English Rose – layout 3

Into our world she brings – Love is a departure from the usual layout for me. I’m not really one for using circles in layouts – though it seems to be a very popular style. Too lazy to cut the circles out I guess, but it is more likely that my inability to cut them out perfectly is to blame. The reverse side of the Florence paper is a soft spring green – which is a little hard (in my opinion) to properly match into the darker, olive green of the other papers. It does look lovely though, used as a base for the soft pink and maroon papers.

A hunt through the 6×6 Paper Pad located another soft green paper – and this is the one you can see overlying the pink roses side of the Estelle paper. Although there is a patterned paper border edge that is similar – the maroon lace you can see is the rubon version. The use of a patterned border edge to the papers is a nice add-on by Kaiser and provides you with just that ‘extra’ option when scrapping.

The base circle for the layout was a masked ink edge to which I added some pink pearls (the original Pearl Strips from Kaiser) and some lace that I altered with Snow Angel Glimmermist. The 3-D roses were also sprayed with Snow Angel. I finally got to use some of the Prima Pearl Flourishes from last year – mine is the Pink, but I see Mary has some Cream and Grey ones back in stock.

The chipboard heart and wings (no idea which brand – sorry) were given a coat of maroon ink and then a thick coat of Tim Holtz Rock Candy Distress Stickles. This was heat dried to really bring out the sparkle. I’ve then embellished it with one of the Kaiser Pink Ice Pearl Brads. The small pink rose you can see is one of the rubons.

One cool feature of the 6×6 Paper Pad is the inclusion of 2 pages of die cut shapes – I’ve used one of these for the quote stamp (also by Kaiser) in the top corner. Over the shape I’ve arranged some cut-out roses (Estelle), a 3-D rose and one of the ‘tab’s from the chipboard pieces.

The title word (the rest of the title is made of pink rubons around the lace circle which are very hard to see) comes from a section of the Charlotte patterned paper. To the bottom of that I have added a decorative scalloped strip and another cut-out rose. The white flourishes in the pattern were given a light application of Crystalina Kindyglitz to make them pop a little. More cut-out roses go over the top corner, as well as one of the Journaling Tags, a chipboard leaf and some silk ribbon from my stash.

The filigree chipboard shapes on the layout come from my stash, though the chipboard roses on them are from the English Rose range. The pink pearls were left-overs from the pearl strip. The chipboard nearest the photo has been placed over another of the Journaling Tags – the booklet they come in contains 6 designs, with 4 copies of each design. I find them very useful to use as ‘feature’ spots and tend to forget to use them to journal on.


Kaiser English Rose – layout 2

For Angel, I badly wanted to use the stunning flocked paper in the range (Vera), but couldn’t, since I wanted to dress up the pattern a little with some Crystalina Kindyglitz. Luckily – the gorgeous pattern on this paper is also the reverse side of one of the normal papers (Pearl) – so this is what I used instead.

After trimming it down a little I inked the edges and stitched it to a background frame of Frieda. I really like the ‘stitched frame’ look – just wish I had more time and patience for them. At least I get to look at some of my tv series DVD’s when I do the stitching – two birds with one stone as they say. When using one paper as a ‘frame’ for the layout it helps to cut this out and save the centre bit for use elsewhere – which is what I did. Too much Scottish blood in me I guess.

The title uses some chipboard wings I have had in my stash forever. It’s nice to finally get to use them. I have waaay more chippy than I will ever need – along with rubons and flowers and… well you get the picture. No idea what I was saving them for but they were perfect for the photo.

I painted them off-white and then rubbed off most of the paint with a baby wipe. This allows the grooves in the chipboard to show though the paint still. Over this went a thick layer of Tim Holtz Rock Candy Distress Stickles. I had thought about using Crystalina Kindyglitz, but this is a more refined sparkle and just as nice – gives it a textured look too.

The title itself is also an old ScrapFX chipboard one I have had in my stash for a long time – it was actually plural, but I trimmed the “s” off. It was inked pink – though this is a little hard to see in the photo – and then coated with Crystalina Kindyglitz.

Oh I love this chipboard flourish. I have to dig through my rubbish bin now to find the packet it came from, so I can get some more (sigh). It’s from a new chippy company up in NT – you can get it (along with a lot of other nice stuff) from a place called Scrap Matrix. They have a lovely collection of chippy – just wait until you see the fairy ones they have that are just perfect for using with the G45 fairy papers.

One of the Kaiser Pink Ice Pearl Brads holds it to the layout. The patterned papers you can see there include a section from the reverse side of Charlotte (which contains blocks of different patterns) and the pink roses side of Estelle.

