Using lace on a layout

I know a lot of us have bought some of that stunning Green Tara lace that Wilma got in around Xmas. How many of you have used it on a layout though?? I thought I would take the opportunity to post here a layout I did last year for Wilma (it was for the Bella Grace range) that I was never able to post at the time, as it was snapped up for publication in Scrapbooking Memories before it could be posted to the forum.

Somewhere in the layout there is a lovely piece of black and white paper by Bella that served as inspiration for the page. It was part of the black and white Grace collection – and had a delicate tracing of swirls and hearts. Very pretty.

Whilst I was looking for a photo to do it justice, I happened on some older ones of Madame from early 2008, where she was playing quite the royal Miss with some pearls, a feather boa and the most drop-dead gorgeous hat you have ever seen. A match made in heaven I thought. I just adore this photo – and even though I altered it for the layout – I thought I might share the original photo with you all to see where the inspiration for the layout came from.

For this layout you need DMC thread, some gorgeous white lace, loose pearls, satin ribbon, sequins and LOTS of patience. Lol – Ngaire hit Spotlight big time and the haberdashery department will never be the same again.

I started with the outside frame – by painting a random line of Snow Angel Glimmermist around the outside of the white cardstock – about 1cm in from the edge. Over this I doodled a border (okay I cheated and the pattern is a rub-on border, but I wasn’t going to buy 4 packs so I doodled it with gel pen) that consists of a couple of straight lines overlaid by a loopy one.

Then I planned out my space. I wanted to frame the photo – but I also needed a lot of (shock horror) negative space – so that the elements of the layout were shown to their best advantage. I used some thin strips of black cardstock left as scraps from another layout and made 2 corners out of them (eventually these became the sequin borders). I had my 5×7 horizontal photo and a rectangle of patterned paper – and so I juggled these until they looked good on the page. Only when I had the spacing worked out did I start to stick anything onto the cardstock.

To make the sequin corner frame it is easiest to draw a pencil line where you want the frame to be. Then adhere the sequins to the page with some glue – because they have a hole in the middle of them you can see the pencil line when you place them on the cardstock and this allows you to keep them in a straight line.

Once the glue had set I pushed a cork board pin through the centre hole of each sequin and then made a matching hole in the cardstock on the inside of the sequin. To make sure my matching holes were evenly spaced, I stuck a sequin onto my cork board pin and placed it next to the line of sequins – moving it along for each sequin. That meant I had a perfectly spaced hole to match the one through the middle of the sequin. Using some pink DMC thread I then cross-stitched along the sequin corner frame.

To the ends of the corners I added a Fleur de lyse rub-on (Kaisercraft) and filled the space inside the corners with a matching (but different sized) pair of chipboard corners (no idea who made them – they are old stash). These I embossed with Galah Pink AED embossing powder and then when they had cooled – I inked them with black chalk ink and re-heated them. You get an interesting affect when you do this – it is really hard to see in the photo – but in real life the pink still shows through the black in a very pretty mottled look.

Along the top and left-hand sides of the photo I put a cardstock frame I made from some scrap black cardstock. To make it I simply ran my scallop edge blade from my paper trimmer along the 2 edges of the cardstock. Then I coated it with black Kindyglitz and left it to dry. At the same time I got 2 of the gorgeous Green Tara leaves and inked them black and also glitzed them and put them to dry.

Once dry I matted the photo and adhered both the frame and the photo to the top left of the patterned paper. Oops – sorry – forgot to mention that the paper was sort of centred between the two vertical ends of the sequin frame.

Over the bottom edge of the photo I placed a wide strip of white lace. Into this I threaded a row of pink pearls (into the topmost row of holes in the lace) and then glued a matching pink (but larger) pearl to the centre of the lace flowers. To hide the end of the lace I placed a gorgeous pink Prima flower over it – and for the centre of the flower I used one I bought from Spotlight – a sort of organza ribbon rose. Add the glitzed leaf and a pink pearl hat pin and it’s just gorgeous!!

I also put a matching flower and leaf on the other side of the photo to hide the edge of the scalloped frame.

I’ve not bothered with journalling for this layout – I think the photo speaks for itself – there is nothing I want to say – just admire my gorgeous daughter playing “Lady of the Manor”. Lol – but a title is needed and I thought this lovely font from Deja Views was a perfect match for the layout.

So that leaves us with the feature embellishment of the page – the bow. You have NO idea how many different versions of pink, satin ribbons come in. And believe me – you DON’T want to know. I did – after a looong time, find the right pink satin ribbon – but I have several not-used lengths of pink satin ribbon looking for a home (well I did – until some little Miss scarpered off with them claiming them for her hair ribbon box!!).

I made a big bow – no mean feat in itself, since I am not myself a girly-girl – and it is double-sided-taped; glued and stitched onto the cardstock to keep the damn thing there. You can’t see the stitching (a good thing – cause I had black cotton in the needle and was too tired to re-thread it – nope not lazy – just find it hard to thread my needles late at night) as it is underneath the bow loops and the ruffles in the bow tails. To the top of the box I stitched on some more (and larger) organza flowers, just like the ones in the hat.

Whoo Hoo – all done.

So check out the stunning Green Tara lace at 123 here – and get some of your own. The good thing about this lovely lace is that you don’t have to leave it white – Glimmermist it, ink it up, paint it – whatever takes your fancy.

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