Basic Grey – Jovial – a quick Xmas layout

I have been a little more absent than usual the last month or so – but that is mostly because I have taken on a curriculum writing contract that is keeping me busy and leaving me less time to scrap. So apologies about the lack of postings. I am off to the wilds of Wandoan for a few days now for this project, but wanted to pop this up before I went.

I got in the most gorgeous Christmas range from Tracy – Jovial – and just had to whip up something with it. Yeah, yeah, I know my whipping up takes longer than those words suggest – but over a few nights a couple of weeks ago, I had fun with it after my other work was done. Coming soon is the Blind Scrap layout for the month (need to take photos of it) and I am working with the Harry Potter range now – which you will all see in another week or so’s time. Until then though – meet my Christmas Fairy…

I am usually pretty fond of the Basic Grey Xmas ranges – but I love this range – the colours are so rich and vivid. I must admit to favouring the patterned papers with the more traditional reds, greens and cream – but the ice-blue papers are very pretty too. For me, the most appealing part of the paper pattern is the muted Christmas writing all over it – which you can either choose to make a feature of or disguise.

Merry and Bright uses a number of papers from the range. The base for the layout is a sheet of Snowball Fight which has been edge distressed to give it a shabby look and then I applied a generous inked edge using Tim Holtz Peeled Paint Distress Ink. To soften this up a little and to give the paper some Christmassy glitter, the edges were then sprayed with Iridescent Gold Glimmermist – which was allowed to mix with the distress ink and run down the page. I heat dried this – including all the little puddles and drips. The stunning Pomegranate was used to make a dimensional frame for the layout (after inking the edges with black ink) with Coal as a mat for the photo. The other papers – Merry Maker and Shop Keeper – were cut up into the various flowers and ornaments to use as embellishments for the page.

The title is an old chipboard one I have had for a while – not sure whose it is. That got a coat of Tim Holtz Peeled Paint Distress Ink and then I sprayed it with Iridescent Gold Glimmermist. Although the close-up seems to suggest it is only gold – it is actually still a green colour – but the shimmery gold is very strong.

Underneath the title I added a couple of the ornaments I had cut out from the patterned paper. There are touches of Crystalina Kindyglitz on their patterns to make them look pretty too.

In one corner of the layout I arranged some of the cut out flowers to form a floral spray. Extra leaves were cut out and added to this to ‘fill’ the corner a little more. There is also one of Tracy’s gorgeous silver bell charms with a little of her sheer red ribbon for a bow.

The main embellishment cluster is on the left of the photo. For the base of this I’ve cut a large Poinsettia flower out and then cut it further into its individual petal layers. These have been distressed and inked and then I pieced it all back together.

To make the flower 3D I have used a bit of spare acetate as a base. Placing the top petal layer on it (but not gluing it down) I have arranged the others underneath it – adhering them to the acetate with pop dots. The top petal layer is then simply glued down to the next layer when you are happy with the way it all looks. The finish off, the stamens got a generous dob of Crystalina Kindyglitz. And yes – it is missing one base petal – I removed that to allow for the ornaments to hang underneath it – you’re supposed to be polite and not notice it.

The rest of the cluster is composed of some ornaments underneath the Poinsettia and some other flowers and leaves layered up behind it. Some tuck under the photo and some lie over it. I also added another silver bell charm and one of the outline chipboard Christmas trees from Scrapware. To get the patchy look to the chipboard – rather than spray it with the Glimmermist – spray a puddle of the Glimmermist and ‘dunk’ the chipboard into it a couple of times. This gives you a mottled look – as you can see.

The layering works really well to give the layout depth and interest. This close-up here really gives you an idea of how well it works – plus how well the colours go together.

The chipboard flourishes are also Scrapware – the Naomi flourish – which is very pretty and delicate. They got the same ink and Glimmermist treatment. The tag at the top is one of the die cuts from the Jovial range – these come in a pack with a huge selection of patterns and shapes to choose from. Mine has a flourish tucked around it and one of the cut-out ornaments.

So there we have it – my little Christmas angel enjoying her Christmas last year. I do hope the costume still fits – she has been muttering about it again now that the stores have Christmas everywhere and school is almost over. Do check out Jovial though ladies – it is probably one of the better picks for Xmas ranges this year and I noticed that much of matches the colours in previous Basic Grey Christmas ranges – so mixing and matching is certainly possible.


