Harry Potter Newsletter #4

The final layout for the newsletter is about as magic as the range – it disappeared into thin air and began turning itself into a mini album. Sigh. DS1 was the first of the boys to take up with Harry. In a way they have grown up together. DS1 has a stash of Harry Potter collectibles (yes – it is all my fault – I bought them for him) that we thought it would be nice to document for him. I also thought it would be a FABULOUS way to use up all those die cut frames I still had – but there was no chance of getting all of them on a 12 x 12 – even using the smallest photo size.

I have not had time to get the entire album done – but the first 3 pages are here for a peek at. A couple of them (the last 2) will have tags inserted behind the photos/designs, but I have not had a chance to get these done yet either. As soon as I get it finished (it’s my Xmas down time project, so I hope to have it done in early January for DS1’s 19th birthday) I will pop it up in the forum with full details on what I did.

The tag on this one is cut from one of the papers (Daily Prophet) – just love the scenic image as a tag, too good to do anything else to. It is held in place by one of the die cuts (which has been adhered to the page using pop dots). A few stickers and it’s all done and dusted.

The intention is with each page to show off something from his collection of bookends, autographed photos, stuffed toys, figurines, a money box, talking picture frame, keychains, bookmarks, chess set etc etc as well as talk a little about the books, Harry and DS1’s life too. As Harry has grown so has DS1 – they share many of the same problems in life (hmmmm – not too sure who is Voldemort in his life) and DS1 is still very fond of his Harry collection. He was very excited by the ‘monster text book’ pillow I thought was cute enough to point out to him on ebay – sigh – so guess what is currently winging it’s way over from the US (hopefully making it in time for the birthday). Only MY 19yo would think that was cool!!

This is one of his autographed photos (this one is a copy of the real thing whereas his other one is supposed to be genuine). How perfect is that die cut frame for it?? Just love the look. More stickers – and this one has a tag that tucks in behind the photo/frame that tells a bit about the photo (what movie, what DS1 was up to at the time, the year – etc).

The last page I’ve done for now also has a tag that will pop in behind the design. This time I took one of the images from the Quidditch paper, mounted it on the reverse of the same paper and then decorated it with a few more stickers. Most of the pages will be like this – fairly simple, with lots of tags and pop-ins. DS1 is not a child to like fussy things and simple pages for looking at with the odd tag will be something he is more likely to take out and look at.

So – Creative Imaginations’ Harry Potter – summed up in 2 words – “get stickered” ladies!! Rediscover some fun in your scrapping. Sometimes it really is as easy as slapping on a sticker or two for a fantastic layout.

I’d like to take the chance to say that I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and to wish you and your families a Happy and Safe New Year. Things will be a little quiet here on the forum for a bit, (I’d say on my blog too but then since it is dead most of the time as it is, I had better not) as most people focus on their own families, but make sure you check back in the New Year to see what the IPC Design Team is up to. I’ll be back with some lovely girly layouts in the New Year – using the very pretty Kaisercraft English Rose. With all the rain we have been having I can almost get the English country garden look in my own backyard – hmmm – at least I will be able to once the tides have gone out and the flood waters have receded. There will also be another Blind Scrap in late January as well. So see you back in the forum in 2011. Happy Scrapping everyone.


December Sketch and Harry Potter Newsletter #3

And now for the layout that was ‘lent’ to the sketch for this month. Don’t call me Harry Potter has about as few stickers as a layout from this range can get. I was in sticker shock after the first layout and this was my way of recovering. Other than the title and a couple of decorative elements – the main use of a sticker was on DS3’s forehead. Still shaking my head that he let me talk him into it AND that he thought he got to keep it at the end of the photo-shoot. Sigh. Given the nature of the layout topic you would have thought wild horses wouldn’t have gotten him to wear the sticker – obviously no accounting for the teenage male mind.

Love the grey colour to this layout –it works so well with the ochre and maroon. It was also an obvious choice of paper to go with DS3’s clothes – hand-me-downs from his older brothers from when they were in full flush Pottermania (more ebay goodness). The only real paper with a significant pattern to it is the base paper – Hogwarts Crest. Love the frame pattern on it – very pretty – and this would be a good choice of paper for a girl’s layout for that reason.

