Prima – Flirty Little Secrets

It’s no secret that I love the Flirty Little Secrets range from Prima. You had to get out of my way fast when it was finally available for purchase.

I’ve not had much of a chance to play with it unfortunately – but I did manage to sneak in this little layout for my 123 Notebook layout for this month. Although Coy and Meander would have to be the standout pages in the range – I wanted to work with the greens – Memoirs and Frock. They are such gorgeous papers and work really well together. The delicate pattern on Memoirs is just beautiful – with its green on green script and rose pattern and just the hint of white flourishes here and there – this is a stunning girly paper.

I confess I was also hoarding the matching Flirty rubons and they were perfect for this paper combination. The teal ‘other’ side of Frock is exactly the same teal as the pattern on Memoirs. The darker teal paper also sets off the lighter greens really well. I used it as a frame for the layout and the photo by ripping the top paper to reveal the darker teal underneath.

I’ve used twine (thanks Kars for the idea – I have a huge ball of it now ) rather than ribbon or thread and the “grungyness” of it makes a nice contrast to the delicate patterns and overall ‘girly’ feel to the layout. I layered some of the Essentials flowers with it – topping them off with a small organza rose (stolen off a bit of ribbon), which I coloured with Glimmermist to match the red in the Ruby paper.


There needs to be a contrasting colour to “kick-start” the softer ones and the drop-dead red of the roses in the Ruby paper was perfect. So I made some flowers out of the paper – check out my Notebook post in the forum on how to – and then decorated them with some Kaiser pearls. Could not be easier. There are 2 sizes to the flowers and I simply layered the smaller ones into the large ones.


The chippie title is an old one from Scraplets. Wilma does not have it in stock at the moment – but if you want it, it might pay to ask her to get it in for you. The shipping tag was meant for journalling (it’s coloured with Glimmermist to match the Ruby paper) – but I found there was nothing I really wanted to say. For me, this is a layout to simply enjoy the beauty of the photo. She was doing nothing special – just smelling some daisies (complaining they had no smell was what she was actually doing ) wandering about the back yard. I really love random little photos like that. The beauty of childhood is so fleeting – you should take as many photos of this time as you can. I know I wish I had more of my boys when they were this age. (Sigh – there speaks the mother of 3 teens)

So if you have not gotten around to checking out the Prima Flirty Little Secrets range of papers and flowers yet – do the woman in you a favour – and go get some now from here. Just leave me a couple so I can get some more.



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