CI Oceana – June Newsletter

Here is the second of the layouts for the CI Oceana newsletter.

Ocean View – is actually the last of the layouts I did, and after the complexity of the other two, this time I wanted some simplicity. The patterns on the paper are complex and the colours are bright and bold – so to counter that you need to let the papers speak for themselves and minimise the embellishments.

The main embellishments on the page come from the Paper Pad and the Die Cut Foiled Tags and Foiled Shapes. The Tags and Shapes are a mix of titles, blank tags and image designs and range in shape and size. The Paper Pad has 4 gorgeous designs – though more designs with fewer copies of them would be nice. Given their size – it’s almost like having a few extra 4 x 6 patterned papers in the range.

Lagoon Frolic is probably my second favourite paper in the range. Another worth buying multiple copies of – in fact I used two of them for this layout – the two layers being the front and back of the same paper. I’ve cut one of the mermaids in the pattern so that the photo can be tucked under her tail and the other has been cut out completely so that it could be placed where I wanted it to go. When cutting out ‘shapes’ like this – make sure to ink the edges to give the shape definition and make them standout from the patterned paper. This also helps to cover up any slight errors in the cutting out.

Mary still has this range in stock in the store – so check it out for yourself.


TPC Class layout (finally)

Okay – this is another one that is late in getting put up. I wasn’t happy with the way the small roses looked, but for the life of me could not find the Glimmermist bottle I used to make them. Finally found it and finished off the roses – buggar of a colour too – would never have guessed it for Juniper.

These papers (Ancestral by TPC) pretty much sold out with the class – you would have to look around for them and good luck with it. I sent some people to a NZ store last time I was asked about them. They are gorgeous though and well worth the time spent looking for. I cut out the template myself and then to get the different layers to it I cut each piece down slightly with the trusty decorative scissors.

Lots of Prima again – this was the first layout I did with the new CHA roses and pearls. So much fun to play with. The lace you see is also Prima. Attaching it under the edge of the paper was a pain in the — – but well worth it for the way it looks.

The larger white roses are as they come from Prima, but the vine flowers were originally a dark maroon colour that I overlaid with a bronzy-brown (cannot remember the name now – but it will be in the class instructions in the 123 forum still) Glimmermist and the small white ones are the Juniper (which is a dark greeny-blue).

I do have to confess that this layout took ages to do. All the cutting out and then the stitching too… but so worth it I think. It’s one of my favourite layouts for this year. Again with the alphas – the same colour as the vine flowers – love that shimmery look.

All the instructions and a materials list are up in the 123 forum – but I am not sure how much longer this will be the case. So if you are interested in doing this one I would get on in there and copy them before they vanish. To those who braved the class – thanks for a great night – it was a ball.

June Mid-month Challenge

Ok – so I had a play with the Websters Life’s Portrait paper range to come up with this month’s mid-month challenge. Full challenge details are in the forum – but you have until mid-July to get your entry in for a chance to win a prize from the cupboard.

Loving all those apricot shades. They are soooo yummy and soft with the black and grey. Although I have used the outside of the die-cut paper from the range, I cut out the middle and put in one of the other papers that matched my photo better. A few other little odds and ends cut out from the papers and it was all too easy. Aren’t those Prima’s lovely – so nice to be able to use some of the gigantic, huge monsters I got last year and have still to use up. I’m also slowly working my way through all the Say-it-with-Pearls I got at the same time – just when I think I have it under control they bring out more must-haves for me to get.

The roses would have to be my favourite flower release from the last CHA – and although Mary got a huge supply of them in I know she has sold out of a lot of them. Here I teamed a couple of them up with some of the Nero chipboard from Twiddleybitz – a very yummy range of black chippy they have been releasing lately. The black rose ribbon you see behind that is one of the Prima ribbons – they do the most under-rated ribbons. No-one seems to stock them much, but they are soooo gorgeous – I just don’t understand it. I got a roll of this one from the States – it’s actually cream, but I Glimmermisted it with Black Gold to get the lovely shimmery look you see on the layout.

Aren’t the alphas just stunning?? Totally forget who they are by (not one of my usual brands) – but they are like corregated cardboard. Soooo nice. I’ve misted them too – with a mix of Coral Reef and Iridescent Gold – and then a light layer of Old Lace over the top. All dried off with my heat gun and slightly burnt to give it that toasted look. lol The edges are inked with charcoal chalk ink to soften it all up and make each letter more defined.

So pop into the forum and have a go at the mid-month challenge – you never know, it could be you picking out something from the prize cupboard.

