Harry Potter Newsletter #4

The final layout for the newsletter is about as magic as the range – it disappeared into thin air and began turning itself into a mini album. Sigh. DS1 was the first of the boys to take up with Harry. In a way they have grown up together. DS1 has a stash of Harry Potter collectibles (yes – it is all my fault – I bought them for him) that we thought it would be nice to document for him. I also thought it would be a FABULOUS way to use up all those die cut frames I still had – but there was no chance of getting all of them on a 12 x 12 – even using the smallest photo size.

I have not had time to get the entire album done – but the first 3 pages are here for a peek at. A couple of them (the last 2) will have tags inserted behind the photos/designs, but I have not had a chance to get these done yet either. As soon as I get it finished (it’s my Xmas down time project, so I hope to have it done in early January for DS1’s 19th birthday) I will pop it up in the forum with full details on what I did.

The tag on this one is cut from one of the papers (Daily Prophet) – just love the scenic image as a tag, too good to do anything else to. It is held in place by one of the die cuts (which has been adhered to the page using pop dots). A few stickers and it’s all done and dusted.

The intention is with each page to show off something from his collection of bookends, autographed photos, stuffed toys, figurines, a money box, talking picture frame, keychains, bookmarks, chess set etc etc as well as talk a little about the books, Harry and DS1’s life too. As Harry has grown so has DS1 – they share many of the same problems in life (hmmmm – not too sure who is Voldemort in his life) and DS1 is still very fond of his Harry collection. He was very excited by the ‘monster text book’ pillow I thought was cute enough to point out to him on ebay – sigh – so guess what is currently winging it’s way over from the US (hopefully making it in time for the birthday). Only MY 19yo would think that was cool!!

This is one of his autographed photos (this one is a copy of the real thing whereas his other one is supposed to be genuine). How perfect is that die cut frame for it?? Just love the look. More stickers – and this one has a tag that tucks in behind the photo/frame that tells a bit about the photo (what movie, what DS1 was up to at the time, the year – etc).

The last page I’ve done for now also has a tag that will pop in behind the design. This time I took one of the images from the Quidditch paper, mounted it on the reverse of the same paper and then decorated it with a few more stickers. Most of the pages will be like this – fairly simple, with lots of tags and pop-ins. DS1 is not a child to like fussy things and simple pages for looking at with the odd tag will be something he is more likely to take out and look at.

So – Creative Imaginations’ Harry Potter – summed up in 2 words – “get stickered” ladies!! Rediscover some fun in your scrapping. Sometimes it really is as easy as slapping on a sticker or two for a fantastic layout.

I’d like to take the chance to say that I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and to wish you and your families a Happy and Safe New Year. Things will be a little quiet here on the forum for a bit, (I’d say on my blog too but then since it is dead most of the time as it is, I had better not) as most people focus on their own families, but make sure you check back in the New Year to see what the IPC Design Team is up to. I’ll be back with some lovely girly layouts in the New Year – using the very pretty Kaisercraft English Rose. With all the rain we have been having I can almost get the English country garden look in my own backyard – hmmm – at least I will be able to once the tides have gone out and the flood waters have receded. There will also be another Blind Scrap in late January as well. So see you back in the forum in 2011. Happy Scrapping everyone.

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