September Sketch

I scored the sketch for this month over at IPC. Just to be evil I have made it a double with multiple photos. Yeah, I know – I do doubles with multiple photos only when the moon is blue and hell has frozen over – but haven’t you noticed how cold it has been? 🙂

Actually, it was a case of too many photos and too much gorgeous stuff to play with that was at fault. How could I not do a double with that stunning Breathless range?? Waaahhhhh – you must have all loved it too – since it has almost completely sold out in the store. Sigh – could you not have at least left me the couple of papers I wanted to replace??

Apologies from DS2 who created this for me, since I have been flat out the last week with sick kids. He is sorry it is a little rough around the edges. I guess that’s to be expected though – since he was himself one of the sick kids I was dealing with.

Ahhh well. So the sketch is a double – and in keeping with the cc theme for this month the inspiration for the layout came from “Advertising” – the clothing tags that accompanied the Veronicas range of clothes that are Madame’s favourites at the moment. I have to admit I would like her to be a little older before wearing such clothes, (they make her look older than she is – not that there is anything wrong with the clothes) but she is a tall 5 yo and seems to better fit the Australian size 7 that is sold in Target. Damn odd though, since she is still wearing some of the size 4’s from Gymboree (an American brand) – which is my usual choice in clothes for her.

Anyway – the tags are cool. They have this neat silver chain that can be taken off and used elsewhere and one even has this awesome silver bracelet with a heart with a “V” cut into it. That particular tag also has a black flocked pattern on it. Just like the clothes themselves the tags are red, black, white and silver. So it was the colours that I took to use in the layout – plus the whole tag also made me think of frames – so I included a framed photo in the layout.

I also took inspiration from the clothes themselves – the music notation and black glitter from the shirt and the red ribbon from the skirt. The title comes from the words written on her shirt too. Not so happy with the title – since it does not match the journaling at all – so I might change that at some point.

Here are the tags that served as the source of inspiration:-

And here is my layout:

Madame – in the backyard – happily singing and dancing to her own music – just grooving to the sounds in her head. She also has on her favourite black baby biker boots – my rebel baby lol. Must give the boots a layout of their own at some point.

Since it is hard to see each page closely when you put the two of them together – here is each page separately so you can see more detail.

left side

right side

Pointing out a few of my favourite bits – I used one of my Martha Stewart corner punches to make the outside corners of the layout interesting. I also finally got to use my Prima black/red combo pearl flourishes – yay. All the red flowers on the layout were white to start with – Prima – and then coloured with Candy Apple Red Glimmermist. The match is perfect with the Breathless papers. The larger rose is also a Prima, but this time I used Black Magic Glimmermist to colour it.

This proved to be a lucky choice – I knew it was a silvery-black – but applying it to the rose it came up with silver in some areas and black in others. I think it depended on the position of the ‘glass sparkles’ that are sprinkled about the petals. Whatever the reason – the rose looks stunning.

I got to use up a lot of the little silver stickers from the Breathless range too. I stuck them about the flowers where normally you would put leaves. The ribbon is a Kaiser Grosgrain ribbon – again sprayed with the Candy Apple Red.

Way cool was also finally getting my hands on the flower from the Breathless range. They are a bit of a disappointment when you get them – very flat and lifeless, but a little shaping and misting soon fixes that. Hmmm – looking at it now though I think I might go back and ink the edges of the petals a little too. Laughing a little though – the silver rose brad is from an earlier range by Marah Johnson. Guess they must of had a few left over in the warehouse to use up. You can see the bottom of the music chippy here too – I inked that black and then added a thick coat of black Kindyglitz to get the sparkle. It’s just like the black sparkled music pattern on her shirt.

Never one to waste anything – I used the little bits cut out from my corner punch to make some pretty photo corners. A coat of black Kindyglitz to make them sparkle and a red Kaiser pearl to finish them off and whallah – one cute little photo corner.

On two of the photo corners I put part of the silver flourish sticker – it was a perfect fit into the design cutout. You can see it here – along with the silver chain I took from the clothing tag.

I made another interesting discovery when doing the alphas for the title. They’re Scrapware ones and the font matches the Breathless gothic theme beautifully. I covered them in silver ink and then wanted to apply a little Candy Apple Red Glimmermist to them – but the Glimmermist simply absorbed straight into the chippy and could not be seen at all. What the?? Disappointed, I added some Crystallina Kindyglitz thinking to make some glittery silver alphas instead and the applied my heat gun. Well!! Straight away the Candy Apple Red started to show up again and I got these lovely shimmery red/silver alphas. How cool is that??

So I’ve had a ball doing this layout. It’s nice every now and then to do a double and get in enough photos to tell a story with. Now it’s your turn. Although you don’t have to – it would be cool to see what inspiration you could take from clothing tags for your sketch layout.

Upload your sketch by 30 September 2010 into the appropriate gallery to be in the running for a prize from the prize cupboard.

I hope you have fun with the sketch this month and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.


2 Responses

  1. Gorgeous as always…… I thought I could spy a Breathless flower LOL

    Last time I used Candy apple red I was about to peel boiled eggs.. yep the egg was coloured so left the others LOL….

  2. Madam is behaving like me when I am home alone and got the stereo pumped up 🙂 Nice to see I am normal PML
    Love the layout, the colour combination is stunning, roses gorgeous and I hear ya on the chipboard letters – so when I remember (not often!) I ink them first before spraying.
    Have an awesome weekend and thanks for the comments (blush) on my blog

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