Blind Scrap layout – at long last

Ok – at long last I have managed to get the photo I need to finish this off. I guess since 123 fell apart I have to admit it was no longer a priority – I’m still sad about the whole thing – but I did need to finish it off. I used the Kaiser Shaken Not Stirred for this one – just loved the bright red with the black and grey. It was just the right combination I needed for someone’s little ‘head injury’ story.

I finally got to use the comic-book words I’ve had in my stash for ages. Absolutely no idea who makes them – but love ’em. Most of it is inking – but to get the nice black lines I used a Signo pen.

One of the best parts about this range is how easy it is to cut interesting strips and shapes from the patterned papers. Although there are embellishments for the range – it was easier (and cheaper) to simply cut them from the different papers. Since I was making a few pithy mother-type comments to DS3 about the commonsense (or lack thereof) of back-flipping into a resort pool – I typed all my journalling up so I could fit it all in (I had a lot of ‘pith’ to comment on!) 🙂

For those of you who joined in the blind scraps – thanks so much for coming to them all and making them all so much fun. They will continue at Ideal Papercraft – so look for them in the coming months. I have one in mind for July – so stay tuned in the forum for further info.

Oceana – June Newsletter layout 1

Creative Imaginations never disappoint me. Every year I can rely on them to produce at least one range of papers and embellishments that are perfect for our annual trip to the beach. Once (sometimes twice) a year we get to go back to my home town and spend days exploring the local beach – lovely empty stretches of sand and surf – and lots of little rock pools to explore. The kids love going up there as we don’t have the time on weekends normally to get to the beach – so these are treasured little moments in time for them.

Of all the CHA stuff released this year – Oceana – was probably the one ‘must have’ that went immediately onto my shopping list. Well ok – Beathless is up there too, (and the Crate Paper and Prima ranges), but I have to wait for that one to come out!

Oceana has a stunning colour range – purpled navy and turquoise blues, together with vibrant coral and golden oranges and the hint of fresh green and sandy beige. My only disappointment with the range is a lack of a dominantly green patterned paper and the fact that two of the best designs are on opposite sides of the same paper – but the rest is sheer scrapping bliss. And as with any of their ranges – so many goodies that it is a little hard to know where to start with it all.

With all the gorgeous colours and patterns in the range it is almost impossible not to want to layer them. In this layout – Reflection – I’ve tried to use the darker blues to reflect both the ocean colours in the photo and the quieter ‘theme’ of the layout. To contrast this I have used the softer, more muted orange/coral tones of the ‘signature’ paper of the range. The original inspiration for this layout came from the stunning layout done by one of the CI DT to showcase the range. I have no idea where Cheryl got some of the papers she used in her layout – since there is no dominantly green paper in the range – and believe me, I searched high and low to work out what she used.

Most ranges will have what they call a ‘signature paper’ – the one that has what the manufacturer thinks is the ‘must have’ pattern. It’s also – lol – the one that usually sells out first when you want to buy the range. For Oceana the signature paper is ‘Sealife’ – and I have to admit that in the end I had to put this one under my desk so it wasn’t used on ALL the layouts – I just found myself automatically reaching for it. If you buy nothing else – get this paper and 2 copies of it – since the dark blue reverse is also stunning.

One of the great things about this range is that it can be used with many of the previous beach/ocean themed ranges from Creative Imaginations. The chipboard shell embellishments I have used here are from the Tidepools collection and the creamy paper is from South Seas (which is still in-stock in the Ideal Papercraft store).

I’ve used a variety of edging techniques on this layout – including inking, tearing, rolling and sanding – so that each of the layers is different from the others. Lots of Glimmermist on the chipboard and flowers as well – to get this shade I mixed Sapphire and Carribean Blue, with Coral for the flowers.

One thing that does go well on beach/ocean themed layouts is scroll or flourish style chipboard. If you position your swirls just right you can get a ‘wave’ feel to them. Adding other items over the top of the chipboard – like this seahorse – is a great way to decorate them too. You can see the difference here between the mix of blues I mentioned before and the Sapphire by itself (the alphas) – the mix is just perfect to match the seahorse. The alphas are ones by Bella – love the font.

I’ll put the other two layouts from this range up over the next couple of days. I’m glad I have some of the papers left – Madame’s Prep just announced that the theme for their Prep Ball this year is “Under the Sea” so I can see myself using this for that too. I’ll also put up the Blind Scrap from the previous post as well. I’ve been a little slack in blogging lately and need to catch up on some things I think. Sorry 😦