Father’s Day card – Offshore

Time to end this month as I began it – bright, bold and cheerful – and with plenty of Kaiser Offshore. My Father’s Day card won’t be missed – just like his kids, this card is ‘in your face’ and ‘full of life’. Lol – poor Hubby won’t know what hit him when this lands on his lap before he has time to get out of bed or open his eyes.

I used some of the scraps from my Sketch layout to make the card, along with some new materials. The shape is one I spotted somewhere – no idea where, which is a shame as I liked it – but the rest is all my own design.

I cheated and used my HS mask as a template to make the shape. To get the patterned paper to match I simply traced the shape about a half centimetre inside each layer to make it slightly smaller than the preceding layer.

The rest is just bits and pieces of the patterned paper that caught my fancy – cut out and layered onto the card face – and decorated with a few rhinestones here and there.

The alphas are also Kaiser – given a coat of Tim Holtz distress embossing powder and some Kindyglitz and a little blowtorching with my heat gun.


Happy Daddy’s Day Daddy!!



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