123 Pink Chic Kit

Whoo Hoo – another kit. Working with the gorgeous Bo Bunny (again) – this time the stunning Teen Chic range. There will be a boy kit in upcoming weeks – so keep an eye out for that.

Loving the colours – black, lime green and pink. Bo Bunny have put out some lovely stuff and the new ranges coming out from CHA are just to die for. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

The kit is just stuffed full of goodies for you to use. All 5 papers in the range, several sheets of cardstock, a gorgeous Maya Road 12 x 12 Sheer and some journalling sheers, chipboard shapes and alphas, various ribbons, Green Tara flowers and Kaisercraft bling (rhinestones and mixed rhinestones). All for the very reasonable price of $29.99. So run in to 123 and gets yours now – whilst they still last. The Moody Blues kits did not last long last month and I don’t expect this one to either.

For the first layout from the kit I had to play with the papers – cutting out the flower shapes and layering them together. The colours were so bright and funky I had to do something a little different with the layout – so one edge of one side was cut off with my trusty scallop cutter and the other side of the layout was scalloped completely down. The not square look is a little odd to look at when you first look at it – but it grows on you. Lol – least I hope it does.

Used lots of layered edges – all the bright colours were just great together. A little kindyglitz here and there to make bits ‘pop’ and lots of the new Kaisercraft Mixed Rhinestones for added sparkle. It’s great that they have brought these new ones – you can mix up all the sizes now and still have them in the same colours.

I used my white gel pen to continue some of the flourishes on the paper and then went over them with the kindyglitz. It made them really stand out and helped to tie all the bits together across the layers of paper and the photo. The chipboard has been painted with Kaiser Hot Pink paint and then inked with the new Bo Bunny clear stamps – the ones that come in the cute little CD case. I actually used the flourish/journalling stamp – you can see that some of the journalling lines have transferred to the chipboard too.

Love the photo – it’s one of the ones from the hula skirt session. And not a perfect one either – under that huge hot pink flower is a very blurred hand. Hiding it like that allows me to use that gorgeous facial shot without the ugly blurry bit. She takes such huge delight in such small things – like any toddler – a shame that many kids lose this as they get older.

The second layout is one that I have been thinking about for a while now. I recently saw a gorgeous layout using the CI Holey Cardstock that fellow DT member Karlene did and had to merge her idea with mine. And this is the result. Very little embellishment – mostly paper behind the Maya Road 12 x 12 sheer providing the interest factor.

The black sheer contrasting against the hot pink and white is just stunning. I’ve cut the plastic a little here and there to tuck the photo matt under a little – but otherwise left both the paper and the sheer alone. It was so hard to do the minimalist embellishments though. Just the odd Kaiser hot pink gem here and there and the one poor Green Tara flower with a single chippie curve. It takes me soooo long to convince myself it is done and finished when there is not much there.

The title was fun. Inked this time to match the reddish pink tones in the paper swirls and then edged in white gel pen to again match the paper swirls. Top-coated with kindyglitz – which I also applied to the paper swirls. Sounds simple, but it was a bit of a cow to do, as the gel pen blended with the ink a little rather than sitting clear and white on the top. I had tried inking it with white first but that was even worse. Love the final result though.

The photo is pure Madame. Not usually one for photos – this was her first professional session since she was a tiny baby. But she took to it like a natural. After watching her brothers being posed she plopped herself down on the couch on her tummy and demanded ‘diva’ shots – clad only in a huge pink hat, pink pearls and lots and lots of pink feathers (oh – plus undies of course). What a hoot. Never does it for me. 😦

And I used those rubons again – just so yummy. Must go find some more I think – if I can remember who on earth I got them from in the first place.

So grab a kit whilst they are there and have some Bo Bunny fun. Would love to see your layouts posted up in the gallery at 123.


Bo Bunny and multiple photos

I’m not that good at doing these – you may have noticed that I tend to use single photos. Mostly because I like to focus on the photo itself and more than one of them makes that difficult. But occasionally I find that I want to group them – maybe the individual photos are not ‘perfect’ enough to be the sole focus of the layout or because together they tell more of a story than one alone would.

So it was with some hula girl photos I took of Madame. She is at that age where they love dressing up and playing ‘imaginations’. Usually she is into fairies and princesses (her career ambitions at the moment), but she spied this hula skirt I had bought for her Christmas stocking the other day and wanted to be a hula girl.

Don’t ask – middle of winter and the coldest snap we have had all winter and she wants to prance about in next to nothing. Only little girls!!

So I took some shots of her up the backyard doing the hula. She was moving too fast and I didn’t have my usual camera – so slightly blurry action shots were the result. But they were lovely – too lovely not to use somehow.

They were also perfect for my last Bo Bunny layout. I had the layout half done – intending to use it for a different photo, but it just wasn’t coming together properly. The hula photos gave me an idea. It meant doing some playing with Photoshop – which I am pretty new to – but after all the frustration working out how to do it, I am pretty happy with the results.

I find with multiple photos I need to overlay them somehow – as if by doing this I can link them all together. And that’s what I have done here – linked the three photos of her dancing by overlaying them to cut down on the ‘empty’ space the bushes are. I’ve also made them ‘thinner’ than normal – cutting them down to try and keep the focus on her.

After getting the photos sorted out – the rest was easy. I already had the basis of the layout done. I scallop cut some striped paper and placed it on the bottom of the layout with some black crushed velvet ribbon – since I knew I was doing the title in black to match the black Bo Bunny rub-ons I needed to use.

