Blind Card Challenge (pre cc class)

Hey Guys – some join me Friday night at 8pm for a blind card challenge. The girls and I had a blast last time we did this, so we have planned another to keep us all busy before the Baby shower cc next week.

And speaking of cc’s – click on the gorgeous little cc ad (in the sidebar) that Jaimee designed and come register for the “Baby Shower” cc. We are all celebrating the upcoming arrival of Tanya’s baby with forum games, the card challenge and the cc challenges themselves. So come join in the fun with us at TSE and hopefully you might be the lucky winner of a prize pack or store voucher.


123 games and hobbies cc

We had a great night last Friday night at the cc chat. So many people the chatting was fast and furious – and funny as always.
You have until this weekend to get your entry into the gallery for the chance of winning a store voucher.

My challenge needs you to:

1. Think BIG – use alphas that are larger than you normally use.
2. Think outside the square – in a circle in fact. I want to see a circle somewhere on your layout (yep – I was naughty – I chopped mine into 2).
3. Get the Glitz going – I want to see some Kindyglitz somewhere (preferably a coloured one, but Crystalina will do if you only have that).

And here is my layout – Madame and her number one sport/hobby of all time (at least at the moment) – skiing. No matter she only gets to do it 5 days in the year, it is her “bestest” thing she likes doing.


Love the affect of the black Kindyglitz – though black snowflakes are a little out of the norm. The Prima pearl flourishes are just gorgeous too.