Mixing old and new

I don’t know about you but I often pack up a range I have used and then forget about it. I’m not a big one for mixing outside of manufacturing ranges or just randomly picking bits of stash out to put on a page. I like to coordinate and when the companies do it so well for you – why bother?? But it means that I often leave great stuff in my stash getting dusty. So as part of my scrapping goals for this year I wanted to try mixing some old and new stash together.

I got my first real chance with the round 4 of my speed scrapping competition. The criteria this time were: main colours cream and brown; paper tearing and eyelets. Good grief – I don’t think I own any eyelets!!! A frantic search of my stash did reveal some in primary colours – obviously purchased in the early days of my scrapping and some shaped ones for baby pages. I can’t believe I had to go buy eyelets.

It was actually harder than it sounds – many places don’t stock them or don’t stock a good range of them. As one woman said “eyelets – the embellishment we love to hate”. Hmmm – not helping me much. I decided to get the layout done and worry about the eyelets later. More horrors – one of the real speed scrappers had her layout up in the gallery already – and it was the papers I had been planning to use (the Carolees recent brown daisy one). Back to the drawing board. Sigh. Then I could not find what I had done with my Kaiser brown/cream papers!!! Not looking good here.

Finally I had a brain-wave (or melt-down – pick whichever suits) and headed back to one of my favourite BG ranges – Scarlett’s Letter – and picked out the browns papers from that. Success at last. What resulted was actually a fairly simple layout and was quick to plan but took longer to complete (due mostly to the need for kindyglitz drying time). But I am very happy with what eventuated.

I spent more time trying to fit eyelets on there SOMEWHERE and in getting said eyelets, than actually doing the layout.

I found some cream pearls, some never used coloured leaves (another early scrappy buy) and one of those lovely Carolees little letters alphas that I love to collect but never seem to use. Love what people do with them but can never get my own head around using them on my layouts. I also found a floral/swirls chippy frame by Twiddleybitz which is just gorgeous. Mary at TSE has them – so check them out here – and I had great fun inking and then kindyglitzing that. I inked it (using chalk inks) to match the papers – a creamy brown generally, with some darker brown edging and then some reddish colour on the flowers (there are reddish bits in the paper pattern). Once ‘glitzed it was glorious.


I cut out some of the flowers in the paper pattern and used the dried? leaves with them. Lol – kindyglitz can save anything – they look awesome with a light coating of it. Might dig out the other colours I have and start using them now.


The title is with one of my fav alphas – BG Wilma. So wish I could get more of them, there’s not much left in the 2 sets that I have now. Sadly no-one seems to stock them anymore. Anyway – a light inking with the creamy brown chalk ink and a coating of ‘glitz and they turned out the best I have ever seen ‘glitzed alphas. Just glorious – check it out.


All this took just a couple of hours on the first night allowed for this round. With all morning until 1pm to find some eyelets I thought I would be laughing. Not so 😦

First – I could not bring myself to put any actual holes in my page – I just couldn’t picture the finished product with eyelets and I did not want to spoil a layout I was really liking. So I thought a tag might be the go and I had made myself a small one. Good thing I let my fingers do the walking first – not one of the 8 scrapping stores I called had eyelets – either at all or in colours I could use. Yikes – I was in danger of defaulting for the sake of an eyelet. In desperation I drove round to a stamping store that I knew of that did a lot of cards – can never remember their phone number and they are not in the phone books – and they saved me. A pack of beige eyelets (3 colours too – yay – cream, beige and fawn) and more importantly – the buy of the century – a set of 3 Fiskars eyelet setters. I was in heaven. Buggar the eyelets – the rest of them will gather mothballs in my stash – but the eyelet setters are the answer to a teachnique problem I have been thinking about for months now. Best thing about them too is that they are so easy to use – they have springs on them so punching the hole (one end) and setting the eyelet (the other end) is a breeze.

So look out for some new techniques in up-coming layouts as I work out how to use the eyelets setters to achieve the look I want.

Anyway – here is my poor little tag – which sat on the layout for as long as it took to get a photo of it and then was promptly removed and added to the “odds and ends” pile. It’s a nice enough tag – AND I used 3 eyelets too – but not what I wanted for the layout.


Yeah yeah I know there is one that is a different colour. Did not realise the damn things came in 3 colours until AFTER it was set. I was so desperate to get it in there that I was not about to ruin my tag trying to get the horrible thing OUT. And how do you remove them anyway??

So here is the final layout – one I am very happy with. The photo is another from the Mt Warning trip from last November. This time Madame is playing in her little Pussycat fairy dress. Lmao – that girl has more fairy clothes than real ones I think sometimes. But no-one to blame but me – since I buy them all for her. At least her ambition in life (at the moment) is to grow up to be the Fairy Queen – which is a much better choice than emulating/idolising Paris Hilton like so many other little girls I know of. (We are sooooo not going to discuss her being the new celeb on the block to start their own scrapping brand – one that I will NEVER buy.)


Love it. Yep – it did get me into the next round, the layout for which is currently up for judging. I won’t be able to show that here though, as after a little alteration it is intended as a DT layout for TSE next month. Lucky me – I get to work with the gorgeous BG Bittersweet. I will show a sneakie of it though – love, love, love the range. I only had a couple of papers in it until my DT box arrived today with all the rest – so I need to alter a couple of bits on the current layout to put the papers I really wanted to use in, rather than the ones I did use. Lots of stitching on it and some stamping too (the stitching killed me – was up all night to finish it). So check it out next month here and in the newsletter for TSE.


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  1. Gorgeous as always Ngaire! I agree growing up to be a fairy queen would be much nicer than growing up and being like Paris Hilton.

    Renee xox

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