123 Scrap Twist Competition

So you think you can scrap do you?
Well why not give our SCRAP TWIST COMPETITION a try.
You could win yourself a $100, $50 or $25 store voucher.

Here is how it works

There will be six scrap twist rounds – a new round beginning each week starting August 2 2009.

Each round will have a nominated product which should feature prominently in your project. The nominated products are listed in the forum here.

On the first day of the round you will need to check back on the forum to find out what the TWIST for that round is. For example : The featured product for Round 1 is paint. The TWIST might be that you have to use red paint. Or you might have to do something feminine. The TWIST for each round will not be revealed until the first day of that round

You will have two weeks to complete each project.

Projects must be uploaded to the correct folder in the gallery by Midnight (AEST) on the due date.

Round one starts today – and the theme is PAINT. But be careful of the twist – check it out here in the 123 forum.

So come on in and register and have a go.


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