123 Moody Blues Kits – out now

Yeah yeah – so they came out a week ago. Have been having computer problems this last week or so. Ever since Hubby finally installed the new one he has been playing with for a MONTH before handing over to me.

And let’s not even START to talk about my beloved Canon – which is having a hissy fit and needs to go for some serious repair work. 😦

But the kits are out now and selling well so be quick to get yours. Here are the three layouts I did from the kits – the ones I gave you the sneek peaks for a while ago.

Just love this first one. The photo isn’t mine – it’s a studio shot. I cropped it out of the larger family group though as I just loved her facial expression. Love love love the dress too – yet another Gymboree one.

Okay – this one is a favourite of Hubby’s. Madame found some dandelions and we decided to ‘blow kisses to the fairies” – that’s what she and I decided happened when the dandelion seeds get blown away. Madame is at the age when fairies are all the rage and she was very taken with this idea. There is now not a single dandelion in our back yard – you bloom there at your peril. Lol!! Adore the rubons – they were just perfect.

So I have discovered that doing several layouts all in a row in the same colour themes can be a little daunting. Had to really think a bit to get this last one – and not happy that I had to use another of the dandelion photos – but oh well – you do what you have to do.

(oops – the image for this is on the other computer – better go find it and import it to this one – sigh)

I still have heaps of the kits left over and since I bought some of the other items in the range I have more layouts to do – but not just yet. 😦 Will take a break from it for a bit and then do them.


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