Newsletter – Lush (part 1)

Lol – I get the message in the forum. You would like to see more boy layouts. If you can convince my teens to take more photos then you can have them. Until then I work with the one child I can get to smile on demand. Lol. Yeah I know, I should take more of them – but getting them to sit still long enough for a photo AND lose the scowl long enough for a smile is a chore.

Moving on…

I got to work with Lush – one of the recent ranges from Kaisercraft – for this month’s Newsletter and I must admit I am surprised by how versatile the range is. Originally I was attracted to the vibrant apricot oranges and cool greys, as well as the soft pastel greens and creams. In the end though, it was the layouts in the mustard/ochre colour that I most enjoyed working on. The colours work well for both genders and can easily be used across most age ranges.

Kaiser seem to have worked out their product formula now and this range provides the usual selection of pretty patterned papers with a number of more solid background papers that are predominantly one colour. There is the required spot and stripe paper, the standard die-cut and the mandatory pattern strips paper. All good though, as it means there is something there for everyone.

I read a quote recently which observed that when you photograph people in colour you record their lives, but when you photograph them in black and white you capture their souls. I was reminded of this when working on – Betwixt and BeTWEEN – my ‘token’ boy layout. I love black and white portrait photos – it allows you to see the expression on their faces so much more clearly than colour does. In some ways it makes you naked, vulnerable, exposing the real personality of the subject. So black and white suited what I wanted to do with the layout – which was to speak to the soul of DS3.

I wanted to create a masculine layout, but one that was still soft and appealing. The quiet contemplative look on DS3’s face, together with my intention of using a large block of journaling, meant I needed the focus of the layout to be on the photo and words, rather than loud, flashy embellishments.

This made the pastel chipboard accents of the range perfect for this layout. I must confess to not normally doing anything with the chipboard buttons that Kaiser make – but for once they were the first things I reached for when embellishing. I’ve just finished them off with a little twine through the holes and adhered them on with pop dots for dimension.

Because the design of the layout was meant to be simple, I’ve relied on layering of patterned paper strips for interest. Most of them are cut from Maple, but others were left over from Lotus, which was used on the first layout. Lotus is a deceptively subtle paper. The pattern on it is understated, but as you see here in this close-up it provides some very interesting detail. I made sure to place my paper strips around and through the pattern to make the most of it.

Of all the papers in the range this is the one that I will probably go back and get more of. The light, neutral colour allows you to use the other colours against it to make them stand out more.

I also used more of the colour rub-ons – again cutting them up and putting them here and there around the layout. The cool mottled look to the grungy alphas comes from originally thinking to make them mixed pastels to match those on the paper – and then changing my mind to the more neutral grey. The underlying colours alter the look of the grey on top, so I further grunged them up with some black ink here and there. So they accidentally became just what I wanted.

I’ve inked all the paper edges for that grungy feel too. One of my old black chalk inks that is now dull and not a ‘vivid’ black – if that colour can ever be said to be vivid.

The 3 cool large circles at the top of the layout were made from the Japonica paper. All I did was use my circle punch to punch out the middle of some of the large spots on this paper. Too easy and very effective.

So that’s my boy layout for the month. 

Mary has the collection in the store – so check out Lush and see what you can make of it.


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  1. Love this Ngaire 🙂

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