The floral paper was torn and inked and put on the top of the cardstock. I had cut out some of the flowers – and kindyglitzed them to make them ‘pop’ and then attached them with pop dots to give the layout dimension

That was as far as I had gotten when the photo change occurred – and the inspiration for the change – that gorgeous hula girl ribbon. I remembered it in my stash and it was a perfect match for the paper – which in turn made me think of the photos. I used a combination of HS She and Delish chippie alphas (inked with black Stazon) and some gorgeous rubons that I must use again – love those.

Kaisercraft bling this time rather than pearls. Again a nice match for the paper. Gotta love that Kaisercraft bling for choice in colours. Love that rubon font too – must use them again. A little kindyglitz here and there, the Bo Bunny rubons – and all done.

So that’s the Bo Bunny for this month at Click”n”Scrap. Next month is the BG Euphoria, which I am champing at the bit to get to. Have some great ideas for it – if they turn out for real as good as they look in my head.

Monochromatic Kaiser

This month has been mono month for the sketch challenge at 123. And it seems it was harder than I intended. 😦 Sorry about that. This layout was to have been uploaded as my tips/techniques layout mid-way through the month – but problems with my computer and camera (latter fixed, former still struggling with) nixed that. It did go up last weekend and helped some of the forum members – but I get the feeling that earlier would have been better.

Perhaps the first thing to say about monochromatic layouts, is that in my opinion they need to be planned from the very beginning. Start with your papers and then move to the photo and go back and forth making sure they match. I started with the Kaisercraft Café Culture papers – I loved them (still do) and thought they really needed to be used together to show them off. Plus I am a great sepia photo fan – and knew that a sepia photo would look fantastic with that range.

Be very careful about the photos you use in monochromatic layouts – if in colour, then you MUST match to the dominant colour in the photo – usually black and white or sepia photos are best to use – simply because you remove the whole issue about colour matching.

The hardest part about doing a mono layout is making sure your colours are the same ‘range’. What do I mean by this? Easy – think pink. How many shades/hues/versions of pink can you think of? There are soft pinks, bright pinks, red-pinks, purple-pinks, warm pinks, cool pinks, apricot-pinks etc. More than you can poke a stick at – and the horrible part of it is – not all of them will work together well. You have to stay in the same ‘family’ so to speak. No mixing cool with warm or red with orange pinks.

With the Café Culture papers it is obvious that they ‘belong’ to two different brown families. So some of the papers can be used together comfortably, but not all of them. For this layout I used the dark brown spotty side of the Macchiato paper and the lighter side of the Hazlenut. To these I added a light fawn cardstock and a very dark brown – keeping it a ‘chocolatey’ sort of colour, to match the dark brown on the spotted paper.

(Note: I am anal enough to have seriously considered changing the white spots to a cream – but in the absence of a ‘cream’ pen, gave up on that. Ask Kars – she will tell you I can be painful that way – she is still laughing at my re-using the ‘holes’ from inside the punched out holes of the new Bazzill scalloped-edge cardstock with holes in it.)

After choosing your papers, you need to make sure you have appropriate embellishments. Sometimes that means changing the colour of ones you have to make them match. I find dark, rich chocolate the hardest colour to get in flowers – particularly the paper ones. I really wanted a very dark brown for this layout – so I made my own.

The Green Tara flowers on the layout started out as white ones. I used some of that gorgeous Creme de Chocolat Glimmer Mist to colour them the right shade of dark brown – the soft shimmer is an added bonus. To apply the Glimmer Mist I used a cotton bud rather than spraying it. This allows me to not waste the Mist and to get the right coverage on the flower. My technique is simple – spray a pump or two of the Mist into its own lid and dip the cotton bud into that – then stroke over the flower. It soaks in really well and you can use the other end of the cotton bud to clean out the lid.

I also used the Kaisercraft chocolate pearls – obviously they are a perfect match for the papers (thanks Kaiser). You will often find that mono is easier if you stick to the same manufacturer for as much of the layout as you can.

One of the things I am very addicted to is collecting inks. I adore the Chalk inks made by Colorbox and snap them up wherever I can. It makes matching them to paper colours sooooo much easier. Dark brown was perfect and I used it to edge the patterned papers and to stamp the corner flourishes (a recent Heidi Swapp corner flourish)

I did also use a Fawn ink for the chippy heart. Then I kindyglitzed over the top to make it sparkle.

The punch flower is the old faithful – Retro Daisy – and it is actually the paper used in the layout. I simply went over the pattern with the Zebra Brown gel pen which I also used for the journaling.

When wanting to use a matching cardstock for journalling tags – punch/cut it out of your layout cardstock. Obviously use an area that will be covered by stuff (under the photo is usually a good spot) – but you won’t be wasting part of another sheet to get your tag then.

Once you have all your stuff matched together – you simply make the layout as you would any normal layout. The hard part is in the planning – the making is much easier (provided mojo cooperates). So that’s 2 layouts with this range and I still feel the urge to play with it more. Sigh – maybe next hols when I have some spare time.

So here is the finished layout. Madame again – this time a little reminder of one of her more endearing habits. Daddy is the keeper of her heart – Mummy is fine for kissing owies better, but Daddy has the ‘special place’. She can’t wait for him to come home each night and sometimes will go check the door to see if he is coming. If she knows he is walking up the path to the door she will race to the door to greet him “Daddy you home now?”