CI Oceana – June Newsletter

Here is the second of the layouts for the CI Oceana newsletter.

Ocean View – is actually the last of the layouts I did, and after the complexity of the other two, this time I wanted some simplicity. The patterns on the paper are complex and the colours are bright and bold – so to counter that you need to let the papers speak for themselves and minimise the embellishments.

The main embellishments on the page come from the Paper Pad and the Die Cut Foiled Tags and Foiled Shapes. The Tags and Shapes are a mix of titles, blank tags and image designs and range in shape and size. The Paper Pad has 4 gorgeous designs – though more designs with fewer copies of them would be nice. Given their size – it’s almost like having a few extra 4 x 6 patterned papers in the range.

Lagoon Frolic is probably my second favourite paper in the range. Another worth buying multiple copies of – in fact I used two of them for this layout – the two layers being the front and back of the same paper. I’ve cut one of the mermaids in the pattern so that the photo can be tucked under her tail and the other has been cut out completely so that it could be placed where I wanted it to go. When cutting out ‘shapes’ like this – make sure to ink the edges to give the shape definition and make them standout from the patterned paper. This also helps to cover up any slight errors in the cutting out.

Mary still has this range in stock in the store – so check it out for yourself.


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