Generation Z – LYB Newsletter feature (part 1)

It’s been a long time since I have been this impressed by a range of masculine papers – but Generation Z by LYB has everything you could want to do boy layouts – particularly teen/pre-teen layouts. Having three of that sub-species of my own, I had my hand up very quick when Mary was asking for volunteers to work with it.

It’s hip; it’s cool; it’s metallic. Put the usual huge range of embellishments together with funky boy papers and you get teen culture in a big way. Trendy tribal tattoos paired together with the more traditional gears and cogs, all with a dash of rock star angst – make this the range de jour for boys. There is a wide range of colours too: traditional blues (aqua and a bright navy), green and vibrant orange all paired nicely with the black, white, grey neutrals for contrast. The final touch is a generous splash of metallic silver.

The great thing about boy pages is that they seem to come together much more quickly and with much simpler collections of embellishments than girl pages (or at least they do for me). I think taking all the different elements out of the packaging took more time than putting the first layout together. Which makes a nice change from the hours it can sometimes take me with the girly ones.

The first layout – My Life according to Me – uses one of the orange dominated papers (Orange Metallic Wings) with a little of the Lace Cut Cardstock as the base elements of the page. Other than the photo mat (Bazzill Raven) which I border punched with the Fiskars Bracket punch for interest – the rest of the layout utilises the patterns on the base paper with some simple clustered embellishments.

The line comes with the usual LYB range of Clear Cuts (not in store) embellishments and I have used them liberally throughout the layouts here today. The winged shield is particularly cool to use. Here I have simply adhered it over the top of the same wing/shield pattern on the paper and added a couple of epoxy number stickers to give DS1’s age.

The title strip comes from the Journal Tablet and is not only a feature of the page but tucked behind the photo is the journaling section where DS1 wrote about his life at 17 (just prior to his 18th birthday). The tribal tattoo motif features a fair bit in the embellishments for the range and you could either use the rubon here (or like I did for space reasons – it’s slightly smaller) the Clear Cuts version. The die-cut alphas come in both a black and a metallic silver version with similar sheets of a cog/gears pattern.

I have to admit though that it is the cogs/gears that do it for me. Love em!! Mixing and matching the various embellishments allows you to not only vary the colour but also the texture and size. Here I have used 2 of the Metal Gears Brads (oos); a Dimensional Sticker; a Clear Cuts; and a chipboard cog from my stash (no idea which brand) which I inked black. To maximise their effect I have layered some of them over each other and made sure they are appropriately placed on the paper pattern. The “totally random” is a rub on from the range and the “extreme’ and the ‘crown’ are more of the Clear Cuts.

One thing to remember with using die cut sheets like the numbers here – if you are using them behind other sections of paper – cut them into 2 and stick them on either side of your ‘top’ layers so that you don’t waste any. It is simple enough to ‘line’ the two sections up so that they look like they are one section of paper. You can then use the ‘cut out’ bit somewhere else on another layout.

I have to have a little smile whenever I look at the second layout for this range. For me, one of the things about scrapping is that it is about leaving a legacy for your children of who they are – warts and all. Living with a teen is a roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs and sometimes I like to put my thoughts/feelings into a layout – where the message is often softer and less aggressive – but more clearly recognised. Having had a few more downs than ups lately I found myself scrapping something completely different to my original intentions when I did this layout.

X-treme – also relies on clustering of embellishments for the major design elements – though there is greater use of strips of patterned paper. The black and white photo is fairly stark – so I have softened it with the Yellow Grunge Dot paper. The Clear Cut Frame is just stunning – these would also be in my top 5 list of ‘must buy’ products in this range. The bits of Orange Metallic Wallpaper paper are the ‘leftovers’ from edge punching a piece for a different layout – waste not want not those left-overs – as they can be very effective used as ‘trim’ pieces like you see here. The same with the Zigzag paper – there are two thin strips at top and bottom and they are leftovers from another layout.

Here you get a closer took at that yummy frame and you can see that all the papers have been distressed by inking their edges. With ‘grunge’ layouts like these, distressing is an important element in the look. More embellishment clustering – and you can see how effective it is to layer with different textures, sizes and colours. There is a mix of stickers, brads, chipboard and clear cuts in that grouping. The tribal tattoo you can see is one by A2Z Scraplets, made specifically to match the Gen Z range and I am totally gobsmacked at how great these little chippy beauties are. Since mine are the prototypes, I can’t confirm yet exactly how many will be in a pack – but you will get the two sizes. Keep an eye out for them in the store for when Mary gets them in – as they, along with the chippy title will be exclusive to her for the first month of their release.

And here is that to-die-for chippy title. I will be posting up to the gallery a little later in the month another layout that uses the other half of the chippy title pack. The title pack allows for 2 titles (both say x-treme) that can be made in several combinations of the elements in the pack. Here I have used the “X” with the cut-out centre and the ‘negative” for the rest of the word.

Lots of layering in the title cluster – and for my tip sometime this week check out the forum where I give some pointers about embellishment ‘clustering’ using this weeks layouts as examples.

To embellish the chipboard I have inked it with metallic silver ink (Mary has some in the store by Maya Road) some aqua ink and the blackish looking colour is not ink but Walnut Ink Crystals. To get that look you scatter the crystals over the chippy after you have inked it all up and then spray lightly with a water mister so that the crystals partially dissolve. Quickly dry the chipboard with your heat gun. You get this lovely textured rusty sort of look to the chippy. After the chippy is dry, dob a little Kindyglitz Crystalina over the aqua bits and again dry with your heat gun.

Since the other two layouts deal with DS3 and not DS1 (as these did) I will leave them until later in the week. I’ve really enjoyed playing with this range and there are heaps more ideas running around in my head for using it.


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  1. these are fantasic ngaire, my boy is only 9 so may be a little xtreme for him!! but i love both layouts.

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