Kaiser Skull Girl and La Petit Femme Grunge

I have been wanting to play with the Kaiser Skull Girl range ever since I saw it – begged Wilma at 123 Scrapbook to get it in for me – and have just not had a chance (with being ill) to get to it until now. I finally got to play with it last week and as soon as I looked at it seriously, I knew it had to be grunged. It helped having the perfect photos for it too – curtesy of Madame’s favourite t-shirt at the moment.

Grunge – love it. Not so much when it’s on the kids themselves, but as a scrapping approach it’s great. So how do you get a ‘grunge’ look to a layout? Ordinarily I would say three things – tearing, inking and sanding – but now I have a fourth technique to add to my list – holing. Lol – and what is that might you ask?

To make that interesting and funky hole pattern in the olive-green paper, (Kaiser: Skull Girl – Kiss Kiss) I used my hole-punch – the stationery one that is. I’m too much of a scrooge to buy a fancy scrapping one – so my trusty desktop one does the trick.

Fold a length of the patterned paper over a couple of times and then randomly punch holes in it. It doesn’t matter whether you overlap the holes or not – or whether you leave blank spaces. It is better for them not to be regularly placed though – you want grunge not order. Don’t worry about any fold marks in the paper – they just add interest to it – really!

Tear down the edges of the holey paper – rip randomly – so that you get a rough edge to the paper – with some holes partially torn through. This gives it a really grungy look. Then randomly swipe your ink pad (with a contrasting colour) over the top and edges of the holey paper. I use a cheap cosmetic sponge to do this, as you have more control over how much ink you apply and you can get some interesting patterns out of it.

And whallah – one grungy piece of paper, perfect for your grunge layout.

Since mine is a girly grunge, I have tied some small bows (with a thin iridescent ribbon) through some of the holes and dotted some rhinestones here and there. Sort of “la petit femme grunge” – little girl grunge.

I’ve inked the base patterned paper for the layout, as well as all the hand cut elements. I’ve also sanded the photos around the edges to grunge up the photos as well. The bit of lace is all holey like the paper – furthering the grunge look. And you can’t go past a little Scraplets barbed wire for a grungy look – even if it has been inked purple and kindyglitzed. (you want this barbed wire – get in quick – it always sells out fast – which I find hilarious, since Julie at Scraplets first made it at my request – I got the idea for it from a Bo Bunny clear stamp)

The flowers are Green Tara – the Dusty Mauve one – a perfect match for the paper colours and love the cool brads that Kaiser put out with their paper ranges. I had no end of trouble with this layout, because I wanted to use both sides of the patterned paper – good thinking for Kaiser, since I had to buy multiple sheets of the same one to be able to do the layout.

So how easy is that? I’m betting that for an interesting effect you could also do this with shaped hole punches – personally I would have loved to have done this layout using a heart punch.

Next week – Friday night – I am doing a free online class at 123 Scrapbook in the forum. We’ll be looking at different ways of using twinkling H2O’s and glimmermist – a class attendance thread is in the forum, as well as a list of required materials. We would love for you to attend – so come join us during the big birthday month of celebrations at 123 Scrapbook. There are games and prizes to be won on the class nights and product specials throughout the month.


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  1. Very good tutorial! I clicked on your blog cos I was liking your work on the BG website … I need to grunge up my pages a bit … and here you provide me with a tutorial. go you!!thanks

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