. Love the glitter stripes on the pp too. Used my pink cutter with the scallop blade – you can get some really interesting corners to the cardstock when you use it on both edges of a corner. I’m hoping Annette was able to source the “to-die-for” one that did the scallop with a hole in the centre edge.


The little journalling cards are adorable too. Used some sheer ribbon that’s been in my stash forever to make a cute little bow – finished it off with a Kaiser pearl. They need more of them in those little packs – this layout used up most of them of that colour. And idiot me of course does not know which colour it was to get it again. 😦 And yes – there was a lot of cutting out in these layouts. Broke 2 more blades doing them. Sigh. I am getting really good at removing the snapped ends from the handle with my teeth – the only way to get a good grip on them. It’s a good thing Jolene had her closing-down sale recently – since I bought a spare pack of the replacement blades from her.


Okay – the last of them. More butterflies. Shame they will be flat when the layout gets put into the album. At least I have another one to put it in. Haunted my Lss for months until they got more in. Was lucky enough to go in on the day they had a 35% off sale and scored 2 more for Madame and one each for her brothers. I had thought they were WRMK – but apparently not. My Lss owner gets them in from the States directly. Bother – means I cannot get them cheaper elsewhere. Ahh well – at least I can fit a fair few into the album.

So – I might have had enough chocolate with Easter – but I have plenty more Chocolat I would like to use for scrapping. I only used 3 sheets of pp for those two layouts – with leftovers from each. Just need the time to play. Looking forward to the holidays – 2 short weeks to go.

Hopefully I will get time tomorrow to post up some sneak peeks for the Mira layout I have done for 123. That, together with the Scraplets mini-album also using Mira – are due in the next week. The layout is bright and bold (the colours in Mira are just gorgeous) but the mini album is driving me insane. I know I keep saying this – but NO MORE OTP. Well – one more – I have a surprise one to do as part of a big secret. But more of my big secret later sometime. I still need time to digest it all and believe it myself first.


Caution – Attitude

Lol – poor old DS2. Not sure he will pose for me ever again. I needed “that” look from him. You know, the one filled with scorn and disbelief at how stupid a parent could be. The one every parent of a teenager (or pre-teen) knows and dreads. But since he was in a good mood – he wasn’t giving me it lately and I needed it for this layout. So I asked him to pose for it – with “that” look. It took a bit – I think it is hard to fake a look like that – but finally I got exactly what I wanted.

All was well and good until he saw the final layout with the journalling. It reads – ” Some kids need a warning label. Yours should read CAUTION: ATTITUDE handle with care!” Then I really DID get “that” look. I am in trouble for giving others the impression that he can be rude and moody. As if he was? I made the fatal error of laughing and saying of course he was – he was a teenager (nearly), they define that look.

I am so in the dog house now.

To make matters worse he is up on the internet with THOSE comments. Hmmm – life as a scrapping Mum is never boring. I’m debating whether to pay one of the Mags to publish the layout just to cause him more angst. It could be worth it. Nah – it’s definitely worth it. 🙂

Had a ball doing the layout though. It is a version of the sketch I did this month for 123. Love love love the “Grunge” range of papers. So cuttable. Lots of little circles on this one. And the brads are sooooo gorgeous. Lots of inking too. I smudged some on a spare bit of bubble wrap and stamped that onto the cardstock for an interesting grundgy pattern, Love the effect – will need to use that again.

Just adore the Scraplets frame for this. Just perfect. Julie there is just a whiz at doing them. So along with the Smitten fame pack – all the Scraplets I used for this are available exclusively at 123 for this month – where they are currently on sale.



Oh my gosh – how exciting – as part of my DT duties for 123 this month I got to help design a couple of new Scraplets items. I say help – since Julie from Scraplets took a couple of ideas I had and made them up. But I am so rapt with the way they turned out – all that I had hoped for.

The first of them is a hearts frame and the word ‘Smitten’. I asked Julie to use an existing font they have that I like and to put little hearts onto some of the letters. Then some hearts twined up the side of a frame was the matching piece. I used this on my sketch layout – since this month was my turn to do the sketch. It’s the first time I have ever done a sketch – so it will be interesting to see what – if anything – people do with it. I used the lovely pinky-purple and green “Be Mine” range from Kaiser for this – have wanted to cut out all those hearts ever since I saw them.

smitten - the right size

Had a couple of heart-stopping moments getting it all done – woke up one morning to find the Kindyglitz had changed the colour of the ink on the frame and title completely – from dusky pinky-purple to bright pink. Ouch!! Had to sand it all back and re-ink and glitz it. But using the Kaiser pearls was cool – the new colours are just gorgeous. Love the brads too.

Smitten closeup

I hid all the journalling behind a hand-made heart embellishment. Cut out heaps of the little hearts from the pp and stuck them on a larger heart to make a little card. Popped the journalling and a little photo inside and tied it all up with ribbon. Got the idea from a cardmaking magazine – though I altered it somewhat to suit what I had in mind.

smitten journalling card

The other Scraplets idea I had is intended for the boys. I can only give a sneek peak, as I need to get a second title and re-paint that too. Not my weekend for inking – believe me. But the boys adore the idea – although DS2 is not so happy with the comments about him on the layout. Lol

Caution closeup

Again using Kaiser pp – love the recent ranges – actually, love most of their stuff. The new brads are just glorious. Lots of cutting out again on this one too – my poor fingers.

caution sneek no 2

So I will leave you with these – will upload the whole layout when I get the new Scraplets. The 2 kits I have played with here are exclusive to 123 – so come check them out and see what else Julie has in her extensive and gorgeous range of chippie items.