Paper Inklings – school papers and embellishments – part 2

Being a teacher at your children’s school (as I was for nearly 8 years) has a few perks – and I don’t mean the “mum I’ve eaten all my lunch and I’m still hungry – can you get me something from the tuckshop?” ones. It means that sometimes, when other teachers take photos of my kids in the classroom doing things, I can jump up and down and ask for a copy.

Even better for me – the main snapper of all things photographic at their school – is actually a wonderful photographer as well (though he didn’t take the photos in this particular layout). So I have a number of great photos of my kids in the classroom or at sporting events that I would not normally have.

The boys go to a school with an academic focus – and science is treated very seriously, even in the junior school (Primary for those who are not in a P-12 school). Grade 6 is the final year for us in junior school and the highlight of the year in science is doing their very own science experiment – designed and performed themselves. It’s part of a program put out by CSIRO and if they meet the criteria, they get a certificate to say they have successfully completed the project.

Being a science teacher myself, you can imagine I was pretty stoked to get my hands on some photos of DS3 in the middle of conducting his experiment. After seeing the new School papers from Paper Inklings I could not imagine a better range to scrap these photos with. I started out by layering 2 of the papers over each other – using the brighter red one as a frame. Then I cut out one of the ruler strips to use as a base for the “year 6” rubon.


I cut up one of the chipboard titles (I took the word “years” of the bottom) to make part of my title. In keeping with the writing on the patterned paper I inked it black and then grunged over the top of it with white gel pen to get that ‘chalked on’ look. To make it stand out from the brown paper I needed to mat the title on the bright yellow patterned paper. Wow did that make it pop! The last part of the title I inked with some red chalk ink to match the red paper frame.


I also used on the chippy embellishments – a shield – as a base for some journaling. The information was simply printed out on some acetate and stuck to the inked shield. Simple, but very effective. Since most of the ink I used for this layout was chalk ink – it is hard to apply rubons or gel pen over the top of it – acetate is a great compromise.


Like the previous layout, I used some of the rubon titles from the range and the same red patterned paper for the journaling strips.


I love the chippy pencils – like the maths protractor in the previous layout – they are so unusual in design and look great on the layout. I inked these to look like a real pencil and used them to add in the title of DS3’s experiment. Way cool – I want more of these!!


Again – I am really happy with the finished layout. Although I have not been so much a fan of ‘themed’ papers before, I just love the way this range ‘scraps out’. At last I have a range of papers for all those school photos, where normal papers just did not seem to do them justice. I have a few more ideas up my sleeves yet – so when I finally get time to take a breath (school is very busy for me at the moment with year 11 and 12 stuff) – I’ll get back to my box of yummy goodies and finish off a couple more.


Paper Inklings – school papers and embellishments – part 1

So how many times have you wished that you had some appropriate papers to put with all those school photos you get? You know the ones I mean – you pay for the packages every year through the school and they arrive back with all those silly little tiny ones that you almost never use and the rest get farmed out to grandma’s and aunts.

Well Paper Inklings – a local Aussie company – has come to the rescue. Their new School range is just awesome. Lots of lovely colours to suit most schools and some fantastic patterns to the papers make this a great line for using up all those annual school portraits. Besides the great patterned papers, they have a matching range of rubons and chipboard titles and shapes that cover both Primary and Secondary school.

When I checked out their website I noticed they already had some wonderful layouts using school photos – so I thought I would see how well you could use the papers to make a layout that was less a ‘traditional school photo’ layout and more like the ones I normally do. And I have to admit I am pretty pleased with the results to date.

I’ve had this photo of DS1 and one of his favourite year 9 teachers for a long time now. This woman was a godsend. Young and hip and full of enthusiasm – she managed to undo the damage the previous maths teacher had done to his love of and self-confidence in maths. The Paper Inklings range was perfect – it kept the focus on the school/maths and yet let me be artistic and girly in design. DS1 loves the layout – and is old enough to appreciate the meaning behind some of the quotes printed on the patterned paper.


Ignoring the dreadful photo (you try taking one with such a bright sunny day and your subjects are under-cover) I think the layout manages to represent both aspects of the moment it captures. I’ve tried to let as much of the pattern on the paper show up the maths/learning theme and yet the flowers and the threading soften it and make it fun and ‘arty’.

I’ve layered the dark green side of one of the patterned papers over another that is made up of all these ruler measurements strips. Ripping out the centre allows me to have the contrasting ruler paper show through the darker green paper. I then punched some eyelets into two of the rip corners and threaded some string through them. It’s grungy – but then maths is never pretty (lol – it was never my favourite subject). Underneath the threaded string are some paper flowers I cut out of one of the other patterned papers in a gorgeous contrasting red. I’ve inked around the edges in white ink and added a few pearls to the centre of them. Gorgeous!!


Here’s a close-up of the flowers. Love the maths symbols and other educational bits printed on the papers.


I’ve framed 2 corners of the photo with some of the ruler-corner rubons from the range. I also used one of the title rubons and added some inked chippy to complete the title. Finishing the layout couldn’t have been easier – I just added one of the protractor chipboards from the chippy range and printed out the journaling on some of the red patterned paper.


Whallah – a layout that DS1 loves and I am pretty impressed with too. Wilma at 123 sells some of the rubons from this range in-store here – so check them out. She also still has a heap of the papers and rubons from their last range – –Mythical – which is a just-to-die-for girly range of fairies and flourishes.