Rouge de Garance – Marie Antoinette – at 123

Oh my – how gorgeous is this range from Rouge de Garance? Marie Antoinette is just stunning – white, soft pinks, bright fuchsias and strong teals – lots of flowing lines and funky patterns. It’s a bit of an eclectic mix – but it works.

Bold, fussy patterns with bright and contrasting colours can be daunting to work with. I have to admit that I stood these papers up on my desk for a few days just looking at them and getting a feel for what I might do with them.

In the end I decided to cut out the bits I really liked and wanted to work with and to go from there. And that’s what I did – cut out bits and pieces from several of the papers and one torn out curve of paper. I decided on the base paper being the No 3 (so how imaginative is their paper naming system??) and then just started layering the bits of paper over it and moving them around until I thought it looked good.


Because of the bright nature of most of the papers I thought I would make a frame for my photo out of some of the darker teal patterned paper (No 2) to help contrast it to all that brightness. I used a template I made from an old journaling card to create the frame itself and then painted on a white edge with some white paint. I used paint rather than ink to give it a really “white” look. Over the top of this is some 3D Crystalina Kindyglitz – my newest toy. It’s really cool, because it is ‘whiter’ than the normal Kindyglitz, without the “pink” tinge that one sometimes can have.


The trick to this sort of design is to actually have a purpose or focus for the ‘apparent’ randomness. Although it looks like it was simply thrown together, I actually gave a lot of thought to where I put the different elements. If you look at the layout you can see I used the rule of three for all the floral embellishments, and I’ve made sure the main colours (the dark teal, hot pink and white) are balanced on both sides of the layout.

The frame (and hence the photo) is my focus. The ‘curve’ of patterned paper (No 6) goes underneath the frame to support it. The frame itself is tucked into the curve of paper on one corner. The title, cut-out sections and flowers are all arranged around the frame to draw your attention to it.

The overall design still looks random and flowing – just like the patterns on the papers themselves. This is one case of letting the ‘feel’ or ‘mood’ of the papers dictate how you do the layout.


The flowers were all originally white, but I altered them all in some way. The white ones have a thick layer of the 3D Crystalina Kindyglitz; the hot pink ones have been coloured with Glimmermist and the dark teal ones are inked. I have no idea what the layered ones are – other than they are Prima of some sort.


The alphas were a real find – have no idea how Wilma managed to hide them from me for so long – but now I have found them I intend to use them on everything I can. Just love them – how girly are they?? Just to die for.


They’re the raw Swirly Alphabet from Bella and you better get in and get some quick, before I go back for a re-stock.

So check out the Marie Antoinette range from Rouge de Garance – I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.


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