3 Bugs – Color me Pink (and very very bright!)

Wowzer – them there’s bright colours 3 Bugs are putting out these days. Not sure what I let myself in for when I offered to work with this range this month. Not my usual papers at all.

I have to admit though that these Colour me Pink papers from 3 Bugs in a Rug are just perfect as page embellishments and journalling tags. And since we are all looking for ways to cut down on our scrapping expenses these days – it makes sense to make more of our own embellishments using the patterned papers.

For this layout I’ve cut out various bits and pieces from several papers (Sassy and Blush), which I then overlaid upon 3 strips of Princess and Stripe papers. Rather than run them the full length of the page I cut strips – waste not want not. To make the most of the paper I have also cut out some patterned sections of paper that are overlaid by the photo.

To make the page more interesting, the embellishments have been layered – and by using pop-dots and double-sided tape I have given dimension to the layout. I also Kindyglitzed sections of the pattern to add further interest and stitched a row across the bottom to repeat the ‘stitching’ on the patterned paper.


Using the paper in this way made the basic layout very cheap – allowing me to splurge on a lovely chippy – which matched perfectly the cherry pattern on the paper. These Twiddleybits cherry chippies come 2 to a pack and are an economical (and pretty) addition to your page. I’ve also used the gorgeous stamps from this range to embellish the page – I’ve used them to add small details to some of the blank ‘shapes’ I cut out. The “P” is also one of the stamps. The cute little “love” ribbon clip is by Brown Sugar Designs and comes in a 2-design pack – and is currently on sale in the store. So grab one while they last.


The papers are very bright, so to contrast this I have backed the layout onto black cardstock (Raven) and used black as the accent colour (eg the chippy cherries). I’ve also made sure that I have limited the colours in the layout to those of the patterned papers. Luckily for me, this snooty picture of Madame being a superior “Senior Kindy” girl was out in the backyard in front of some trees (green) and the shirt she was wearing was pink (too bright though – so I photoshopped it into a red one to match the papers).

The trick to using lots of cut out shapes is to cluster them or have them sprawl across a page. I’ve kept a lot of my shapes in their original positions – already clustered together – and have only added single ones here and there to ‘fill out’ an empty section of the layout. I’ve also made sure that the colours on the layout are spread around – so a bit of green on this side and also on the other – black across the top and then also the bottom. It helps to keep the layout coherent.


So – try using some bold and funky patterned paper to create shaped embellishments and journalling tags on a layout. Your budget will love you – and I bet YOU love the layouts.

(Yeah – it’s growing on me. Have to admit the colours are still a little startling to me.)


Mixing old and new

I don’t know about you but I often pack up a range I have used and then forget about it. I’m not a big one for mixing outside of manufacturing ranges or just randomly picking bits of stash out to put on a page. I like to coordinate and when the companies do it so well for you – why bother?? But it means that I often leave great stuff in my stash getting dusty. So as part of my scrapping goals for this year I wanted to try mixing some old and new stash together.

I got my first real chance with the round 4 of my speed scrapping competition. The criteria this time were: main colours cream and brown; paper tearing and eyelets. Good grief – I don’t think I own any eyelets!!! A frantic search of my stash did reveal some in primary colours – obviously purchased in the early days of my scrapping and some shaped ones for baby pages. I can’t believe I had to go buy eyelets.

It was actually harder than it sounds – many places don’t stock them or don’t stock a good range of them. As one woman said “eyelets – the embellishment we love to hate”. Hmmm – not helping me much. I decided to get the layout done and worry about the eyelets later. More horrors – one of the real speed scrappers had her layout up in the gallery already – and it was the papers I had been planning to use (the Carolees recent brown daisy one). Back to the drawing board. Sigh. Then I could not find what I had done with my Kaiser brown/cream papers!!! Not looking good here.

Finally I had a brain-wave (or melt-down – pick whichever suits) and headed back to one of my favourite BG ranges – Scarlett’s Letter – and picked out the browns papers from that. Success at last. What resulted was actually a fairly simple layout and was quick to plan but took longer to complete (due mostly to the need for kindyglitz drying time). But I am very happy with what eventuated.

I spent more time trying to fit eyelets on there SOMEWHERE and in getting said eyelets, than actually doing the layout.

I found some cream pearls, some never used coloured leaves (another early scrappy buy) and one of those lovely Carolees little letters alphas that I love to collect but never seem to use. Love what people do with them but can never get my own head around using them on my layouts. I also found a floral/swirls chippy frame by Twiddleybitz which is just gorgeous. Mary at TSE has them – so check them out here – and I had great fun inking and then kindyglitzing that. I inked it (using chalk inks) to match the papers – a creamy brown generally, with some darker brown edging and then some reddish colour on the flowers (there are reddish bits in the paper pattern). Once ‘glitzed it was glorious.


I cut out some of the flowers in the paper pattern and used the dried? leaves with them. Lol – kindyglitz can save anything – they look awesome with a light coating of it. Might dig out the other colours I have and start using them now.


