123 DT Competition Challenge 2 – Scrap Yourself

God I hate scrapping me. Am currently running at a page a year. At this rate my BOM will never get past the B. And I am not one bit repentant about it. If I was interested in me I would write an autobiography.

But the challenge for this part of the DT comp is to craft a page about oneself, including a hand drawn element. I did offer originally to do a layout on my toes – even offered to Kindyglitz them so I had a technique I could email to Wilma. Sigh – but she said I had to show my face in the photo. Kars got in first and made hers a tiny little photo – so I guess I had better be good and make mine a reasonable size.

Loving the Bo Bunny Teen Chic though – very noice. Am planning to adapt what I did for this to make a 12 x 12 for Madame. Hot pink is still her favourite colour – though she was mightily impressed with the lime green, black and white knee high boots she was wearing at soccer today with her Mod Zebra outfit. Will have to scrap her in that – such a little go go outfit. Very 60/70’s.

Back to this – the journalling is based on the Bo Bunny journalling stamp set. Very noice. Will be using them again. Chopped up the papers so I could layer them to show off the best bits of the pattern and my hand-drawn bit is an extension of the white flourishes from the paper pattern and the scallop edging on the side. I scalloped the right edge of the page – so the grungy grey bit is my kitchen cork floor and not the layout. 🙂

Back to my favourite alphas – the HS She ones – and some Cherry Arte ones for the small ‘s’. They are a buggar to paint – must remember to scruff them up a bit first with the sandpaper next time. Prima have some really nice stuff out of CHA – the writing you can see faintly under the title is one of their new clear tapes. Just like sticky tape only with words or flourishes on them. Very easy to use too and not as expensive as you would think they would be. Just have to hide them from the family when they are looking for the non-scrapping stuff and want to grab these off my desk instead.

And nope – not giving you a close up of the journalling. Let’s just say I have had some thinking to do about things in my life being not what I want them to be. Have made my decision – just need the time to be right for it to happen.

Hmmmm – so okay – wordpress is not wanting to play with images tonight. Either that or it has the same opinion of my photo of me that I do. Will upload later today then.

Okay – finally managed to convince it to upload – so here tis.



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