Bo Bunny “Ella Enchanted”

OMGod – I sooooo loved this paper when I first saw it. The whole range is gorgeous but this one paper just called to me – and I am not a yellow fan by any stretch of the means. I just itched to cut it out, but for the life of me could not work out what to do with it. It sat on my desk for a week whilst I stared at it – willing it to tell me what to make of it. I had just the dress for Madame to wear with it – picked out the perfect cardstock for it and had matching flowers – just did not know what on earth to do with it.

Funny how inspiration can elude you at times. I had a heap of other things to get on with – so I left it there to remind me on a daily basis. Finally crunch night – it had to be done. I flipped through the mags – nothing – looked at a couple of blogs – nothing – went through my computer files of things of interest – nothing. A big fat nothing.

Gawd I hate that.

So I sat there with the damn piece of paper on my desk – staring at it. And finally, I got a glimmer of what I could do. And then funnily enough, it all fell into place at once. I wanted to keep as much of the pattern as possible – but also make a feature of the gorgeous flowers in the pattern. So I made a wide square frame out of it – with the flowers that protruded out of the edges cut out to leave them whole.

Also used one of the yummy clear stamps Bo Bunny have put out recently – these are the flourish ones. Just adore the little CD cases they go into – thinking I might get all my little stamps like this and ‘make’ some CD cases similar, so that they are all stored neatly. Just think – I could have a neat little CD drawer full of smaller clear stamps – all labelled with their names so I can find them easily.

Rotflmao – yep – will stick them in the big box with all the others and rummage around to find the one I want.

Used a great Marvey giga square punch I got to make the grid squares and turned half of them over to show the reverse paper pattern. Not a big dot fanatic in the past – but have been liking them recently. Dug around in my very old stash to find some glitter dots to use as flower centres (love these things – don’t have a huge supply of them left, but balk at paying full price at my lss for them.) Love the colour and shape of the Bo Bunny flowers – but goodness they are expensive!! Perhaps getting rid of the metal tin and magnetic bottom and putting the damn things in plastic packets would be more cost effective – I’d certainly buy more then – but not at their current approach.

Glitzed all the flowers – of course – and they really look gorgeous.

Whilst I was digging I found my old MM rubon alpha sets – so used that for my title – since I am trying to do something a little different on each layout at the moment to push me out of my ‘habits’. It really did not need a huge and big title on this layout anyway – simple is fine.

This range of papers and embellishments can be found at Click’n’scrap – along with a heap of other yummy goods. I have another layout to do with these papers and will be putting that up next week in the forum with some technique tips for that layout.


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