Newsletter and CC time at TSE

Lol – I have lumped the two of them in together, since I used the same paper range for them.

When I saw the Kaiser Sugar Sugar range of papers I knew they would be perfect for a Bazzill stitching template I had. Could not wait to pull the papers out and start stitching. I thought I would try something different with them. I had seen someone else do this at an lss I popped into – rather than use the template just as stitching – combine it with some paper and make a stitched paper piecing. I love the way it turned out.


The title of the layout comes from Madame’s pj’s – the words written on the front of them – and Julie at Scraplets has excelled herself in creating for me the perfect chippy title to go with my layout. I’ve simply inked it with chalk ink and a little Kindyglitz – perfect!!


I’ve used the pink cupcake patterned paper as the background for the layout and created an interest point by cutting up some of the strips from the strip-pattern paper and sticking them vertically on the left side of the page. I’ve trimmed the edges of this strip to reflect the looped pattern on the paper – adding further interest to the strip. That chocolate loop pattern is one I really like – so I then cut some more to make a frame for my photo and Kindyglitzed it to make it stand out. The chocolate stitching around the edges of the patterned paper mirrors the looped pattern in the paper strip and takes up some of that empty space I hate so much.


With all those yummy colours to play with – both soft and bright yellows; pinks and coral-reds; chocolate browns and soft oranges – it’s easy to make the layouts look different, even when you are only using a limited number of them. And the patterns are lovely too – who can go past the four small patterned papers (the orange spot; pink cupcakes; chocolate party treats and multicoloured splotches) – the yellow and coral background papers and the glorious strips and cakes papers (both of which beg for cutting up)?

If “Daddy’s Little Cupcake” was soft pink/chocolate and coral – “Cupcake Cutie” focussed much more on the yellows and corals in the papers. I’ve used a different – brighter – section of the strip paper and a bright yellow cardstock for the base of the layout.

Some bright coral border stitching gives it a funky edge and the title – though chipboard – has this time been inked brown and covered in Dimensional Magic to give it a glossy look. I rarely think to finish off my title chippies this way – should do it more often as I love the look. The small dots you see on the title were punched out of the patterned paper using one of my eyelet setters.


The journalling is on a transparency sheet – I simply printed straight onto the sheet with my colour inkjet printer (not all transparency paper can be used this way though – so check yours first). I’ve used the patterned paper to again make a small frame for one of the photos – that curly doodled pattern is so cool for frames.


And here is the final layout – just love my little cupcake enjoying one of her favourite foods. She nibbles all the edges off first, licks off the icing and then eats the cake.


“Let her eat cake” started out life as a single layout – but then I found that I had to use more photos to capture the story I wanted to tell. Orange is the dominant colour this time, supported by yellow and brown.

The yellow strip is simply a series of punched out circles attached with double-sided tape to the page and then stitched down (the tape alone won’t hold them). You can see the Kindyglitz ‘icing’ on the yummy cut-out cakes too.


With all the photos on the page I went for simple with everything else – a simple inked chippy title, strip journalling and two clusters of embellishments (some of those yummy cakes). The larger photo on each page has a cardstock matt that I doodled the edge of – and cut out – to match the loopy pattern in the paper. But most of it is just layers of lovely paper.


And here is Madame happily downing her first birthday cake – to the last crumb and icing smear on the plate.


With “Sugar and Spice” I’ve tried to mix up the colours again – coral, yellow, brown and off-white this time.

The focal embellishment for this page was the chippy cupcake – another Scraplets masterpiece. I coloured the cupcake with alcohol inks using a technique I can’t share with you just yet (apologies) – and a touch of Kindyglitz for the frosting.


After the layout went into the newsletter I changed my mind on how I wanted the page to look – and took off the cupcake (I will use it somewhere else) and replaced it with some flowers.


