Boxer and ribbons

Finally – managed to work out why I cannot upload images anymore. I used Netscape – and of course since this is a perfectly good programme they have decided not to continue supporting it anymore. So nothing seems to let me use it to upload. Just love the way the computing industy plans to make perfectly well functioning things useless within a short period of time.


Well – now that it has taken me a month to sort this out – I can finally update this post and put the pictures in. Not sure what to do with all the layouts I have done in the past month – but will sort that one out as I go.

BG Boxer – nice bright, strong blues, greens and reds – thought it would be very boyish and although it is, I found myself doing a number of layouts for Madame and not the boys. What do they say about best laid plans?? Anyway – played with some red ribbon and the red papers in the range and this is what I came up with. Love the Imaginisce metal embellishments and the Prima flower – as usual – is to die for. Used some of the stamps in the Boxer range too – very noice.

The usual close-ups and the layout.


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