What a weekend – Printblocks Creative Block

Mary and I have had a ball of a time here – taking classes, meeting exciting people (like the owners of Graphic 45 and the boys from Bo Bunny), doing make-and-takes and of course shopping for the store (you are all going to LOVE what Mary is getting in). It was so cool to finally catch up with Mary – thank goodness no volcanoes over here to disrupt the flights.

Catching up with Mary – on the corner of our favourite booth – you could make this stunning flower for the Graphic 45 make-and-take. That’s Mary being colourful on the left and me (obviously suffering from too much shopping for teenage boys) on the right.

Some of the stunning work in the booth – I could happily have stuffed it all in the van to take home.

Thanks to this little layout I need to go shopping again. Not only do I want some of that paper with the nursery rhyme music on it – I MUST have the machine that puts the crimping pattern into the paper. I need a new scrapping toy like a hole in the head – but that look is just adorable. They had stuff with some of their early ranges – the Babes to Brides and the (forget the name) Nursery range and it’s killing me that we never got them here when I knew about them.

That’s the new Le Romantique range – just gorgeous.

This is also from that range – the signature paper. Is that not the most stunning thing you have seen??

Graphic 45 is actually a mother/daughter team and here those lovely women are suffering through yet another photo with yet another strange Australian person. I bet they are sleeping well tonight after three hectic days.

And some other people who will be sleeping well – but the rest of the wicked for these naughty boys. Don’t let those sweet smiles fool you. This is one set of cheeky fellas. I am sure someone back at Bo Bunny central will eventually realise their mistake in sending them unaccompanied over here to Australia – but not before a very large number of Aussie female scrappers get taken in by those baby blues. The make-and-take for Bo Bunny was a do-it-youself card – because according to Bunny Man 1 “you guys have all the talent and can do this so much better than us”. Lmao – what that translates to is “we will sit here and watch you guys do all that creative stuff and enjoy ourselves”. A little bird whispered in my ear that one of them is the son of the owner (again – another family owned business) and is really a banker of some sort and the other is his cousin. Frankly – I don’t care. Whatever they are – they were lovely and let me rest my tired tootsies at their booth whilst I made a little card and chattered to them about the joys of little girls and the fear of said little angels reaching puberty (and I hope that his daughter eventually forgives Daddy for being away from her yet again).

And I met poor Michelle Van Etten – who had the bad luck to lose her voice on her second day. She took the Provocraft class that was my first class and did a huge job in managing to run the class with a voice that hurt me to listen to her. Kudos to her for struggling on with it and doing a great job. Sadly though, unless they supply a teenager with every Cricut Gypsy they sell (to work the bloody thing for you – it looks like an overgrown gameboy for scrappers) I won’t be getting one.

So – thank you Mary for the opportunity to catch up and have a great couple of days. I had a wonderful time. And you guys get to score too – since we will be doing the Graphic 45 minialbum as a class soon and later on there will be another class for layouts using one of the Imaginisce ranges.


3 Responses

  1. you look like you had a great couple of days, you lucky devil

  2. oooh I am so envious Ngaire! Great write up and photos – thanks of sharing!! 🙂

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a blast Ngaire. Can’t wait for the Graphic 45 minialbum class to be debut.

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