Hollywood Vogue – Newsletter layout 3

I know the forum ladies laugh at me about my habit of often buying papers (so long as I like the paper of course) that match clothes the kids have – but it pays off. I love this layout – I love that the papers look like they were designed to match this photo of Madame and another of her favourite Gymboree clothes ranges (not that this dress was a fav – she loved the black/pink kitty’s part of the range). It certainly helps to coordinate the layout very effectively.

For the final layout this week – Strike a Pose – I went for a cream/pink/green with touches of black combination. The houndstooth pattern– is the most useful paper in the range – but you need to use it carefully as it is very overpowering in large unbroken amounts. I find small strips like this and the border on the first layout tend to work best.

The whole design of this layout is vastly different to what I usually do with Webster’s, as I have cut out the complex pattern completely and gone for the smaller background patterns for the base papers in the layout. This makes it much more like a normal layout with patterned papers.

This was a challenging layout to work on. Aside from the difficulties of trying to scrap with a sick child (gotta love the lurgy that was going around last month) – the green pattern that is the reverse of the Come Fly with Me paper is not one I initially liked. A little edge punching with one of my trusty Martha Stewart punches though and as a frame it works beautifully. Over it I layered a piece of the houndstooth side of Feather Fashion and then another of the front side of Come Fly with Me. This then formed the basis of the layout.

One of the pattern bits I loved was the film strip from the Foo on Film paper – it was a buggar to cut out, but is well worth the effort. I’ve additionally cut out the centre of the strips (that was the buggar bit to cut out) – but the good thing about this is that it allows me to make the whole piece a 3-D embellishment AND tie in the underlying base paper as well (since you can see it through the cut out bits)

So I popped it up on some pop-dots and tucked a bit of green tulle from my stash under and around it. That helps to soften the edges and cover any messy cutting. The olive green pleated ribbon helped me cover up a little bit of the Come Fly with Me paper that was a little messy. Cutting out the plane left a hole in the bottom of that bit of paper and placing the film strip/ribbon there covered that all up nicely.

The olive green pleated ribbon is from the Hollywood Vogue Trim Pack and the cream roses ribbon is an old Prima one. The pink/cream roses are older Prima ones too – they were sold in a bulk pack.

Moving up the page a little and you can see here how well the punched layers look together. If you were so inclined you could stitch with a contrasting colour along that top punched edge for a lovely finish. You can also see my one boo boo on this layout. I think I must have forgotten to ink the edges of the leaves with green to match their colour and hide the white edges of the cut paper. Either that or I cut up the one I meant to keep whole and had inked and used the one that should have been cut up – it irritates me no end to see those white edges on the leaves.

The alphas are a combination of the Storytellers from Hollywood Vogue and Life’s Portrait – I wanted a consistent black title rather than use the teal again. The butterfly is from the Images and Phrases Sticker pack and has had some Kindyglitz applied to the outside edge of the wings. A bit more of the film strip/rose/tulle combo (with a pink Heart Whimsy) fills up the empty space in the top corner.

Repetition like this – ties a layout together – makes it visually appealing. Just don’t do the embellishment clusters all exactly the same. Change the position of the elements and the size – vary that aspect – just keep the nature of the elements the same.

The empty space next to the photo was the hardest part of the layout for me. Nothing I put there worked – and I spent a long time staring at this space. Finally – after 2 days of staring at it and putting this and that there and then taking it all off again – I thought of this journaling card. I’ve trimmed the frame off it, tucked it under the photo and layered a small segment of the pattern from the Stardom paper over it. A segment of black rhinestone strip underneath it and the rose/tulle combo above it and whallah – my empty space is filled and I am happy.

Putting all the elements together like this makes them look seamless – like they belong together. I showed the layout to a friend before the newsletter came out and had to laugh – they spent 10 mins trying to work out where on the original patterned paper this bit came from – as it looked like a single cut out piece and not several layered together. The rose is strategically placed to hide the ‘space’ in the cut out pattern (where I cut the star out) and make the leaves look like they belonged there (since they are part of the original pattern).

It’s this sort of integration you are looking for between the different elements of your layout.

The stitched trail from the butterfly helps to visually link the top corner down the side of the photo towards the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the layout is an embellishment I made from a Pink Paislee Artisan Elements (Ornaments) piece which has been Glimmermisted with Olive Vine (and then most of it rubbed off again) and a set of the Twiddley Bitz Chip Filigree Wings. These wings are just awesome – for this layout I painted them cream, applied a generous coat of Tim Holtz Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint and then sprayed with Olive Vine Glimmermist. To finish the piece off I added another rose/tulle combination and tucked a Black Noir Cross from Blue Moon under the rose.

In some ways the page was made to match this embellishment. I got the idea for it when only the base of the layout was done – and in fact it was ‘raw’ for much of the layout – that is it was only the unembellished wings and pattern thingy stuck together. The layout was pretty much complete before I coloured that embellishment in. It was the whole concept of it that I loved – I would have been devastated had the decorating bit not worked properly.

If you have a look at this close-up of the wings you can see how glorious that crackle/mist combination is. I’ve got to try this on some alphas for a title sometime.

And there you have it – 3 very different layouts with 3 very different looks and all using the same gorgeous Webster’s Pages Hollywood Vogue range. You really can’t go wrong with this range – there is something in there for everyone. Mary still has all elements in stock – so check them out for yourself.

After all this glamour and prettiness – next month is back to boys for me. I’ve got the new Harry Potter range from Creative Imaginations coming my way and several mad-keen fans here busy fighting over who gets what in the layout department. They’ve all just been to see the latest instalment of the movie franchise and are now back busy re-reading the books again.

Lol – I’ve had a good run on boy layouts this year so far – so I am looking forward to playing with this range.


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  1. Oooh this is Madeline for sure ; love your wings, they look very effective – love it 🙂

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