Hollywood Vogue – Newsletter layout 3

I know the forum ladies laugh at me about my habit of often buying papers (so long as I like the paper of course) that match clothes the kids have – but it pays off. I love this layout – I love that the papers look like they were designed to match this photo of Madame and another of her favourite Gymboree clothes ranges (not that this dress was a fav – she loved the black/pink kitty’s part of the range). It certainly helps to coordinate the layout very effectively.

For the final layout this week – Strike a Pose – I went for a cream/pink/green with touches of black combination. The houndstooth pattern– is the most useful paper in the range – but you need to use it carefully as it is very overpowering in large unbroken amounts. I find small strips like this and the border on the first layout tend to work best.

The whole design of this layout is vastly different to what I usually do with Webster’s, as I have cut out the complex pattern completely and gone for the smaller background patterns for the base papers in the layout. This makes it much more like a normal layout with patterned papers.

This was a challenging layout to work on. Aside from the difficulties of trying to scrap with a sick child (gotta love the lurgy that was going around last month) – the green pattern that is the reverse of the Come Fly with Me paper is not one I initially liked. A little edge punching with one of my trusty Martha Stewart punches though and as a frame it works beautifully. Over it I layered a piece of the houndstooth side of Feather Fashion and then another of the front side of Come Fly with Me. This then formed the basis of the layout.

One of the pattern bits I loved was the film strip from the Foo on Film paper – it was a buggar to cut out, but is well worth the effort. I’ve additionally cut out the centre of the strips (that was the buggar bit to cut out) – but the good thing about this is that it allows me to make the whole piece a 3-D embellishment AND tie in the underlying base paper as well (since you can see it through the cut out bits)

So I popped it up on some pop-dots and tucked a bit of green tulle from my stash under and around it. That helps to soften the edges and cover any messy cutting. The olive green pleated ribbon helped me cover up a little bit of the Come Fly with Me paper that was a little messy. Cutting out the plane left a hole in the bottom of that bit of paper and placing the film strip/ribbon there covered that all up nicely.

The olive green pleated ribbon is from the Hollywood Vogue Trim Pack and the cream roses ribbon is an old Prima one. The pink/cream roses are older Prima ones too – they were sold in a bulk pack.

Moving up the page a little and you can see here how well the punched layers look together. If you were so inclined you could stitch with a contrasting colour along that top punched edge for a lovely finish. You can also see my one boo boo on this layout. I think I must have forgotten to ink the edges of the leaves with green to match their colour and hide the white edges of the cut paper. Either that or I cut up the one I meant to keep whole and had inked and used the one that should have been cut up – it irritates me no end to see those white edges on the leaves.

The alphas are a combination of the Storytellers from Hollywood Vogue and Life’s Portrait – I wanted a consistent black title rather than use the teal again. The butterfly is from the Images and Phrases Sticker pack and has had some Kindyglitz applied to the outside edge of the wings. A bit more of the film strip/rose/tulle combo (with a pink Heart Whimsy) fills up the empty space in the top corner.

Repetition like this – ties a layout together – makes it visually appealing. Just don’t do the embellishment clusters all exactly the same. Change the position of the elements and the size – vary that aspect – just keep the nature of the elements the same.

The empty space next to the photo was the hardest part of the layout for me. Nothing I put there worked – and I spent a long time staring at this space. Finally – after 2 days of staring at it and putting this and that there and then taking it all off again – I thought of this journaling card. I’ve trimmed the frame off it, tucked it under the photo and layered a small segment of the pattern from the Stardom paper over it. A segment of black rhinestone strip underneath it and the rose/tulle combo above it and whallah – my empty space is filled and I am happy.

Putting all the elements together like this makes them look seamless – like they belong together. I showed the layout to a friend before the newsletter came out and had to laugh – they spent 10 mins trying to work out where on the original patterned paper this bit came from – as it looked like a single cut out piece and not several layered together. The rose is strategically placed to hide the ‘space’ in the cut out pattern (where I cut the star out) and make the leaves look like they belonged there (since they are part of the original pattern).

It’s this sort of integration you are looking for between the different elements of your layout.

The stitched trail from the butterfly helps to visually link the top corner down the side of the photo towards the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the layout is an embellishment I made from a Pink Paislee Artisan Elements (Ornaments) piece which has been Glimmermisted with Olive Vine (and then most of it rubbed off again) and a set of the Twiddley Bitz Chip Filigree Wings. These wings are just awesome – for this layout I painted them cream, applied a generous coat of Tim Holtz Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint and then sprayed with Olive Vine Glimmermist. To finish the piece off I added another rose/tulle combination and tucked a Black Noir Cross from Blue Moon under the rose.

