Blind Scrap layout – at long last

Ok – at long last I have managed to get the photo I need to finish this off. I guess since 123 fell apart I have to admit it was no longer a priority – I’m still sad about the whole thing – but I did need to finish it off. I used the Kaiser Shaken Not Stirred for this one – just loved the bright red with the black and grey. It was just the right combination I needed for someone’s little ‘head injury’ story.

I finally got to use the comic-book words I’ve had in my stash for ages. Absolutely no idea who makes them – but love ’em. Most of it is inking – but to get the nice black lines I used a Signo pen.

One of the best parts about this range is how easy it is to cut interesting strips and shapes from the patterned papers. Although there are embellishments for the range – it was easier (and cheaper) to simply cut them from the different papers. Since I was making a few pithy mother-type comments to DS3 about the commonsense (or lack thereof) of back-flipping into a resort pool – I typed all my journalling up so I could fit it all in (I had a lot of ‘pith’ to comment on!) 🙂

For those of you who joined in the blind scraps – thanks so much for coming to them all and making them all so much fun. They will continue at Ideal Papercraft – so look for them in the coming months. I have one in mind for July – so stay tuned in the forum for further info.


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