Paper Inklings – school papers and embellishments – part 2

Being a teacher at your children’s school (as I was for nearly 8 years) has a few perks – and I don’t mean the “mum I’ve eaten all my lunch and I’m still hungry – can you get me something from the tuckshop?” ones. It means that sometimes, when other teachers take photos of my kids in the classroom doing things, I can jump up and down and ask for a copy.

Even better for me – the main snapper of all things photographic at their school – is actually a wonderful photographer as well (though he didn’t take the photos in this particular layout). So I have a number of great photos of my kids in the classroom or at sporting events that I would not normally have.

The boys go to a school with an academic focus – and science is treated very seriously, even in the junior school (Primary for those who are not in a P-12 school). Grade 6 is the final year for us in junior school and the highlight of the year in science is doing their very own science experiment – designed and performed themselves. It’s part of a program put out by CSIRO and if they meet the criteria, they get a certificate to say they have successfully completed the project.

Being a science teacher myself, you can imagine I was pretty stoked to get my hands on some photos of DS3 in the middle of conducting his experiment. After seeing the new School papers from Paper Inklings I could not imagine a better range to scrap these photos with. I started out by layering 2 of the papers over each other – using the brighter red one as a frame. Then I cut out one of the ruler strips to use as a base for the “year 6” rubon.


I cut up one of the chipboard titles (I took the word “years” of the bottom) to make part of my title. In keeping with the writing on the patterned paper I inked it black and then grunged over the top of it with white gel pen to get that ‘chalked on’ look. To make it stand out from the brown paper I needed to mat the title on the bright yellow patterned paper. Wow did that make it pop! The last part of the title I inked with some red chalk ink to match the red paper frame.


I also used on the chippy embellishments – a shield – as a base for some journaling. The information was simply printed out on some acetate and stuck to the inked shield. Simple, but very effective. Since most of the ink I used for this layout was chalk ink – it is hard to apply rubons or gel pen over the top of it – acetate is a great compromise.


Like the previous layout, I used some of the rubon titles from the range and the same red patterned paper for the journaling strips.


I love the chippy pencils – like the maths protractor in the previous layout – they are so unusual in design and look great on the layout. I inked these to look like a real pencil and used them to add in the title of DS3’s experiment. Way cool – I want more of these!!


Again – I am really happy with the finished layout. Although I have not been so much a fan of ‘themed’ papers before, I just love the way this range ‘scraps out’. At last I have a range of papers for all those school photos, where normal papers just did not seem to do them justice. I have a few more ideas up my sleeves yet – so when I finally get time to take a breath (school is very busy for me at the moment with year 11 and 12 stuff) – I’ll get back to my box of yummy goodies and finish off a couple more.


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  1. I love your layouts chickie. Stunning!

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