A sad decision…

123 Scrapbook has been a huge part of my life for the past (nearly) 3 years. I’ve shared some wonderful times and made so many good friends through the forum. Working there was never like work – just a bunch of friends getting together to share their scrappy craft. It has been a ball. Together we discovered Timmy, Websters, Graphic 45, Glimmermist and Twinkling H2O’s – and had some of the best fun a girl can have on a Friday night.

Huia and her choccie balls; xxxxxx (name hidden to protect the innocent) and her nudie dancing on the table; the naughty couch (cause a chair was never big enough) Mon and her Pollywaffles – all of these are memories I will cherish. Late night chats until we fell asleep at our desks and people who will insist on reading instructions from different classes and then wondering why their layout does not look right. Again – all precious memories.

No – I am not leaving – 123 is leaving us. Poor Wilma has some family issues happening (sending hugs your way) and rather than drop the high customer service standards the store is known for, has reluctantly decided to close. I am sure all of you who have been customers of the store will join with me in mourning the loss of one of the best online scrap stores out there.

It’s not all over yet though – Wilma is going out with a bang. Check out the store over the next couple of weeks for the closing-down sale specials AND she still has a few tricks up her sleeves as far as a surprise or two goes. Come reminisce in the forum with us and talk over all the fun times we had together. And of course – when the final date is announced – come to the 123 Wrap-up party – to have one final night of fun.

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  1. I’m so sad too….for Wilma, and for me. I’ve had a great time at 123 Scrapbook and will miss everyone there. 😦

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