Strong and Simple – Graphic 45 (boy layout)

I adore the Graphic 45 ranges and find them very well suited to masculine layouts. This time I have focussed on a single range within the recent releases –Transatlantique. The colours are very striking and rich: – maroons, earthy yellows (almost a golden colour), rich creams, and dark blue and greens. The darker colours are somewhat sombre looking, but the richer yellows manage to brighten the intensity of the colours when you combine them together.

I’ve kept to the simple again, with a boy layout that uses only 3 papers from the range and only 3 colours: – black, maroon and that gorgeous rich gold colour. The best photos to use with these sorts of colours are ones with strong colours in them themselves. As you can see from the photo – I’ve matched up the black and reddish browns to the black and maroon in the patterned papers.

I love this photo of DS2 – it has strong clean lines and is a very simple shot that draws you to his face – the eyes and the slight smile are what demand your attention. Aside from framing the shot around his face – I used the portrait setting on my camera, which left the face perfectly in focus, but the background is blurred. When I edited the image I added a ‘glow’ feature that slightly softens and brightens the face – which further makes you look to the face as the primary interest in the photo.

To complement this, I have designed the layout to keep that focus on his face. The elements of the layout are framed about the photo – drawing your attention around it and back to it, no matter where you start looking at the layout.

To allow me to keep the layout interesting, yet simple – I mirrored it. So the top half is a mirror of the bottom and in some ways the left mirrors the right. I’ve also layered the light and dark colours to add further interest and visual depth. It’s not a perfect mirroring – as this can appear contrived and awkward looking – but the repetition of elements is obvious.

To help integrate the layout I’ve made the title part of the journalling – so as you read down the journalling on the right you need to move across the title at the bottom to finish off the last sentence. The corner stitching acts as a directional frame as well, bringing you back to the photo.


I must be onto a winner with the Graphic 45 papers – all my boys want layouts done using them and you all know how difficult it is to get teenage boys volunteering to have their photo taken so they can have a layout done. It’s nice for a change to have them offer to sit for the photos without the fight.

So check out Graphic 45 here in the 123 shop – all the ranges are gorgeous – but the rich, strong colours of Transatlantique will impress you. As an added bonus, one side of the papers in this range has a travel theme and I have seen them used to very dramatic affect with one local scrapper’s European holiday shots.



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