How could you not make cards with these papers? Luckily for me, I have friends with birthdays this month – and a great excuse to make cards with this ‘party’ range. I’ve tried to showcase each of the materials/techniques I have used in the layouts in these cards. As you can see – I again used the Bazzill Stitching Template to create one of the cards…


whilst another uses one of the Scraplets cupcakes (this time with patterned paper on it)…


and the last has some of those gorgeous cut out cakes from the patterned paper. None of the cards is complicated in design and they took very little time to create (yeah yeah – other than the stitching bit and that is only because I am such a slow sewer).


And finally to the cc layout. With it being party time at TSE – it was time for balloons, cakes and cheering.

And a party isn’t a party without a cake – or at least a layout about one.

Ok – yours doesn’t have to be a layout about a cake – but you do have to follow these criteria for my cc challenge.

1. Journalling on a handmade journalling spot.
2. Must include brads somewhere
3. Must be about SOMETHING special rather than someone – a favourite
gift, bunch of flowers or an object associated with a celebration.

And here is my layout for this challenge – simplicity itself – but what a yummy cake it was.


It’s not too late to join us at the cc – layouts have until next weekend (midnight Sat I think) to be uploaded. It would be lovely to see you there.


Chippie Highschool – Lesson one

Okay – finally got my layout for the first lesson done over the weekend. Gosh I love the way this one turned out – even though mine is not quite what it should have been. It was supposed to be holo glitter only but there were probs with mine (involving small children and loose lids) so I had to use a mix of a little fine glitter and some of what was left of the holo glitter. To tell the truth I love the result though.

The technique for this lesson (part 2 of it – will show part 1 some other time) should give you a title that looks like it has been opalized. Mine isn’t quite that since I don’t have a lot of the holo glitter – but it’s still cool all the same.


Like all the other layouts the chippy all comes from Outback Scrapping and you can find it in the store . Love their gorgeous new range of birthday themed chippy.

Added in this crown and gob-smackingly gorgeous flourish as well.



I have been dying to get my hands on the papers from Glitz Designs – the two new CHA ranges. OMG – they are soooo much better in real life. Love em. This layout gave me a chance to play with the girl range – lovely loud pinks and black. Need to play with them some more – when I get some free time – am so busy now that I am back at work. Had forgotten how tiring it is to teach all day.

Anyway – here tis – my babydoll and her layout.


Stitching a layout frame – Afternoon Tea – by Scrap Within Reach

One of the reasons I really like Basic Grey, is because they have the most versatile background papers I know of. The soft muted patterns of what appears from a distance to be a plain colour – reveals upon closer inspection – an intricate and interesting arrangement of contrasting colours.

So I was more than impressed to find that ALL the papers in the Afternoon Tea range by Scrap Within Reach have similar background papers on the reverse side. Not only are they easy to use – in a lot of cases you don’t need much by way of embellishment, because the paper has it all. I often have a little giggle at those people who like to “create” their own papers from scratch, with multiple inkings and a lot of work – why bother – when companies like this have it all done for you??

For this ‘heritage’ layout I picked a photo that I thought would suit that style of scrapping (shush – it has an OLD person in the photo – that should make it ‘heritagey’ enough). In kindness to my poor Aunt’s advanced age, (don’t you dare tell her I said that either) I converted it to sepia to help minimise the wrinkles, (it also ‘softens’ the photo) and to get rid of the clashing colours in the photo (why is it rellies won’t ‘get with it’ and wear your choice of clothes for photo shoots??).

The colours in the paper remind me of my Aunt – and the stitching that is such a feature of the layout – is also for her. She is a hoarder of pretty things – embroidered linen, butterflies, flowers etc – and lives in an old style Queenlander, the sort with the wrap-around verandahs with lacy bits. So you can see that my design is a tribute to her and not just a random collection of things.

Do the stitching FIRST – it creates less wear and tear on your layout.

I stole – oops – borrowed my stitching pattern from one meant for card-making. It cost me $1 and was surrounded by printed flowers you could cut out and put in the middle of the card. But you can ‘borrow’ these patterns from any stitching pattern you find. Here is a close-up of a section of the stitching.


It is well worth the time though – I am very happy with the finished product. Be prepared to use up a fair bit of thread too – there is a complete skein of thread in this plus part of another. I had to make a frantic dash to Spotlight to find a second one to get this finished.