The title is with one of my fav alphas – BG Wilma. So wish I could get more of them, there’s not much left in the 2 sets that I have now. Sadly no-one seems to stock them anymore. Anyway – a light inking with the creamy brown chalk ink and a coating of ‘glitz and they turned out the best I have ever seen ‘glitzed alphas. Just glorious – check it out.


All this took just a couple of hours on the first night allowed for this round. With all morning until 1pm to find some eyelets I thought I would be laughing. Not so 😦

First – I could not bring myself to put any actual holes in my page – I just couldn’t picture the finished product with eyelets and I did not want to spoil a layout I was really liking. So I thought a tag might be the go and I had made myself a small one. Good thing I let my fingers do the walking first – not one of the 8 scrapping stores I called had eyelets – either at all or in colours I could use. Yikes – I was in danger of defaulting for the sake of an eyelet. In desperation I drove round to a stamping store that I knew of that did a lot of cards – can never remember their phone number and they are not in the phone books – and they saved me. A pack of beige eyelets (3 colours too – yay – cream, beige and fawn) and more importantly – the buy of the century – a set of 3 Fiskars eyelet setters. I was in heaven. Buggar the eyelets – the rest of them will gather mothballs in my stash – but the eyelet setters are the answer to a teachnique problem I have been thinking about for months now. Best thing about them too is that they are so easy to use – they have springs on them so punching the hole (one end) and setting the eyelet (the other end) is a breeze.

So look out for some new techniques in up-coming layouts as I work out how to use the eyelets setters to achieve the look I want.

Anyway – here is my poor little tag – which sat on the layout for as long as it took to get a photo of it and then was promptly removed and added to the “odds and ends” pile. It’s a nice enough tag – AND I used 3 eyelets too – but not what I wanted for the layout.


Yeah yeah I know there is one that is a different colour. Did not realise the damn things came in 3 colours until AFTER it was set. I was so desperate to get it in there that I was not about to ruin my tag trying to get the horrible thing OUT. And how do you remove them anyway??

So here is the final layout – one I am very happy with. The photo is another from the Mt Warning trip from last November. This time Madame is playing in her little Pussycat fairy dress. Lmao – that girl has more fairy clothes than real ones I think sometimes. But no-one to blame but me – since I buy them all for her. At least her ambition in life (at the moment) is to grow up to be the Fairy Queen – which is a much better choice than emulating/idolising Paris Hilton like so many other little girls I know of. (We are sooooo not going to discuss her being the new celeb on the block to start their own scrapping brand – one that I will NEVER buy.)


Love it. Yep – it did get me into the next round, the layout for which is currently up for judging. I won’t be able to show that here though, as after a little alteration it is intended as a DT layout for TSE next month. Lucky me – I get to work with the gorgeous BG Bittersweet. I will show a sneakie of it though – love, love, love the range. I only had a couple of papers in it until my DT box arrived today with all the rest – so I need to alter a couple of bits on the current layout to put the papers I really wanted to use in, rather than the ones I did use. Lots of stitching on it and some stamping too (the stitching killed me – was up all night to finish it). So check it out next month here and in the newsletter for TSE.


Just wanted to post a note to say thanks to all the lovely fellow scrappers who have been so generous in their comments and support.

I appreciate your thoughts – all of you.

Particular thanks to Sami (from the 123 forum) for nominating one of my layouts to a scrap praise blog and to Tanya (from the TSE forum) who has given me a blog award (which, when I work out how to do that, I will post up here).

Many thanks all you lovely ladies, I’m touched and humbled by your support.

Sakura Park

Okay – so here is the latest in the challenge layouts. It uses yet another lovely paper range that has been sitting sad and neglected in my stash. For a red/black/white/grey combination, Kaiser’s Sakura Park range is very bold and striking, yet also very girly. I had a couple of outfits in mind for using with this range – but the criteria for this challenge meant a change in plan.

This time there needed to be: the colour red, chippy alphas and a chippy shape, no stamping, something had to be shiny and it needed to relate to New Year’s somehow. Bummer – we don’t generally take photos of that time! By some awsome chance though, I had actually taken some on New Year’s Day – Madame and us enjoying the pool at the camping park at Tweed Heads. Whoo Hoo.

The photos had to be black and white – since her lovely pink and white polka dot bathers were a bit of a clash with the red, but I think that worked in well with the papers anyway. And time for a multi-photo layout – it’s been awhile since I did one and I promised myself more of them this year.

I went simple this time – the paper is fussy and the colours strong – so less is more!! I love the Kaiser brads that match their paper ranges – so this was a good chance to use them. Another raid of my stash (the moths are very upset this past week) and I found some chippy hearts-in-a-circle thingie that I could use, as well as some Bella scroll glitter paper. And back to the old favourites – Heidi Swapp’s She alphas. I also pulled out the ancient “Dimensional Magic” bottle – something I have rarely used.

It’s simple – but I like it. No strain on the old mojo for this one – I think the pressure of the time factor in this comp is getting to me. You only have 24 hrs from the time the criteria are given – and my idea of speed scrapping is 2/3 days – not 24 hours.

I really like the way the chippy heart turned out – I split it into the 3 parts and ‘glized one of them and DM’ed the other two. Way cool. The red flowers are new too (you need to check out here for them) and I really like their shape.


