December Sketch and Harry Potter Newsletter #3

And now for the layout that was ‘lent’ to the sketch for this month. Don’t call me Harry Potter has about as few stickers as a layout from this range can get. I was in sticker shock after the first layout and this was my way of recovering. Other than the title and a couple of decorative elements – the main use of a sticker was on DS3’s forehead. Still shaking my head that he let me talk him into it AND that he thought he got to keep it at the end of the photo-shoot. Sigh. Given the nature of the layout topic you would have thought wild horses wouldn’t have gotten him to wear the sticker – obviously no accounting for the teenage male mind.

Love the grey colour to this layout –it works so well with the ochre and maroon. It was also an obvious choice of paper to go with DS3’s clothes – hand-me-downs from his older brothers from when they were in full flush Pottermania (more ebay goodness). The only real paper with a significant pattern to it is the base paper – Hogwarts Crest. Love the frame pattern on it – very pretty – and this would be a good choice of paper for a girl’s layout for that reason.

The grey pattern comes from the reverse side of the Harry Collage paper and consists of varying shades of grey with the words ‘Harry Potter’ stamped all over it. The ochre paper above that is the reverse of the Quidditch paper – another great background patterned paper, this time with just the HP initials stamped on it. Both these papers are obvious choices to combine with the pattern on the Hogwarts Crest paper. I’ve used a strip of the reverse side of the Daily Prophet paper to add a little more warmth to the page – the grey and ochre can look a little bland without it.

I’ve let the papers do most of the work this time – the corner crest pattern is the main feature of the pattern and all I did was cut into part of the crest and tuck the photo and other papers under that, leaving it to fill that space.

Strip journaling for a change, up on pop-dots for dimension and a split title. The ‘Harry Potter’ section comes from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet set, whilst the rest are the sticker alphas. This is my favourite of the sticker titles – there are other sizes and colours – but this one is the best!

Whoo hoo – got to use a chipboard crest this time. It fills the empty corner of the layout quite nicely. A small punched border feature with some twine gives a little interest to the top edge of the photo and allows me to use another of the Harry Potter charms I found. This Snitch one matches his shirt logo nicely and keeps the order freak in me happy. Don’t forget to check out Pat’s site here – for these gorgeous charms. She has a werewolf one, a Scabbers rat one and a cute Hedwig owl one that is to die for – that I will be going back to get from her sometime soon.

All up it is a simple layout – but the layering gives it the illusion of complexity. And the combination of papers seems to be a popular one – about a month after I finished this I saw a layout in a magazine (I think it was an ad for CI) that looked very similar. Wish it had been big enough for me to get a closer look at it – it was only a small photo – so not sure the papers were exactly the same.


One Response

  1. Great Layout & love the photo of DS2 🙂 the charms are nice !!

    Fantastic LO’s with the Harry papers !! All a little different but stunning 🙂

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