TPC Class layout (finally)

Okay – this is another one that is late in getting put up. I wasn’t happy with the way the small roses looked, but for the life of me could not find the Glimmermist bottle I used to make them. Finally found it and finished off the roses – buggar of a colour too – would never have guessed it for Juniper.

These papers (Ancestral by TPC) pretty much sold out with the class – you would have to look around for them and good luck with it. I sent some people to a NZ store last time I was asked about them. They are gorgeous though and well worth the time spent looking for. I cut out the template myself and then to get the different layers to it I cut each piece down slightly with the trusty decorative scissors.

Lots of Prima again – this was the first layout I did with the new CHA roses and pearls. So much fun to play with. The lace you see is also Prima. Attaching it under the edge of the paper was a pain in the — – but well worth it for the way it looks.

The larger white roses are as they come from Prima, but the vine flowers were originally a dark maroon colour that I overlaid with a bronzy-brown (cannot remember the name now – but it will be in the class instructions in the 123 forum still) Glimmermist and the small white ones are the Juniper (which is a dark greeny-blue).

I do have to confess that this layout took ages to do. All the cutting out and then the stitching too… but so worth it I think. It’s one of my favourite layouts for this year. Again with the alphas – the same colour as the vine flowers – love that shimmery look.

All the instructions and a materials list are up in the 123 forum – but I am not sure how much longer this will be the case. So if you are interested in doing this one I would get on in there and copy them before they vanish. To those who braved the class – thanks for a great night – it was a ball.


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