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Okay – so I am a bad blogger and have not posted anything up here for a bit. Sorry. Sometimes life gets in the way of scrapping.

Last month I had the great pleasure of working on more of the lovely Websters Pages papers for TSE. I must have driven poor Mary nuts asking about when she was getting them. With 3 ranges available – Raspberry Truffle, Inspired and Reflections of Nature – each with their own theme, there is something for everyone. The best part about them – is that even with the different colour schemes, the papers are generally interchangable between the ranges.

For many, Websters Pages is considered to be a manufacturer of ‘vintage-style’ patterned papers and although the papers are certainly suited to such a style – they can also be used in more modern layouts. Polka Dot Bikini– for example – is not a layout I would consider to be truly vintage, although some elements are taken from the vintage style.

I’ve used mostly papers from the Raspberry Truffle range – whose colours focus on that glorious, vivid fuschia, softer pinks and a rich creamy vanilla – with just a touch of chocolate and pale grey-blue here and there. Delish and Raspberry Truffle form the basis of the layout – though the segment of blue curved paper, chocolate flourishes and the butterflies come from papers in the Inspired range.

With Polka Dot Bikini I had a ball cutting and layering all the papers. Lots of inking and spraypainting too. That gorgeous fuschia pink is the new Craftynotions Creative Colour Spray in Cherrylicious. You can see that gorgeous shimmery colour here – as well as the pink plastic mesh ribbon (thanks so much for that Karlene) that made a perfect embellishment to the page.


I also used the Cherrylicious spray for the title – which gave the chippy letters a really vivid colour. These sprays seem to be a little more ‘in your face’ than some of the other colour sprays around and are well worth investing in.


Although I have used paper lace doilies before – this is slightly different. It’s been inked with Dark Brown Colorbox Chalk Ink with a light spray of Coffee Shop Glimmermist and then folded here and there and tucked under other bits of the paper layers. I really like the distressed look to it (the colour is patchy and not even) – and it’s soft and pretty. The tips/technique for this month is on embellishing your flowers – as you can see here I have inked the edges of the Prima blossom and used a cut-out butterfly for the centre.


More inking for this flower – but this time it is finished off with an old Op shop button and some fuschia cotton. I’ve never been one for layering flowers much – I prefer to embellish them in other ways and buttons are a great way to do this.


The final layout – Madame in all her polka dotted glory. Her fav swimsuit for the year. She loves swimming and her stay down in the caravan park over New Years was the highlight of her Christmas holidays.


I just loved Mary’s Twiddleybits Shadow Box (check it out in the forum) and had to make one myself. I wanted mine a little darker than hers, so I have used the Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Distress Ink (the reinker bottle) to give it a rich brown colour. The lovely filagree pattern on the frame means you don’t need a huge amount of material to decorate it. I’ve only used the one patterned paper – the Reflections of Nature “Bee Balm” – some more of the chocolate lace fabric and Carolees sticker letters, some skeleton leaves, pearl ribbon and Prima flowers.


It is a little hard to see – but arranging all the elements at different levels gives a rich depth to the shadow box. The photo is on the back, surrounded by a layer of the lace fabric. The fabric is pulled to one side to show the photo by using the pearl ribbon to hold it back – but the fabric itself is not attached to the back of the frame – so it falls midway into the space within the frame. Level with the frame and slightly over-lapping it – lie most of the patterned paper sections and the skeleton leaves. Of course the Prima flowers, the letter stickers and the Twiddleybits chipboard vine are all on top of the frame.


The flower embellishment tip for this is the ribbon centre for the layered flower on the top of the frame.


And here is the final shadow box – just love the whole idea of them as a photo frame – must do some more.


My next layout “I look Beautiful” also uses the Raspberry Truffle range. This time I have tried to feature a segment of one of the Calendar pages (each range has one). As much as I adore the Websters Pages papers, I must confess to being a little at a loss at what to do with the calendar pages. After having a think about it for a bit though, I realised that it was more a case of “what couldn’t I do with them”? There are so many things that we do on a weekly basis, little things that it would be good to keep a record of. Alternatively, there are the ‘big’ dates – where a special date can be celebrated and remembered.

With lots of layering and some cutting out – nearly every paper in the range was used somewhere on the layout – though the calendar page itself is from the Inspired range.


The title was made from words cut out of a patterned paper and another paperDelish supplied many of the cut-out flowers. Other flowers were punched from both sides of the Cream patterned paper and the butterfly also came from this. Check out the punched flowers in the close-up – I stuck some of the pink mesh onto the paper and punched that with it – gives a cool look to the flowers and is the decorative tip for this layout.


The embossing powder on the Scraplet flourish is AED Galah Pink a great match for the pinks in the patterned paper. The metallic look is way cool in real life.


After looking at the calendar papers in a fresh light – I decided to record an aspect of Madame’s kindy routine – but in a way that highlights what was special to her at the time, as much as it lets us know a little about what she does there. Being a bit of a girly girl (ok – a HUGE lot then) she is very fixated on making sure she looks “beautiful” for kindy. Having raised 3 boys prior to that, I was not aware that kindy was so fashion-conscious and competitive – so I live and learn – but what it means for us is the daily routine of “the hair-do” (I’ll leave the whole “I NEED” to wear a dress because dresses are pretty and shorts are not to some other time).

Who-ever gets to do the morning ritual depends on who is least busy at the time – so sometimes it is me and sometimes it is ” girl-hair-challenged” Daddy – who only knows how to put in one ponytail and not plaits etc. Lol What she gets also depends on what she has for the day – swimming or tennis – and whether she is having an outside day or not. So here in the layout are the different types of hair she can have and who is responsible for them.

The layout itself is a hodge-podge of left-over papers and colours – and is also somewhat a mixture of styles. I can see the modern and funky in it and I can see some elements of a Heritage style too. There’s a lot of layering in there – and a lot of ‘tucking’ small bits of pattern into spots. And it all centres about the photos and the calendar section.


I’m really happy with the final product – though I don’t consider it typical of my usual style.


I’m not so happy with this one – no idea what went wrong. It should have worked – maybe I just did too many of the one range at once – don’t know. I should come back and re-do it again some other time. I suspect it is the photo I don’t like – what I really wanted was to have it sepia other than her wings – but I could not work out how to do it properly in Photoshop and Picasa can’t do that – so maybe if I get that right the rest of it might just work too??

With “Simply Beautiful,” I focussed on the papers in the Reflections of Nature range – using Bee Balm and Chestnut Mocha. The small touches of purple make a delicate contrast to the browns and creams that dominate this range. I’ve highlighted them with some inking and Kindyglitz and have actually embossed directly onto the flowers on the patterned paper using AED‘s Lovely Lilac.


The background paper was sprayed with Coffee Shop Glimmermist to provide a rich contrast to the creams and browns of the flowers in the patterned paper. There’s also a touch of lace fabric here and there.


It’s a little hard to convery in a photo – which is 2-dimensional – but with the layering of the cut-out flowers on this page, there is a depth to the layout that provides a lovely affect.


And how cool is this gorgeous butterfly wing?? It came off a cheapie $2 butterfly – but it looks great on the page.


And here is the final layout.


You’ll need to be quick to get some of these gorgeous papers from TSE – they are simply walking out the door. Mary has them on special still – so head on in and see what you can grab.


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