In some ways the page was made to match this embellishment. I got the idea for it when only the base of the layout was done – and in fact it was ‘raw’ for much of the layout – that is it was only the unembellished wings and pattern thingy stuck together. The layout was pretty much complete before I coloured that embellishment in. It was the whole concept of it that I loved – I would have been devastated had the decorating bit not worked properly.

If you have a look at this close-up of the wings you can see how glorious that crackle/mist combination is. I’ve got to try this on some alphas for a title sometime.

And there you have it – 3 very different layouts with 3 very different looks and all using the same gorgeous Webster’s Pages Hollywood Vogue range. You really can’t go wrong with this range – there is something in there for everyone. Mary still has all elements in stock – so check them out for yourself.

After all this glamour and prettiness – next month is back to boys for me. I’ve got the new Harry Potter range from Creative Imaginations coming my way and several mad-keen fans here busy fighting over who gets what in the layout department. They’ve all just been to see the latest instalment of the movie franchise and are now back busy re-reading the books again.

Lol – I’ve had a good run on boy layouts this year so far – so I am looking forward to playing with this range.

Hollywood Vogue – Newsletter layout 2

For my second layout – Stars in her Eyes – I have focussed on the teal/blue/green/cream combination of the range. The photo was a happy accident from the photo shoot where I was trying to get the photo of her houndstooth dress – and even though she has some houndstooth pattern showing, I didn’t want to feature that, I wanted to show off her beautiful blue eyes and the blue-grey (with greenish tinges) of the weathered wooden fence behind her. So I used Stardom as my base paper and then added bits and pieces cut from other papers to embellish it. Foo on Film and the reverse side of Stardom provided the two mats you see under the photo.

A special mention on the sticker chandelier – mwah to Karlene who happened to be there the day I was working on this and RAKed me the perfect embellishment to fill in an empty space. From memory – it’s from one of the Halloween ranges put out by Michael’s – but it was just perfect sweetie – many thanks.

From Double Feature I cut out the camera/flower cluster and tucked that underneath a black chipboard dress form (I think it is Dusty Attic), a single teal Bloomer rose, some Whimsies, Prima flowers and a black faceted drop (from Blue Moon) I had in my stash. The clapper-board also came from the Double Feature paper.

The trick to tying a layout together is repetition – of texture, colour and embellishment. So you will see that most of the embellishments here (the pink and blue rose, the teal bloomer, the black teardrop, the piece of teal ribbon) are repeated in the various clusters around the layout. The little black droplet was a huge find at Spotlight – who had all their Blue Moon charms 40-55% off (whoo hooo) – just remember to look for them in the jewellery section and not in the scrapping section.

A close-up here lets you see how well the textures and colours work together in this little cluster. Love how lush that teal is.

To the bottom left of the photo I have added more of the same. A head and some roses cut from the Double Feature paper are arranged in and about the Prima flowers, Whimsies, faceted drop and a bit of chipboard vine I am not sure who makes. To get that yummy blue-black you see on the chipboard I combined some Riptide and Black Magic Glimmermist. The small bit of teal ribbon you can see there belongs to one of the gorgeous trims from the Hollywood Vogue Trim Pack.

Again – this close-up lets you see the textures in the cluster. I love the richness all those different textures gives the layout.

Up the top of the layout I put the mixed alpha title – some alpha stickers from the Hollywood Vogue range, some very old Making Memories rubons and the small version of the Scrapware Antique Alphas Uppercase that Mary has in stock. The chipboard has a simple coat of Olive Vine Glimmermist on it as that part of the layout is already complex enough. The black sparkler you see in the middle is one of the Vintage Sparklers and the bit of chipboard flourish is half of one I cut in two (the other half is under the photo).

Putting part of the title into the corner paper pattern helps to link that into the layout – plus it gives me room enough for a longer title than the space at the top of the photo allows. The embellishments in that corner are smaller as well because this is already a ‘full’ corner and I wanted room for the title.

I totally ran out of room for journaling on this layout – oops – but that’s ok, I can do that on one of the others from this photo shoot. With this one anyway I think you focus more on her face than you do on anything else – well I do anyway.