More cut-out roses – big pink ones this time. When cutting out shapes like this from patterned paper it helps to define them if you ink around their edges with a slightly darker but matching ink. The chipboard flourish (from the same place as the other flourish I think) was given the same treatment as the title. The paper you can see under it is a section of Lillian.

I’ve used another of the wooden frames to make a feature of the Die Cut Element quote. To make it fit the sizing I needed I cut one end off and then arranged the chipboard and cut-out roses over it to hide that it was cut down. The green punched strips you can see here and elsewhere on the layout are from the reverse side of Lillian.

Although I haven’t included a close-up of it – the roses and flourish corner on the photo is actually what I consider to be the best piece from the rubon pack. I wish they had included more – it is a really beautiful piece and I could have used it in a number of places.

I have to confess that I am not so happy with the final look of this layout. The photo is one I have wanted to scrap for a while now and I think I let that impact on me more than I should have. It needs a less pretty, feminine approach and more girly grunge I think – though I would keep the title and wings with it. And I don’t think I do the ‘layered edge punch papers’ approach as well as some of the scrappers whose work I have admired with this look. Back to the drawing board I guess. Lucky for me there are still plenty of photos from that little session in the backyard – so I still have something to play with and go grungy. Lol – the tank is someone’s favourite summer shirt – since she “looks like an angel” in it. Shame she doesn’t behave like one. 🙂

Kaisercraft – English Rose

Kaisercraft’s English Rose is a very pretty, old-world range whose lace, flourish and floral patterns just scream shabby-chic. Soft pinks, creams and greens combine with a deep maroon to provide a palette of colours reminiscent of an English country garden – the obvious connection to make – given the most common pattern motif is the rose.

I must confess that whilst checking out the papers and embellishments my first thought at seeing them was of my Nan, but knowing she would thump me for thinking of her as sweet? and flowery (and of course old), I resisted the “Nana” layout temptation and decided to do a few for the littlest rose lover in my family. I actually had a layout in mind when I got the range in – a title too – which for me is odd, since I often leave things like titles and photos until after I see a range in real life.

Like a number of other scrappers I used a series of lace patterned punches with the papers, together with layering, distressing and inking. The ‘Shabby Chic’ approach is really suited to this range – so prepare to get down and messy and have some fun.

With Through Rose Coloured Glasses, I used the maroon side of Frieda together with a Martha Stewart punch to produce a delicately edged lace frame for the page. A trimmed down centre of Thelma (cream reverse side) provided the contrasting layout base. My Heidi Swapp Edge Distresser and a piece of Estelle gave me a lovely soft and shabby photo matt. The last patterned paper – Lillian (both sides) – I put through a couple of my Martha Stewart Deep-edge punches and used as decorative pieces.

I am rather partial to a nice chipboard frame – so it was interesting to see how the new Kaiser wooden ones compare. The design itself is very pretty and overall I must say they aren’t too bad, though I still prefer my chipboard ones – this one was painted (Kaiser Olive) and then given a coat of Tim Holtz Rock Candy Crackle Paint. Inside it I popped an old Webster’s Pages Cameo (my stash) and underneath it went a couple of the chipboard pieces from the English Rose range. The 3-D rose was white – a quick spray of Cherry Blossom Glimmermist gave me a perfect match for the papers and with the exception of the maroon rose, this is what was done for all the 3-D roses. One of the rubon phrases provides the finishing touch.

I had a bit of a play with the title. I’m not much one for mixed alphas – though I do admire those who can use them well – so a mixed set of words is the best I am brave enough to try. The leaf rubons are part of the English Rose range, though sadly you needed to be quick to get these.

Talk about scrapping through the ages with the alphas – the rubons at the top are some very old Making Memories rubon alphas which were an absolute must have when I first saw them. I think I have them in pink, white, black and lilac. Lol – when I think of the scraping and saving that went into getting them – and the hunting on ebay for the best price. They were all the rage at the time – hardly see them used now, which is a shame. Luckily for me they were mostly ok to use still – I know rubons have a shelf life so I was pretty happy these still worked. The chipboard alphas are a perennial favourite of mine – She by Heidi Swapp. I don’t want to think how many sets of these I have worked my way through. Lol. These were painted with pink paint and then given a heavy coating of Kindyglitz. Madame loves them – I think they were her favourite part of this layout.

