Splashing the paint around

DS2 has this shirt he loves. For him, it is a little out there – a bit more grunge/emo than my conservative, straight-laced, prudish little boy normally wears. Personally – I love the shirt, it is dark yet bright, funky and a little wicked, all at once. I love the ‘sketched’ feel to it and I really wanted to do a layout that incorporated the design elements of the shirt.


So the concept for the layout comes from the shirt and I have tried to keep the design simple – since the splashed/sketched feel of the shirt gives a ‘quick’ feel to the art elements. Sadly to say simple does not mean quick – even with a heat gun it took a bit to get this done – all that stitching and the drying time for the paint layers. Still – intensive as it was, I love the end result and so does DS2.


2 Responses

  1. Very cool layout Ngaire. All that stitching would have taken you ages, you are a braver woman than I babe.

    Renee xox

  2. Love the look of this Ngarie!!! the paint splatters and stitching really set off the page – love it šŸ˜‰
    Aga xx

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