Bo Bunny and multiple photos

I’m not that good at doing these – you may have noticed that I tend to use single photos. Mostly because I like to focus on the photo itself and more than one of them makes that difficult. But occasionally I find that I want to group them – maybe the individual photos are not ‘perfect’ enough to be the sole focus of the layout or because together they tell more of a story than one alone would.

So it was with some hula girl photos I took of Madame. She is at that age where they love dressing up and playing ‘imaginations’. Usually she is into fairies and princesses (her career ambitions at the moment), but she spied this hula skirt I had bought for her Christmas stocking the other day and wanted to be a hula girl.

Don’t ask – middle of winter and the coldest snap we have had all winter and she wants to prance about in next to nothing. Only little girls!!

So I took some shots of her up the backyard doing the hula. She was moving too fast and I didn’t have my usual camera – so slightly blurry action shots were the result. But they were lovely – too lovely not to use somehow.

They were also perfect for my last Bo Bunny layout. I had the layout half done – intending to use it for a different photo, but it just wasn’t coming together properly. The hula photos gave me an idea. It meant doing some playing with Photoshop – which I am pretty new to – but after all the frustration working out how to do it, I am pretty happy with the results.

I find with multiple photos I need to overlay them somehow – as if by doing this I can link them all together. And that’s what I have done here – linked the three photos of her dancing by overlaying them to cut down on the ‘empty’ space the bushes are. I’ve also made them ‘thinner’ than normal – cutting them down to try and keep the focus on her.

After getting the photos sorted out – the rest was easy. I already had the basis of the layout done. I scallop cut some striped paper and placed it on the bottom of the layout with some black crushed velvet ribbon – since I knew I was doing the title in black to match the black Bo Bunny rub-ons I needed to use.

The floral paper was torn and inked and put on the top of the cardstock. I had cut out some of the flowers – and kindyglitzed them to make them ‘pop’ and then attached them with pop dots to give the layout dimension

That was as far as I had gotten when the photo change occurred – and the inspiration for the change – that gorgeous hula girl ribbon. I remembered it in my stash and it was a perfect match for the paper – which in turn made me think of the photos. I used a combination of HS She and Delish chippie alphas (inked with black Stazon) and some gorgeous rubons that I must use again – love those.

Kaisercraft bling this time rather than pearls. Again a nice match for the paper. Gotta love that Kaisercraft bling for choice in colours. Love that rubon font too – must use them again. A little kindyglitz here and there, the Bo Bunny rubons – and all done.

So that’s the Bo Bunny for this month at Click”n”Scrap. Next month is the BG Euphoria, which I am champing at the bit to get to. Have some great ideas for it – if they turn out for real as good as they look in my head.


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