I have to admit – the one part of this layout I dislike is the olive glaze pen – coloured – I just could not manage to get the pen to leave a consistent line. It irritated me to the point that I seriously thought about re-doing the base part of the layout. And after all my careful plotting to get the perfect letters too – I applied the rubons first and then used the glaze pen over the top. Sigh – best laid plans and all that… Ah well, will have to suck it up – it’s done now and can stay like that. The final word uses my favourite chipboard alphas at the moment – the Scrapware Lowercase Antique ones. They’ve just been inked with a maroon chalk ink – the rest of it all was so fussy that it was nice to have something plain and easy.

I must say that the chipboard for this range is very nice – I have just the one piece left of mine (strangely – it’s the gorgeous flourish, which although I tried to include it on every layout, sadly eluded me). I found that mixing the chipboard pieces with the 3-D roses and the patterned paper roses (Florence) looked very effective. Here I have used it as the centre piece over a folded, green fabric ribbon strip and a punched paper ribbon strip (Lillian). The Kaiser rhinestones are the appropriately named Antique Rose.

To add interest and dimension to the layout I popped the photo up on Mounting Tape. This served two purposes – it let me put a journaling tag under the photo (as the journaling is quite personal and I wanted it hidden away) and it helped draw attention to the photo itself. Although I do try to make my photos the focus of my layouts, it was especially important to me this time, for this photo (and yes – this is the layout I wanted English Rose for).

This layout really brings home to me why I scrap – it’s personal; it’s a way of recording our feelings and thoughts at different times in our life; it’s a way of leaving them to our children to see later; to help them understand who we are. Despite us already having a child with glasses and knowing what to look for, it was very distressing to find out recently that our baby girl had managed to get to 5 and a half before it was realised that she needed them. Needed them seriously – we are still waiting to see if she has lost some or all of her 3D vision. A tonne of guilt went into this layout along with all the pretty papers and embellishments. It’s still one I have trouble looking at without cringing – but it was something I had to record.

She is now the proud owner of a pair of metallic ‘rose’ coloured glasses (and a metallic rainbow pair for home – lol) and this layout records the adjustment she has had to make as well as my thoughts on the whole process. For those interested in the photo – I’ve used the ‘close-up’ setting on my camera and then further softened parts of the photo with an editing program. Part of what I wanted to represent with the photo was my own interpretation of getting the glasses. She is a 5+ – which means close up stuff is blurred to her – something the glasses should correct. So I tried to make the photo look like the only part that was clear and vibrant were the glasses and her eyes behind them. Hopefully what she sees is now as clear as this. Yeah I know it is kind of arty and odd – but I wanted to use the photo as part of the layout theme – not sure if it in anyway represents what she sees or even if it achieves what I hoped to achieve – but it does look nice. Her baby blues really stand out – something that they don’t seem to do in real life behind those coke bottle lenses.

One thing to remember with popping up photos like this is that you still need to link it to the lower sections of the layout. To this end I have ‘layered down’ some embellishments along the top edge of the photo and tucked it under the ribbon along the bottom edge. Along the top I used a combination of chipboard and patterned paper roses, one of the new Kaiser Pearl Flourishes (Latte) and the tag. Loving these flourishes – the colours are just lovely.

The tag has been background inked with pink and green chalk inks and then stamped with a maroon ink. I used the larger of the two flourishes in the English Rose Stamps pack. Over the flourish pattern I applied some Crystalina Kindyglitz . A few cut out pink roses from the Florence paper finish the tag face. To the top of the tag I added (from my stash) some silk ribbons, another rose, a pearl stick pin and some gold charms (a key and butterfly). I typed out the journalling onto some transparency and glued it to the back of the tag. Loving tags for this sort of thing – you can fit a lot of words onto one when you type/print them like this.

So if shabby chic is your style, or you simply love roses – English Rose is for you. Check out the store for your chance to grab some today – all the papers are still available, though the chipboard and colour rubons have sold out. Mary has also just gotten in the new fairy range by Kaiser Magic Happens – which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

So it’s been a while…

Yeah – so I am still alive and kicking. Sometimes life gets in the way of scrapping and blogging. I took on a work contract from December through to February and it certainly kept me busy. Add in Christmas, a longer than expected holiday in Bundaberg (thanks to the floods), some family issues, back to school and just living… and it’s only now that I find I have time to get back to blogland.

Not to worry though – I have stuff to show you and some news for Ideal Papercraft. This week I will show you my English Rose newsletter work from Kaiser and a card using the gorgeous G45 Cordinations cardstock. We are also starting up a weekly session in the chatroom/forum looking at mini albums – different techniques, different types, different themes – anything mini will do. And we have already started up a photographic challenge. A range of themes each month with the intent of scrapping one of them into a layout. So I hope you will join us there for all the fun and chatter.

The next cc is in early March – with a Summer theme – so keep an eye out for more information in the next few weeks.