TSE – forum techniques – kindyglitz

Okay – so asking me to have a play with some kindyglitz is such a big ask!! Like that will take me out of my comfort zone. Lol – had a lovely play thanks Mary.

Used some old Kaiser papers – Bohemian Threads – as they were a lovely match for the vest my mother-in-law was wearing in the photo. Lovely rich colours – but a little dark. The trick was going to be not letting that dark colours overpower the layout. I had seen this cool technique in a lss somewhere – forget where as it was just something I looked at and went ‘cool – like that’ and then forgot all about it until now. It meant punching out some circles and then arranging them in a line across the cardstock. Over this I stitched some black thread to make them secure. I kindyglitzed the yellow parts of the pattern to make them stand out more. It worked a treat and I really like this look – so may use it again sometime.

Used the black kindyglitz – love the texture it gives to cardstock. And some new Bazzzill die cut borders that are really cool – instant pizzazz to anything and no cutting involved. Got to love that. Add in a bit more cutting – the paisley is gorgeous but I wish they had more full ones on the page. Need to go find some more of this paper and do another layout with it – really like the colour combination.

Anyway – here tis – the end product. Used a photo of Madame and her Grandma – they love spending time with each other and it was nice to get a photo of them together like this. Have included a couple of close-ups to show the details.

For the other layout I used the Crate Paper range Kaitlin – gorgeous jewel colours and really pretty pinks, greens and purples. But I have had them for months and had no idea what to do with them. I did start this for a 123 layout, but gave up when mojo took a holiday. I had a brainwave though and used it to finish the layout for the kindyglitz feature. Love pink and black – so filled in my gaps in the layout with some black floral rubons. Perfect.

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