I’ll be posting the 3rd layout in this series in a couple of days, so check back then for a very non-Webster’s Pages layout.

Hollywood Vogue – Newsletter layout 1

The new Hollywood Vogue range is one I have been waiting to get my hands on ever since the sneaks for it came out. The colours for the range – teal, sage green, blush pink, black, cream and lilac – are a gorgeous combination of colours and work very well together. Webster’s have their usual variety of embellishments to go with the range – alpha, image and phrase stickers, journaling cards and various fabric trims – and for the first time – some stunning little resin hearts and flowers they have called Whimsies.

For my first layout – Paris Chic – I’ve gone with the purples and teals in the range. A lot of my daughter’s clothes are from an American company called Gymboree. One of her (and my) favourite lines from this company is called European Vacation – and the Hollywood Vogue range is just a perfect match for some photos I had taken of her in one of her favourite lilac outfits. The clothes have small Eiffel towers on them and french words along with a cute little poodle and bird. All very ‘tre chic’.

There are only two papers used on this layout – Shine a light and Feather Fashion (reverse). The reverse side of both of these are probably the most versatile patterns in the range – a stripe that includes all the colours and a black/white houndstooth pattern. The repeated small/general pattern they have allows you to provide a contrast to the flower/shape based larger patterns of the other papers.

For this layout I have border punched around the Feather Fashion paper to give a decorative edge to the base sheet. I used the Deco Fan PATP punches from Martha Stewart. Trimming the Shine a Light paper down a little allows me to show off that decorative border and make a feature of the chandelier pattern – which I did by half cutting it out.

When I trimmed the top edge of the paper down I did so by cutting around the pattern that was there. To cover up this cut I put a couple of small Prima flowers (from several years ago – they came in small silver tins) and a Glimmermisted (Deep Plum) chipboard vine (no idea which company it is) over the empty space next to the chandelier. I love those spiky flowers – wish you could get more of them – the colours are so luscious and vivid.

The piece of patterned paper cut out from the top of the Feather Fashion paper went into the bottom right corner. It’s up on pop-dots, which allows me to insert half a piece of Dusty Attic chipboard and some Prima flowers underneath it. The chippy has been given a coat of Riptide Glimmermist to match the teal in the paper. Although some of the flowers are the older Prima ones I mentioned, the larger purple flowers are one of the new vines (Mountain Lily) pulled apart into two (I’ve used the rest of it elsewhere on the layout). The black cross charm is by Blue Moon and it has a Kaisercraft Aquamarine Rhinestone centred on it. The gorgeous turquoise heart you can see on the Dusty Attic Eiffel Tower is one of the Whimsies made for the Hollywood Vogue range.

Moving round the page I’ve tucked just a couple of Prima flowers into the corner on the left (the purple rose is from the new Sugar Plum range) along with a Pink Paislee Artisan Elements (Ornaments) which has been Glimmermisted with Riptide. Love these – they come in an ivory-white colour so you can colour them with almost anything and they come up a treat. You might need to put a couple of layers of mist on them to get the strength of colour you want – and you can always rinse it off in some water if the colour comes out too strong. Loving what I have done with the so far and can see me using them on other layouts.

The sticker alphas come in two sizes and a range of colours. The larger ones are the teal you see here. There’s more of the Prima vine and the small clear beads you see tucked into it are ones that came in a RAK – as is the stunning purple pin. All I did with the beads is cut them into a short length and wind them in and around the wire curly bits of the vine. They needed a spot of glue to hold their place on the layout but I like the way they add a pretty and glam touch to the flowers.

In this image you can see the way I have clustered the embellishments around the photo. That’s one of the journaling cards tucked under on the left-hand side (I’ve written on the back and it just slides out from under the photo) with some Prima flowers on it. The Paris Postmark is one of a pair made by Dusty Attic. Together with the Eiffel Tower on the other side they were just perfect for my photo. And isn’t the Whimsey just to die for – I wish they would sell bulk packs of just one colour – they are just so cute and so easy to use.

This would have to be my fav Webster’s Pages range in a while – not just the colours – but also the patterns. It was nice to be able to use up some of my older stash as well as all the lovely new products. I’ve had a ball for the past 2 weeks working with the Hollywood Vogue range – it is all that it promised to be in those first sneak peeks. The only paper I haven’t used is the die cut – and that is only because I ran out of time. Treat yourself this Christmas and get some Vogue, I can promise you that you won’t be sorry you did.