The flower clusters are mostly old Prima‘s from one of the early Artful Collage Collections I think (the purple ones are a more recent release) – and some divine Carnation flowers I got from Spotlight (they come in a pack of 6). An old button and some pink beads to decorate – and don’t forget the Green Tara leaves to finish. Just perfect.


Just a little more detail to be seen here.


I’ve inked the base paper behind the photo with a lovely, soft purple chalk ink. The paper doily underneath though, has been coloured with Butterscotch alcohol ink. There is no Kindyglitz on this at all – in fact, no real glitz of any sort – it just doesn’t suit the layout.

I added some old-style ribbon and a lucky find of 2 metal photo holders to finish off underneath the photo, but the bit that makes this layout really about my Aunt is the butterfly. It comes as a diecut card – meant I think for journalling (again – this is more a card-making product than a scrapping one) – but I cut it up, inked it and stuck it in appropriate spots on the layout.


So now I have a layout that automatically brings to my mind, memories of my Aunt – as a person – and not just about her on the day she first met Madame. And this is surely the entire point of heritage layouts, the preservation of memories.


So have a go at using stitching to create a frame – if not for the entire layout, than try it just as a frame for the photo. Nor do you have to make it a complete frame – I think the good part about this particular pattern is that it can be used in bits – I could see the corner pattern used on a corner in a layout – and the spiral could be used alone as well.

And have a look at the Afternoon Tea range of papers here – I think you will be very surprised at how good they look in real life, as the computer images do not do them justice.

Naptime – Heritage Style Layouts using “Bella Bella – Bellezo”

So 123 is having a heritage month this month and I simply don’t have the photos for this (not into old photos) and tis a rare layout of mine that has a heritage look to it. But heritage it had to be – luckily for me, Wilma has in the lovely, soft papers of the Bella Bella – Bellezo range, by MME. They’re a little different from previous ranges from MME, – but well worth looking at.

I had planned on cutting out my title – had this gorgeous free font I had downloaded to do it with – and then I found this old Scrap FX chippie letter. Umm ahhh – just perfect. I’ve inked it with chalk ink and that’s it. The rest of the title is cut out. Just under the title you can see a die-cut edge. I made a little photo mat for my photo using one of the Fiskars border punches. You will see it better in the final photo – but it looks gorgeous. I’ve inked the outside edge of the frame – just the patterned roses bit and not the embossed section inside it – and that gives it a very soft and pretty look.


The flowers are all in the do-it-yourself variety of flowers. I started with plain white paper flowers (Prima) – to which I painted (using a water-pen) on some Glimmermist – the appropriately named Old Lace and the very pretty Snow Angel. I dried them with my heat gun, as this seems to bring out the shimmer much more than letting them dry naturally. After they were dry I ‘edged’ the petals with an old Dark Brown Colorbox chalk ink.

The cool thing about chalk inks, is that they get a really ‘soft’ appearance when they have been used for a bit – the colour is not as sharp and dark as it is when you first get them – and it is when they are worn-in (so to speak), that you get the ability to get different ‘looks’ to them. So you end up with a lovely ‘soft’ brown edge to the flowers. I finished off each flower with some Kaiser pearls (the smaller ones) and some whole beading pearls (the larger flowers).


Another close-up of the flowers – I am so impressed by the way they turned out.


I made my own tag (another technique you often see on heritage layouts) – and it’s oh so simple. You cut a rectangle of left-over paper to the size you want, use a corner rounder to give it a rounded edge and punch a hole in one end. Tie a little left-over ribbon through the hole and whallah – one tag that perfectly matches your layout. I’ve again inked the edges of mine with my old chalk ink to give it a soft, aged look but then I ran a new Dark Brown ink along the edges to give it a crisp edge only. It gives you a lovely dual inked affect – though you can do the same thing with 2 different colours of chalk ink as well.

The little paper die-cut bird you can see has been treated exactly the same way as the flowers: Glimmermist and then chalk ink.