The grey pattern comes from the reverse side of the Harry Collage paper and consists of varying shades of grey with the words ‘Harry Potter’ stamped all over it. The ochre paper above that is the reverse of the Quidditch paper – another great background patterned paper, this time with just the HP initials stamped on it. Both these papers are obvious choices to combine with the pattern on the Hogwarts Crest paper. I’ve used a strip of the reverse side of the Daily Prophet paper to add a little more warmth to the page – the grey and ochre can look a little bland without it.

I’ve let the papers do most of the work this time – the corner crest pattern is the main feature of the pattern and all I did was cut into part of the crest and tuck the photo and other papers under that, leaving it to fill that space.

Strip journaling for a change, up on pop-dots for dimension and a split title. The ‘Harry Potter’ section comes from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet set, whilst the rest are the sticker alphas. This is my favourite of the sticker titles – there are other sizes and colours – but this one is the best!

Whoo hoo – got to use a chipboard crest this time. It fills the empty corner of the layout quite nicely. A small punched border feature with some twine gives a little interest to the top edge of the photo and allows me to use another of the Harry Potter charms I found. This Snitch one matches his shirt logo nicely and keeps the order freak in me happy. Don’t forget to check out Pat’s site here – for these gorgeous charms. She has a werewolf one, a Scabbers rat one and a cute Hedwig owl one that is to die for – that I will be going back to get from her sometime soon.

All up it is a simple layout – but the layering gives it the illusion of complexity. And the combination of papers seems to be a popular one – about a month after I finished this I saw a layout in a magazine (I think it was an ad for CI) that looked very similar. Wish it had been big enough for me to get a closer look at it – it was only a small photo – so not sure the papers were exactly the same.

A new Harry Fan – or not – as the case may be?? (Newsletter layout #2)

Well actually it is layout number 3 – but the second one went to a more urgent cause. Being a little distracted with some paid work this last month, I totally forgot about the sketch for December and had to ‘donate’ one of my Harry layouts to it. This left me a little short for subject choice, as ‘3 boys who love Harry = 3 newsletter layouts’ and needing a 4th was a huge issue. Discussing this with the boys, we realised poor Madame had never seen a Harry movie and was thus (in our opinion) denied one of the great joys in life. Remedying this not only gave me subject matter for my next layout – but also brought about one of the funniest ‘Madame quotes’ I’ve heard in a while.

Poor child – usually she gets to watch DVD’s in peace. I think she was a little nonplussed by the anxious teenage (male) audience waiting to see her reaction to the movie. I casually asked her afterwards if she had liked it and was stunned by her negative response. She was not impressed. VERY not impressed. The movie contained bad things. More specifically, Cornish Pixies. And what was the problem with Cornish Pixies I asked. “Cornish Pixies are EVIL” she said (her emphasis) in a tone that brokered no room for disagreement. And why is that I inquired. Because they pulled a boys hair she replied – in a tone that questioned my sanity in not recognising this.

Not understanding the depths of her conviction, I attempted to argue that they were simply naughty rather than full-rated minions of Hell. Nope. Her withering glance back at me at my obvious lack of judgement was accompanied by a very firm “Evil – just Evil” with much shaking of her head. I pity the poor boy who first pulls her ponytail in the playground when she goes back to school next year – heaven help him if he cannot outrun her.

Unlock the Magic attempts to use some of the background patterns in the range. The layout base is a sheet of Hogwarts Crest (reverse) with a piece of the reverse of the Harry Potter Banner over the top of it. This was stitched to the layout base with a contrasting thread. I was so happy with how this looked it was hard to put anything over it and hide the stitching. The ochre and maroon colours in this range are very nice together and a lot of the embellishments have these tones. I finally decided to use a section of the Daily Prophet paper – which is again, one of those papers you really don’t want to cover. Love the title of the main story on it.

Sorry about the poor photos – we are still have overcast days, rain and storms up here in not-so-sunny Queensland. Tis all a bit soggy I am afraid, and musty and mouldy and … even the frogs are over it.

