Kaiser cards

So I have been making cards. Lots of them. All with the same range of papers – which I never want to scrap with again. Lol – gets like that sometimes doesn’t it – do a heap with one thing and then never want to touch it. I will though – since doing the last card gave me some ideas for a layout and I took some photos tonight of Madame’s foot burn and the colours will match those papers with a bit of fiddling.

Anyways – the first card is for the TSE “Winter Warmers” cc that started Friday night. Not sure it has gone down well with the girls there – but I like it. Maybe that’s just my sense of humour though. I bought this cuttle bug corset card die – out of curiosity – and although it is interesting and cute, can’t see me using it too often. Made for a cute title for my card though.

The Kaisercraft ‘Plush Empress’ range is interesting – but not the best they have done in my opinion. It was damn hard to match embellishments to as well – AND cardstock. But here tis my little corset card. Must think of a victim to send it to.

And the inside.

The other three cards are for the 1st DT challenge for the 123 DT Competition. Laughing – I’m absolutely certain ALL the entries will be better than mine and Wilma will have to pick someone to replace me. Lol.

Anyway – they are for three different occasions – and you had to use one paper on all three. You weren’t limited to just one paper only – but you had to use one on all three of them. On mine I used the Striped one (Sophisticated) on all of them – sort of a stripe mood happening.

With these cards I tried to show a range of approaches, difficulty levels and card types. Since most of us use scraps for our cards I also tried to use just scraps on them – athough the way I have done the pop-up card does need a full paper for the cover. This is only because I know my Nana will look at the back and ask if I ran out of money for it. Sigh.

A BIG huge thank you to Vita Thai for the instructions for the pop-up card and for showing me hers in the first place to make me want to do one. Love, love, love the hearts one she did as an example.

So here are the cards – Nan’s is pretty big (30cms) but the others are smaller and use leftover c/s from other things. The last card I did – the vertical one – I am actually really happy with. It’s simple, but I really like it. The ribbon on it is just gorgeous and I am so disappointed that I used it all up – have no idea where I got it – but if I ever find out I will be gettting more of it. It’s a 2-tone one – sort of a pink and chocolate. Bit hard to tell actually – but I have to find more.

So here they are.

And the inside of the pop-up card. I have not put the journalling in as that is private – but you can see the journalling card ready for it. Hmmm – can’t see me taking on Hallmark any time soon – but Nan should love it. At least I hope so.


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