And here is the final layout. I’ve used some paper rolling (another technique often seen in heritage layouts) to create a ‘frame’ for my layout. To do this – I marked out on my paper the size I wanted the ‘frame’ to be and then cut out the middle (about 2 cm in from my drawn line). I used double-sided tape to stick the lace down right on the marked line and then softened the paper with a water spray and rolled it back to the lace. Then I dried it with my heat gun – which makes it dry very firmly in place – inked it with chalk ink and adhered the entire frame onto another piece of background patterned paper.

After sticking the two bits of patterned paper together I inked around the edges with my “old” Dark Brown chalk ink AND randomly over the frame paper itself. Then I gave it a harder ‘edge’ with my new Dark Brown chalk ink. This gives a lovely, soft ‘old’ feel to the paper.

You’ll also notice that in the bottom corner of the patterned paper – where all the flowers and leaves are – I cut them out rather than cut a straight line. There’s also a gorgeous chippie flourish/ photo corners from Scraplets that was inked in the Dark Brown chalk ink and a chippy photo holder which I covered in patterned paper and inked the edges of.


So – my take on ‘heritage style’ – go grab some of these lovely MME papers from 123 here and have a go yourself.

Lesson 3 – Doodling

Okay – so I am soooo not a doodler. Love it when other people do it, just cannot like it on mine. But doodle I had to – since lesson 3 was all about it. The good thing was, I got to produce a layout using papers I have been dying to use – Bo Bunny Alissa – and for a change I did a multi-photo layout (another pet hate of mine).

I have to say I am pretty happy with the result – but not in a hurry to do another doodled title.

The title was a pain – but I learnt something important. Chalk inks – which you should have guessed by now are my favourites – are NOT good to doodle onto. I nearly ruined my title and my Signo pens trying. So I sanded my title back and painted it this time and started all over again. Good thing too – much happier with the new title than the old.

Of course I had to add a little bling – with some Kaiser pink gem centres for my doodled flowers – after all, what title is complete without a little bling??

You can get the title from Scrapping Outback here.


I did a little doodling on the page too – nothing exciting – just enough to be a little interesting.


And here is the final layout.


I was stoked to find out that my lesson 2 layout has made it to the finals – a very nice surprise. So thanks to all the ladies who voted for it.

I have done one of the two lesson 1 layouts – will post it up soon – and need to get cracking on the other. My desk is awash with holographic glitter and embossing powder – what a mess.

This month at 123…

It’s Vintage/Retro month at 123. Take a trip through time and scrap your heritage and past. Vintage is not just lace, pearls and photos of grandma though – it can be retro, shabby chic or have a modern twist. So come time tripping with us at this month’s Days Gone By CC. It starts on the 24th of April and you have until midnight Saturday 2nd May to upload your layouts.

Register and get the cc details here in the forum and come join in the fun. We would love to see you there.

Monica has designed a fantastic vintage and retro kit for the month – with each kit a low $9.99 – check them out here in the store.

All month we will be (hopefully) inspiring you with our take on vintage/retro/heritage layouts. I have a sneak peek for you here of my first layout – check back soon in the forum for the complete layout.


This month at TSE…

Lots of exciting things are happening this month at TSE. It’s birthday month – with Mary celebrating a year of store ownership – and you get all the pressies. We kicked off the month with a great blind mini cyber-crop – what an awesome set of instructions Beth – and all month there is a participation competition in the forum that runs until May 2nd. You have to be in it to win it (Aussie residents only please – and you have to be a member of the TSE forum to enter) and you can’t afford not to join in. Check out the prizes:-

First prize: WRMK Crop-A-Dile Big Bite
Second prize: Scrapbook Trends Digital Scrapbooking book

Prizewinners will have their prizes mailed to their Australian address.

So come on in and check it out. There are games here and there all month to participate in, points for the most forum posts and don’t forget our regular cybercrop – where the winner (the person with the most points) of the Birthday competition will be announced.

This month our CC will run from 23rd April to 3rd May and participation in the CC games will also earn you points for the competition.

My newsletter contribution this month will be the gorgeous Kaiser Sugar Sugar range – and I look forward to bringing you some new and interesting techniques to embellish your pages.