Caution – Attitude

Lol – poor old DS2. Not sure he will pose for me ever again. I needed “that” look from him. You know, the one filled with scorn and disbelief at how stupid a parent could be. The one every parent of a teenager (or pre-teen) knows and dreads. But since he was in a good mood – he wasn’t giving me it lately and I needed it for this layout. So I asked him to pose for it – with “that” look. It took a bit – I think it is hard to fake a look like that – but finally I got exactly what I wanted.

All was well and good until he saw the final layout with the journalling. It reads – ” Some kids need a warning label. Yours should read CAUTION: ATTITUDE handle with care!” Then I really DID get “that” look. I am in trouble for giving others the impression that he can be rude and moody. As if he was? I made the fatal error of laughing and saying of course he was – he was a teenager (nearly), they define that look.

I am so in the dog house now.

To make matters worse he is up on the internet with THOSE comments. Hmmm – life as a scrapping Mum is never boring. I’m debating whether to pay one of the Mags to publish the layout just to cause him more angst. It could be worth it. Nah – it’s definitely worth it. 🙂

Had a ball doing the layout though. It is a version of the sketch I did this month for 123. Love love love the “Grunge” range of papers. So cuttable. Lots of little circles on this one. And the brads are sooooo gorgeous. Lots of inking too. I smudged some on a spare bit of bubble wrap and stamped that onto the cardstock for an interesting grundgy pattern, Love the effect – will need to use that again.

Just adore the Scraplets frame for this. Just perfect. Julie there is just a whiz at doing them. So along with the Smitten fame pack – all the Scraplets I used for this are available exclusively at 123 for this month – where they are currently on sale.



2 Responses

  1. OMG Ngaire – I couldn’t believe it when I saw you had a Blog – well done on creating a very pretty blog – your layouts really look good all in the one spot – way easier to check them all out.

    Welcome to Blogland!!!!

    Congrats on the Scraplet ideas – love the sound of them and can’t wait to see them.

    Nice to see you still happy and on so many Design Teams.

    Loving your boy layouts – except for the skull lol – still not into them or the pirates!!!

    Hope your “boys” and madame are well and enjoying school – not long until school holidays!!!!!

  2. gorgeous Lo Ngaire and great blog

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