Bad Blogger

Yeah – ok – I know I have been these past few months. Anyone would think I had not scrapped at all – and you would be close to the truth. Sigh. Sometimes life takes precedence and the hobbies need to be put on the back burner.

November is always a bad month for scrappers who are teachers and it was a very rough month for me up until mid December when I finished my contract for the school I was teaching at. Family issues kept the rest of December and most of January a bit of a blur too. Hopefully these have been sorted out now and things will be better this year.

I have again made myself the promise not to take on a full-time teaching job and to focus on my own family. This time I was strong and refused the work contract for another year full-time at the same school. Sometimes – family needs to come first. With Madame starting Prep; DS3 going into High School; DS2 entering year 10 and the academic Honours Program; and DS1 hopefully mending some educational bridges – this is a year that will be full-on and needing attention from Hubby and me.

The up-side is I guess – that I will have more time for scrapping. And you can’t complain about that. At least I can’t anyway. I did a huge re-sort of the scrap room and replaced the bookcases damaged in the flooding last year. Ohh my – if you want scrap-friendly shelving that is (relatively) cheap but looks fantastic – you cannot go past the Billy range from IKEA. I now have a wall to wall and pretty much floor to ceiling set of wonderfully deep shelves that will store all my stash. It’s taken me weeks to get it all sorted out – but all I have left now is to finish the chippy; stickers and embellishments sorting out and I am done. Whoo Hoo!!

I do have some stuff to share with you over the next week – I finally got back to scrapping about 2 weeks ago, but with the change over to cable (yee haaa – I can use u-tube now) it has taken me a bit to sort out all my inter-net connections etc. So I will be catching up the back-log over the next week.

For those (few) of you who check out my blog regularly – you will know I am not much one for putting personal stuff up – and this is pretty much the most personal I have posted, but I wanted to thank those of you who have emailed to ask if things were ok and to say you missed the posts and explain the break. Many thanks for your kind thoughts and for taking the time to check out my little blog. I appreciate all of you who comment and otherwise contact me.

Coming up next week we have the Inspirations CC at TSE and we would love to have you join us there.

Otherwise – welcome to 2010 – I hope it is a great year for us all.