It was such a lazy, lovely day – I love the look of total bliss on her face. She just loves swimming. She takes a lesson once a week at kindy and loves it to death.

The final layout.


Both Mary (TSE) and Wilma (123) have this range in stock – so be sure to check the links out and grab some for yourself.

Prima – Tea and Silk

I’ve had this in my stash for ages. Just loved it when it came out, but never got the chance to use it.

But it was perfect for my second challenge.

The criteria for this one included: lace, embossing, flowers of different sizes, a journalling tag and the colour green.

Not as happy with the final product as I was with the Urban Prairie layout. No idea what I don’t like about it – but it is finished now and uploaded – so I guess I will never work it out.

I’ve embossed the Scraplet’s Chippy Flourish with some AED glitter embossing powder. Just yummy this stuff – must get more. The Green Tara pink flower was painted over with some Twinkling H2O’s – as was the lace, the chippy title and the pink Prima ‘Tea and Silk’ flower. Used another of those gorgeous bling pins from Sugarsnapps too.


Lashings of Kindyglitz again – on the flourish and bird on the left and in bits of the rose pattern on the right.


The title is the first part of the journalling – a lovely quote about little girls I found. Here is the journalling tag with the rest of it.


So here is the final layout.


Urban Prairie

Love a challenge – they are great for getting the old Mojo up and running.

The criteria for this one included: sanding, a frame, at least one stamp, chippy and the colour blue.
Plus there was the added incentive that it had to be done in 24 hrs – and a speed scrapper I am not!!

So I pulled out some Urban Prairie – which has languished sadly in my stash – and an old photo of Madame playing at the beach and got scrapping.

Whoo hoo – mojo was on a roll. Some inspiration from Irene Tan (how long has your magic mesh been sitting in your stash for?), the criteria and the gorgeous stuff from the Urban Prairie range and I was off and scrapping. Just love the finished product.

The Fiskars punch is the “Icing on the Cake” one and I used the little left-over bits to decorate the Green Tara flower and the small random pink flowers.


The frame is a combination of using a LYB die-cut photo frame as a template for an Urban Prairie paper and an old Prima stamp on a transparency sheet. The journalling card is from Buzz and Bloom (Writer’s Block: The George) and the pink flowers are some I got from Photo Continental.

I am so looking forward to the next challenge. The time component will kill me – but it will be fun along the way.


Ignore the odd look to the photo – I’ve used a new transparency sheet (a special one that can go through a laser and an inkjet printer) and it seems to alter the way the camera takes a picture of anything underneath it. The photo looks fine in real life.

Creative Imaginations “Mon Ami” (Dec Newsletter)

You gotta love foil papers – there is something lush and decadent about them. I have a huge collection of them – mostly from Creative Imaginations – but have very few layouts that actually use them.

I think it is the enormity of actually cutting one up that scares most of us off actually using them. That and the fact they are just so gorgeous to look at, it seems a shame to put stuff over them.

But put stuff over them I have and I am very happy with the final product. There is a lot of ‘playing’ in this one: my new embossing toy, some interesting stitching and some mucking about with photo altering. I’ve posted a thread in the forum on how I altered the photo to get the look of the one in the layout, so pop in and check it out sometime.

The title is a new technique I have been meaning to try out for some time now. Rather than ink the chipboard with a single colour I have “splodged” it with several colours that match the patterned paper. Over this I embossed some gold embossing powder. Just awesome.


I think I pretty much embossed everything that did not move on this layout. The photo edges are embossed, as are the distressed edges of the patterned paper – I did an embossed stamp onto some transparency sheet; and I did a metallic charm and the Green Tara flower. I’ve put a close-up of the latter combination below. You can see them both clearly in that – as well as the pin decorated with some beads. It’s a lovely “cluster” of embellishments I think.


The stitching is also pretty cool – not that I thought so at the time. Metallic thread is awful to work with – but it gives such a gorgeous look it is almost worth the trouble sewing with it.

It sounds simple – and the instructions are straightforward, but putting it into practice nearly drove my on-holiday kids to drink trying to cope with a frustrated Mum.

Step 1. Draw 2 concentric circles – one smaller than the other.
Step 2. Stitch from one circle to the other diagonally
(stitch to the hole ahead of the one you come from)
Step 3. Now stitch back the other way – keeping the stitching diagonal.

You get this lovely net-like look to it. For this layout I have used 2 different colours, but it looks just as lovely using the one colour only.

If you have a go – and do try it – can I suggest the following hints?

1. Work in one direction only with the stitching – for BOTH circles.
2. A big tip as to whether you are doing the right thing – on the back side of the layout – the stitches should be in the SAME place, you only see one set of diagonal stitches, not the ‘net’ you see from the front.

This will save you finding out halfway there, that you are going in the wrong direction – all the lines are leaning the OTHER way. Grumble grumble mutter mutter.

Here’s a front and back close-up shot of the layout that shows what I mean.



And here is the final layout. Madame happily playing “fairies” in a small creek near Mt Warning.


So grab some Mon Ami papers from the store today and see what you can do with them – you won’t be disappointed with them.