Not so many stickers on this one – but I did try to use some that weren’t on the previous layout. I’ve used pop-dots to give one of the flat sticker banners some dimension -layering really is the way to go to get stickers to work I think. With some of the longer stickers (eg the brooms) layering allows you to use them and yet not take up too much space across the layout.

Loving the cauldron too – though it did cause Madame to further comment that such things (the hat and broomstick included) were the province of witches and not schoolchildren. Such things would not be approved at her school it seems. Sigh – we’re in for trouble with this one when she gets to her teens, I can just see it now. Not sure I can cope with it all, but I assume her brothers will have us well broken in by then.

Sorry – I just HAD to use her quote on the layout. I put the journaling on a tag again, as there was a lot I wanted to say about her first Harry experience. That left my sticker journaling spot a little bare – but her quote filled it in nicely. Lol – love the face on her in the photo too – she is soooo not impressed with the ‘Piskies’. The owl is a sticker – a repetition of a pattern element on one of the papers.

Back to my favourite Scrapware Antique Lowercase (Mary has the uppercase ones on sale at the moment) chipboard alphas for the title. The font fits in so well with the Harry theme don’t you think? The ochre ones are simply inked with a chalk ink, but “magic” was dual inked with Tim Holtz/Ranger Aged Mahogany and Scattered Straw Distress Ink. This was then given a coat of Dimensional Magic to give it that lovely glossy look. You can only see the edge of the tag here – but it is the same inks as the previous tag, just applied differently. Making this tag is also in the forum post. More rubons and some stickers finish this one off – the metal corners are from my own stash. I have to admit that making the tags took way more time than I though they would – but then time always flies when you are having fun I guess.

The front of the tag…

and the reverse…

Now that my unit drafts are in and my Christmas shopping is (almost) finished I can get time to put the rest of the layouts up over the next few days. So we should be all over with Harry by Christmas.

The Magic of Harry Potter (Creative Imaginations) – layout 1

According to Madame, there is not a surface that cannot be improved with the application of a few (read as many as will fit) stickers. She is a devout follower of this mantra and on a regular basis I need to cull the sticker population from the various surfaces around my house (and car and person). So she was (amazed and) delighted to see me playing with stickers this week or so – not just a few, but many, many stickers. I’m not sure I am as much a fan as she is – but I must admit that playing with stickers can be fun (though as with anything – physicians advise that moderation is best).

Yes it’s Harry Potter time at my place and stickers are the go. Calling all fans of the book series and movies – we have sticker witches hats, sticker lightning bolts, sticker potion bottles, sticker broomsticks, cauldrons, wands and … – you name something in the movies and Creative Imaginations has the sticker for it. In fact there are stickers for things I don’t even remember from the movies, but there you go. Obviously I need to go back and check them out again.

As I said, I’m not normally a sticker person, but I have to admit to having a lot of fun with the ones from this range. The papers themselves are cool too – including the Hogwarts Express, a Daily Prophet headline, the totally cool die cut Marauders Map (guess which one got universal approval from my boys), a really neat die cut scroll, various school badges and a lovely misty grey scene of Hogwarts – all of which have co-ordinating repeated patterns on the reverse side. There are rubons, die cuts and a set of chipboard shapes (mostly house crests and Quidditch equipment) – but the rest of the embellishments are stickers: layered, epoxy, alphas and several sets of totally addictive Pottermania stickers. Ssshhhh – don’t tell Hubby – but there are also some wax seal stickers coming from America – but we won’t tell him that will we??

Since I don’t normally use them much, I thought I would try and see how many stickers I could put on the one layout and still leave room for a photo. Lol – as you can see, The Magic of Harry Potter manages to use quite a few. I started with a sheet of Harry Potter Banner as my layout base – as it has a fairly empty space in the pattern. Wanting to repeat the creamy brown colour used in that paper, I cut up a part of the die cut Scroll paper and used that to mat my photo, tucking it under a star pattern from the base paper. Cool paper the scroll – I wanted to see if I could roll it and make an actual scroll on the layout – but the stickers kind of got in the way of that idea – shame – I bet it would look cool.

