Guest DT – LYB (Zach’s Life)

Okay – we were a little late for Week 3 with Ngaire. Apologies – Hubby added on an extra night to our stay at Hotham the night before we were due to leave. Gotta love the man!! Tracy has the post up now on her blog for you all to check out – so I can put this up here now too.

This week we are doing a step-by-step with the gorgeous boy range Zach’s Life from Little Yellow Bicycle. I love the diversity of colours in this range – and the fact they include both bright/funky papers as well as dark/grungy ones. I worked with a bit of each – the bright blue and orange, matched with some grungy browns. Again – the papers are busy – so to tone them down a little we are going to make strips of them and mix them in with less obviously patterned cardstock and patterned paper.

I loved this range when it came out – bought ALL of it – and then for some reason never used it at all. It has been sitting untouched in my stash all this time. Shocking I know. Ahh well, thanks to Tracy I can use it now.

To make things a little more interesting, I’ve done a multi-photo layout (use a 5×7 portrait photo for the main photo with 2 smaller ones to suit). Those of you who know me well will know I do these as often as there is a full moon – so this must be my multi-photo layout for September. Lol

For the full step-by-step you can go here to check out Tracy’s blog.

I love how the title came out – it’s a paper from the range over chipboard alphas, with some Kindyglitz and Dimensional Magic to finish off. That gives it a hint of glitter – plus all the shine of the DM. I’ve inked all the edges too – so it is both grungy and sparkly at the same time.

My fav embellishment on the page would have to be this one. Just a little section of punched paper, some twine, a Tim Holtz Trinket Pin (nifty little thing this is), a gorgeous little skeleton charm and one of Tracy’s felt stars (which was white but I made it Spiced Marmalade). All layered together to make this simple but effective cluster of bits and pieces.

I loved that little skeleton charm so much I used another one on a Buzz and Bloom Spider or Worm (whatever it was). The running joke at my place is that DS2 is a walking talking skeleton pretending to be human – so this little charm was more than appropriate for him. Poor DS2 has grown so fast over the past 2 years his poor old body cannot keep up with him – so he is a little (ok – a huge lot) underweight for his now 6ft height. Add to that the fact that – Skulduggery Pleasant (one of the main characters is a skeleton) – is is favourite book series at the moment and you can see how skeletons are all the rage at my place.

The orange strip is one of the coordinations cardstocks – which I don’t often use – but with some sandpapering it came out really well. I am thinking I need to look into using them more often. And the twine – lol – I started the month off with a huge ball of that – by the end of 3 layouts it is much reduced. Must thank Kars for showing it to me all those layouts ago.

Bit of a milestone this layout. Regulars to my work will know that I am a bit of a portrait scrapper – I like facial close-ups or artsy shots – and rarely do random everyday photos. I’m also not that big on journaling and will often leave it off altogether. Lately though I have done a series of layouts where the journaling is an important part of it and I am more than happy with how that has turned out. A little variety is a good thing. For a while now too I have wanted to do some ‘ordinary’ moments, to record some of the things about our life for the kids. This is one of them and since it hasn’t turned out all that shabby, I might just go on to do more of them.

So here is the journaling – not quite how I said it to him – but you can get the general jist of it.

So that is it for this week – now I have to go off to my cave and think on what to do for my final week of “Boys” with Ngaire. At this point I have absolutely no idea what to do – thinking I need to quickly do a girly one though to get the creative juices flowing and then tackle the boy one

3 Responses

  1. Love it hehehe….. great Layout 🙂

    Mmm.. the growth spurt is the same with GS1 !!

  2. Checked on Tracy’s blog & instructions 5star !! Ohh I like the alphas 🙂

    Mmmm… had a little visit (eyes closed) !!

  3. I love this layout … the older LYB papers are so under used I LOVE their papers especially this range for the boys
    I agree with Maggie the alphas are fab

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