Have a laugh with me

So most of you know what I think about OTP. I do them kicking and screaming when I have to as DT projects. And I think I SUCK big time at them.

Soooooo – when SM asked me months ago to do a product challenge I was really excited. Then I got the damn thing and it was a MINI ALBUM – one of the new ones by Kaiser. A train one to boot – me with no photos readily available for any male child under 10. : Lol – I had to run off and take a day’s worth of photos of my nephew running about at Grandma’s to have any photos for it.

I was so unhappy with it when I finished it I almost emailed to tell them that I would reimburse them the cost of the materials and never darken their door again with my work. So after all these months now it is finally in this months issue of SM – and looking at it now – you know, I almost like it.

Good thing his mother loves it – and that’s all the counts really I guess.


2 Responses

  1. You have been Tagged

  2. and I think you have done an awesome job of this
    Like you not to into off the page stuff unless it is very usfull but love what you have done

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