Then it was simply a matter of choosing stickers I liked, varying the type and arranging them in groups that framed the photo of DS2 reading the first book in the series (he was preparing himself to see the latest movie by re-reading the entire series). What REALLY makes these stickers work so well is that you can layer them over each other, as well as putting some of the flat ones up on pop-dots to give them dimension.

There are a huge number of picture frames in the die cuts – various shapes and sizes – which I did puzzle over for a bit, until I remembered that pictures in the Harry universe are pretty special – which, by extension, obviously must mean the frames are too. But don’t be daunted by this – there are lots of things you can do with these frames to add interest to your layout. Here I have taken one of the die cuts (a wanted poster for Harry) and cut it down to size before matting it with some patterned paper and then popping it under one of the frames.

More stickers – did I tell you there are a lot to choose from in this range??? – and another use for one of the die cut frames. This time I have matted the frame with some left-over patterned paper and then simply popped the Hedwig die cut into it on an angle to fill in the frame space. Around about this time I went into panic mode – since I had achieved my sticker goal a little more spectacularly than I had originally thought I would. It was time to order more stickers in from Mary – since I had used almost 2 whole sheets for this layout and a considerable number from the die cut shapes and even some chipboard pieces. Lol – I told you stickers are addictive.

To finish off the layout – surprise, surprise, more stickers – this time some of the alphas. Love the whole lightning bolt font thing – very nice touch. And yes – you are right, they are a pair of Harry Potter themed charms on that tag. A winged key and snitch to be exact (god I love ebay for all things eclectic and downright strange), helps obsessive nuts like me no end. I’ll talk about the tag itself in a moment – but it has all the journaling for this layout on it and was a labour of love in itself to make.

The charms are actually part of some very lovely earrings I got off ebay from a lovely lady called Pat. For the price, they are simply awesome and I thought it would be an easy matter to simply pull them apart and use just the charms. Weeeellll – nuff said. I had to resort to a very strong pair of snippy things I borrowed from my FIL to get these little suckers apart. So I am very impressed – not only are they inexpensive, but they are very well made too. I could see these surviving some serious wear. Not only does Pat have a range of these lovely little Harry Potter charms – but I also scored some Twilight ones that are perfect for the Breathless mini I am still trying to get back to. Anyway – you can check out her awesome stuff here – and score some for yourself.

And so to the tag – not happy with the way it has photographed – the colour match is better than it looks. Sigh.

This week’s technique for the forum features two tags I made to go with the layouts. Obviously I have been suffering a withdrawal from Tim’s 12 tags of Christmas and this is my compensation for not having all the lovely goodies he has. I’ve been playing with my distress inks and doing a little stamping and really wanted to use a recent stamp purchase – the owl scroll – with this range. How I put this tag together is in the forum (or will be shortly) and I promise you that you will have great fun if you want to do something similar for yourself. The Hogwarts title, stars and lightning bolt are rubons from the range – the rest are stamps from my own stash. Just a note on the crushed muslin ribbon – the red-brown one I coloured myself and how I did that (it’s a mix of inks) is also in the forum in the same technique post.

And that’s the first layout. Plenty more where that came from, so come visit over the next week to see what else I came up with. Mary has ordered in some restocks, as the stickers and papers have been selling well – so don’t despair at the current ‘sold out’ signs, there is more on the way.


Eeeeek – yep I know it has been a while, but we’ve had nothing but wet weather up here for what seems like forever. None of the layout photos have worked properly – hate taking them inside with all the flash issues. I’ve also taken on some paid work over the school holidays writing some earth science curriculum units – and this is on a short time frame with some very complex requirements (let’s not talk about all the changes to the final version of the National Curriculum compared to the draft and the need to completely re-write a unit – sigh) which has meant that scrapping time has been almost zero.

Anyway – from tomorrow I will be putting up the series of 4 layouts using the Harry Potter papers from Creative Imaginations and giving some sneak peeks of the mini album I am doing for DS1 to showcase his Harry Potter collection. I’ll also get up the Blind Scrap layout from last month.

So catch you all tomorrow…